Tetsu V: Memories, the stuff life is made of

Tanglin mall will be always remember for my fond memories, while the starbucks and mac there are your best friends during mugging.

“I’m suddenly craving for Japanese food.”

And I want everything from the new menu, maki, katsu, mackerel and of course, your favourite sashimi. The Ebi maki was delicious; fried ebi temperua wrapped around with soft white sushi rice. Juicy, tender, and crispy, I love to eat katsu; every bite was so good. The grilled mackerel was much better than what I’ve before too, and as for the sashimi, it’s all yours my dear. Memories, are the stuff that life is made of.

Read about my previous visits to Tetsu here, here, here and here.

163 Tanglin road
#03-18 Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6836 3112


alvina: Are you craving for Japanese food now? :D

janelle: lol! I did it once there liao, go back again nobody want to come. hahaha but you shld go there try, I’ve been there 5 times, my fav place. heh

love japanese food too! haha. you touch all the right taste-buttons for me! :) your blog makes me VERY hungry.. i couldn’t live without brunch or desserts but if i have to eat proper meals, they would always be japanese food!

japanese food are good in moderate portions, too much rice makes one bloated. but still, i like jap food too, though would prefer cooked food to raw sashimi. ( :
any nice ramens you have tried before?

Shirin: YAY! I hit S taste-buttons on the spot! hahahahah

Shayna: But Japanese rice is very nice, love to eat their rice! yea I dont know how to appreciate sashimi too, so far i only tried marutama, not a big fan :D

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