7th Storey Restaurant: An annual affair

After going for the first episode of the YES 933 food segment at the Singapore Flyer, I missed two dinners at Tetsu, and Tian Jin Lou. So the fourth stop is at 7th Storey restaurant, which used to be located in the new 7th storey hotel, but has since moved to its new home at the Marina Barrage.

Steamboat is usually an annual affair for me during the Chinese new year; it always reminded me of the reunion of family and friends.

There’s different packages for steamboat, but all of them are not exactly cheap, a family of four will probably need to spend 100 upwards for dinner, and besides steamboat, there’s also ala carte menu to order from. There’s the usual vegetables, prawns, crabs, and seafood ingredients, and we had chicken stock as our soup base. And we had the steamboat with chicken rice instead of just normal white rice

And there’s of course Hainanese chicken to go along; smooth tender meat with the fragrant chicken rice, this was the reason why we didn’t have much room left for the steamboat ingredients later.

If I must choose a favourite dish for the dinner, it would be the Hainanese pork chops. Drizzled with sweet & sour sauce, the pork chop was served on a bed of fries; the whole combination was just right, and ooze a nostaglic feel.

Our special guest for the dinner: Chen Diya & Carrie Yeo of Project Superstar fame.

There will be an estimated of eight sessions, where every week we will go to a different restaurant, and there will be a mini-contest of sorts where listeners will sms in to get pick to go for the dinner. Besides getting to taste the food for free, listeners get to meet their favourite DJ, Jiafa and Peifen in person for dinner!

My appreciation to Jiafa & Peifen from YES 93.3 for inviting me to join them on the show, You can listen to our conversation during the dinner, the programme will be aired on YES 93.3 today 23th September from 6-7pm. Do stay tune!

7th Storey Restaurant
260 Marina Way
#01-05/06 Marina Barrage
Tel: 6222 7887


7th storey is not the only restaurant that serves steamboat with chicken rice. Swee Kee at B1 of Golden Mile Complex also serves chicken rice with steamboat.

lianne: hello there! haha when’s the summer break in aussie?

thenomadgourmand: theoretically i can join them for all eight, but so far out of four i missed two, so will see how for the remaining four!

matilda: really? din try swee kee before, ok thanks, i better changed it before somebody blast me for it. lol!

haha..Swee Kee was our childhood steamboat place. Always eat steamboat with the chicken rice. Not exceptionally good but it was heartwarming eating with families and friends :D

awww hainanese pork chops!! until recently, i always thought only my grandma knew how to make this dish (and she’s not hainanese)

I was there sometimes ago… the steamboat was a disappointment as the stock was so bland though the chicken rice was ok.

sistafood: ha not expectionally good? i never been there before!

emily: LOL! so maybe your grandma recipe is high secret one, but how come she’s not hainanese but she know how to prepare?

matilda: really? I must go and try soon : )

LFB: Yea steamboat’s about the reunion of family and friends

Wendy: I probably won’t go back, but i guess for those who grow up having their steamboat it’s more nostalgic for them. hee

ck lam: yeah it’s fun to tag along with the DJ and watch how the record the show. thanks

haha..it may be fantastic when we ate it years ago. But not sure whether it taste as good as it was before. Hadn’t been there for such a long time! You can go try it some time in the future!
But guess it’s too far for you. haha!

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