Sweet Nibbles (Part 7): Ice cream for dinner

There is no need for swanky restaurants, nor is there a need for exotic cuisines, or fanciful ambience,  everything taste good when you are with me. My idea of a perfect dinner? Having sweet for appetiser, another sweet for main course, and rounding up desserts with yet another sweet.

It’s alluring to me because nobody else does it; this in itself is a beautiful memory. And it’s not with anyone that I can do sweets for dinner, it’s only with you.

We are muddle-head, we want the best, seeking perfection in everything, and sometimes, I’m not quite sure if it even exist. Half the time we are chasing after unrequited love, after things that we desired but cannot get. Say you need me, and I will be there.

I want nobody, nobody, but you.

All guys should have a waffle-maker at home. There is nothing sweeter in life than to wake up beside your love one, and have waffles together. Making breakfast for that special person in your life, watching her pouring the syrup over the waffle playfully, feeding her a piece of the waffle that’s drenched in syrup and coated with butter; the smile on her face is worth everything.

* * *

This was at least my 5th time to haato, this lovely spot in ridgewood close, Their waffles are only 4 bucks (plain), and 6 bucks (with one scoop), move aside Gelare! Waffles on its own, with syrup and butter, are divine. There’s no need for an additional scope of ice cream; it doesn’t taste good on waffles since it melt faster before you can say ice-cream. I say it before and I will say it again: order the plain waffles, and get double scoop of ice cream separately. I always, always order hazelnut flavour at ice cream parlour, so this time round we had matcha ice cream and lychee sorbet – the green & white combination.

Haato @ Ridgewood
5 Ridgewood Close Unit G1
Tel: 6464 9607

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jiaying: Are you stalking me?!? I just posted and you comment liao! HAHAHA I’m so touched, jiaying is my biggest sweet nibbles fan :)

Tesia: How do you know I’m not fat? :p hehehe i love to run, so i guess it helps to burn some calories

haha! move aside gelare? that sounds so mean!
but haato waffles remind me of macdonald’s pancake with maple syrup.
It go best with maple syrup!

Hi Brad! Refreshing post! Loved how you show the texture of the ice cream. Just a suggestion for the waffles photo: maybe you’d like to focus on the butter/syrup too? Haha cya! :D

love how there’s a hand in every picture.. gives the food some “life” (: [gorgeous pics!] and seriously, you’re the 2nd person I’ve met who eats dessert stuff for dinner. i’ve done it soo many times, and people think i’m weird, but its the best thing in the world, cos you feel like that naughty kid who eats only ice-cream for dinner.. hehe. -high 5- for that! xx

ter: You can do workout after that! hahahahahhaha

Sistafood: i never like gelare, think they are over-priced, and not fantastic. It’s only on tue where they are doing half price that they even come close to haato, if not on normal days just forget it. lol! yeah if only there’s honey instead of maple syrup, it will be even better no? :)

puff: HAHA! well done go spoilt yourself! yeah i think i’ve tried their yuzu, and watermelon sorbet before too.

XY: hello rexic, thanks! ah because I’m always taking too many close-up shots, so sometimes i want to try something diff ma. heh

Shirin: Hello S! I have to find my model to give “life” to the food. heheh I’m the 2nd person? Are you the 1st? HAHAHA cheers! We are definitely not naughty kids who eat only ice cream for dinner (but i like the way u phrase it), we are unique, the rest are just jealous of us because they are afraid to do it :) )

this place’s not only for dessert. the aunty there cook nice food too. ya, penang laksa in an ice cream place. hehe…

it’s a great place for boardgames too.

i love haato’s milk tea ice cream! *___*

but that location isn’t very accessible… although i live so near it i feel so lazy to walk into that place. I’m glad to discover suntec has a haato branch hehehe

haha. nah, i’m not the first person… my ex introduced me to eating ice-cream (only!) for dinner hehe. but yeah.. cool stuff! really like looking at pictures of waffles.. they’re very photogenic huh!

haha..i agree gelare was overpriced. I dont mind haato for a change as i like their cookies and cream ice-cream. I don’t deny the fact that their waffle taste good, but i will continue to search for the best waffles in town. Afterall, we’re waffle freaks!

keropokman: really eh? i din notice there’s laksa on the menu, i only saw sandwich, japanese food, and pizza!

aiwei: your land no desserts ma? U haven been looking hard enough! hahahaha

foodies queen: Go and satisfy your cravings! if not.. you will die! lol!

layla: I’m not a big fan of milk tea, so no comments :p all west side people should go to haato at least once, aye, it’s like ten minutes walk from the main road in only! suntec has haato now? i din know that!

LFB: YA! hairyberry was telling u on twitter not to food-porn, what are u doing here! haha faster recover then can go eat :)

Shirin: Aha! i see, a good habit to pick up! yeah some food are so photogenic, one shot does the job. hee

Sistafood: okay, you are hereby appointed for the mission: in search of the best waffles :D

Jiaying: Cheers! sounds so sweet and good to me

it’s not on the menu, but i think the aunty cook different stuff everyday. we have a friend who has the aunt’s contact and we phone to ask what she is cooking before going if it’s what we feel like eating ;-)

or else we just eat the ice cream. LOL..

Theres actually a Haato at Marina Square in the same shop area as Subway, near to Qi Ji. But that outlet is super deserted!

There’s one icecream shop at Ion called Gusttimo(if I remembered correctly), mega awesome. You should go try it! :D

keropokman: Oh damn, how come i been there 5 times nobody tell me! haha but then i always just go there for the waffles and gelato only. hee

Caibao: hahahahahaha go eat something :D

tim: it’s just a kiosk thingy there right? ridgewood’s better, with comfy dine-in areas and all!

Jor: Yep I know of it, haven been there yet! mega awesome? That sounds so freaking good. hahaha sure

I really love your description in the first paragraph. How you choose your words with such precision and aptitude to beautifully describe your emotions and feelings. Having ‘sweet’ for appetizer main course and dessert, how wonderful that must be I can only imagine, thankfully your description helps me to fill that big gap in imagination quite nicely. Awesome blog, love your style of writing, keep up the good work! You are one of a kind, a legend in the making.

hello there! Thanks for giving me such high praise, i’m really flattered! Nah, i’m definitely not a “legend”, heh but glad that you like reading my blog, it helps to keep me going! How come u never comment with your real name? don’t be shy, i won’t bite. hahaa drop by and comment often okay! :)

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