The Pink Sage: Head over heels in love

I’m head over heels, deeply in love. I think about you when I’m having lunch, I miss you during dinner, and I dreamt about you at night. All I want, is you. It becomes a tiny obsession that I can’t stop thinking about it, all day long. Show me the way into your heart. Brunch, I love you.

There’s eggs benedict (RM12.50), eggs fiorentine, eggs with toast, scrambled, over-easy, sunny side-up; all different ways to have your eggs. I will like to have one of each kind please. Muffins or toast beneath the beautiful poached eggs. Salmon or ham to go along? Eating salmon will make your hair grow longer and healthier, while having ham will keep you happy and cheerful the whole day. So how about both? And lots of hollandaise sauce too!

Eating pancakes (RM8) on its own, is a huge challenge; there are just so many ways to do it. Let’s start with syrup shall we? The thin lubricant ones that you can soak the fluffy pancakes in, to absorb all the goodness, or the thick, heavy type that will slowly melt and flow off the warm hotcakes. You can choose to have the butter at room temperature, or take a frozen cube of butter and watch it slowly melt off the golden brown bed.


I will have honey, lots and lots of honey from my honey, and then I will spread the whole surface with butter. But when there’s no honey, syrup will do nicely too, drenched it with the whole bottle of syrup they provide, and ask for more if it’s not enough!

I must be a lucky man; brunch and my other love, desserts getting along together.

I knew this was it, the place I’ve to go when I came across reading it. Pink Sage is totally my-kind-of-place! And they do burgers too! I was so tempted to order everything from the menu, but I didn’t of course. That’s the perfect excuse for my next visit.

The Pink Sage
12 Jalan Dang Wangi
GF Wisma RA
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2693 6000

This is the last part of the four series for my KL feast
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the second part: Taste that stays here,
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Hey! I thought you were a taitai till just. Have been spending quite a bit of time reading your food reviews these days. Great photos and writing, I must say. LOVE that pancake photo with syrup dripping!

Awesome photos as always, ladyironchef! That eggs benedict is to die for. The pancakes remind me of a recent buffet brunch at Carousel, Royal Plaza. They had these freshly squeezed dollops of cream in a big bowl that you can help yourself to for your pancakes and waffles. Very nice.

By the way, I envy the way you can effortlessly locate the interesting eateries in KL. During my most recent trip there, I only ate at the usual suspects – Madam Kwan’s and Nando’s. Your series of KL posts make me realise what I’m missing!

mm mm.. i could probably live without eating the rest of my meals but would die without brunch and desserts! your pictures are gorgeous. but shouldn’t the eggs benedict be on softer bread? (i am biased against baguettes heh)

thenomadgourmand: The good thing is they serve brunch on weekdays too, whee! i must go back for their burgers next time

puff: Hello there! you are the same puff from hgw right? heh it’s easier to read my posts here cos all the photos are here. lol!

Veron: really? is it buffet brunch good? I’ve been wanting to go carousel for a while, you are making me hungry! No of course I’m not that good, I did some intensive reading of the KL blogs before i left. So i sort of got a list of places that i know i must visit, like pink sage. hehehe. And not enough time, i got a lot of places on my list din get to try, next time!

S: YES! me too! thanks yeah diff places do eggs ben on differently, some put it on muffin? some put it on “hard bread”. how come u dont like baguettes?

Shayna: The malaysian sale was on when i went, don’t know if it’s over already. But even if no sales, the food is always there!

Evan: yes make some hollandaise sauce for yr eggs ben! whoa, i just updated it yesterday how u know so fast? hahaha. Yeah those are the few blogs which I read, so i just removed all the other links :)

adel: hmmm…. HAHA

Ur posts on eggs benedicts never fail to entice me!!! Just wanted to ask whether u do know of any hotel restaurant buffet which serves up eggs benedict ion their buffet line?

Hello josh, thank you! Hotel restaurant buffet that serves eggs ben? Global kitchen at Pan pac does serves poached eggs but it din come with hollandaise sauce. other than that, i din really try the other brunch buffets before. But dude, just go to places like riders, prive, or epicurious for their made-on-the-spot eggs ben, it’s so much better! :)

Why is it in KL….!!! Damn I got so hungry reading this entry, I love eggs, any kind, and I’ve always had an obsession with brunch & brinner.


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