La Petite Cuisine: Unpretentious French fare

I’m a simple person, with a simple taste bud, however nobody ever believe me. Even though the food at fine dining restaurant is good, but it’s not me, I prefer going to small, unpretentious, and cozy places instead.

Escargot, escargot, you really need to hand it to the French. They cook anything that can crawl, and make everything taste so good! The escargot that I’ve tried before, have a very strong garlic and buttery smell from afar, but La Petite’s rendition did not involve the use of these, instead the sweetness of the snail was deeply captivated within the croissant. The bread was so good; it absorbed the essence of the juice from the escargot (6 pieces for $12) – it was heavenly!

Foie gras, has long been one of the sacred food that I promise myself I’ll try in this life. Up till now, I’ve not exactly eaten it before, not unless you count the one which hardly had any foie gras. Let me describe more about the encounter: she tasted familiar, hold on, it seems to be like pig liver. Oh no, it’s even better than that! With the gamy taste, it’s bound to be an acquired taste, but to everyone out there, go on, try it! And you can proudly declared: I’ve sample foie gras before!

We were contemplating between the foie gras pan fried w/orange confit ($17), or the ravioli of prawns and foie gras in light lemon creme ($14.5). And we went for the latter. The uncanny similarity with the Chinese dumplings, but this one had foie gras and a big prawn instead. Initially, we thought that there would be hardly any foie gras inside, but we were wrong. The foie gras fillings were substantial, enough to experience the goose liver taste!

In my eyes mouth, duck will always be better than chicken. But most places doesn’t serve duck, and even if they do, its usually duck confit or pan seared duck breast. There’s nothing better for a duck drumstick than a duck confit! I enjoyed slowly peeling off her clothes, admiring everything there’s for us to see, before bringing my nose to smell her fragrance. Oh my, she smells so good! I closed my eyes for a second, and imagine the unimaginable. In my excitement, I brought up the fork again, and poke it into her. Slowly, we teased each other playfully, until to the point where we couldn’t take it no longer. Then, I tucked in. It’s good! Confit de canard w/gratin ($15)

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La Petite Cusine
10 Jalan Serene
#01-05 Serene centre
Tel: 6314 3173

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duck is the more gorgeous bird in my opinion. chicken’s just a little boring underneath all that now isn’t it? :) although poussin is lurrrrvely and so is pheasant.

alrite. lovely photos brad!
making me miss dining in Paris now. xx

What a coincidence! I spent almost the entire weekend (now practically spent) discussing (arguing, rather, haha) the merits of foie gras. Now, it comes to mind that we were also “discussing” truffles. Any chance of you reviewing/tasting that before the month is up, my friend?

(Plus, it’s French too, no? :) )

diva: EXACTLY! I love duck. hee okay I’m boring, never try the other “birds” before. AHH! i want to go Paris too! how many times u’ve been there?

adel: yep, portions a bit small, but then again, since when do the French eat in big portions? lol!

aiwei: hahahahahahaha are you feeling hungry? :D

Ffichiban: I didn’t take any photos of the interior (forgot to), but nothing fanciful, no-frills smallish cafe. Yeah i love the escargot smell of butter and garlic!

LFB: who were you “debating” with? No leh, i have yet to try truffles, why have to be before this month? Don’t think so, not with my shallow pockets! :)

yeah~ i was wondering how tis place wld be, i took a sneak curious peek at La Petite on my way over to Island Creamery. Thks for shining light on my curiousity! price seems really reasonable =]

it’s amazing how after eating a full dinner+desserts+extras, one look at your entry can make me so gian for random things like foie gras at 2am la.

yays! i have never tried escargots before and i definitely wanna try some now. btw, is there really such a thing as pretentious french fare? lol.

Oh… You shouldn’t have really given the pan fried foie gras a miss…. it’s probably one of the most value for money in terms of the serving portion and the taste!

Nicely pan fried and quiver in the interior. I reckon you would love it.

And stick to the French dishes at this place and you will never go wrong, by that I mean the duck confit is a must try and the pasta a nono! ;)

yyn: haha thats why u read ladyironchef! LOL just kidding, but yeah I was curious about their pricing before i went too, very reasonable indeed! try them out and let me know yeah

emily: hahahaa because we are always hungry :)

amy: really? go try! it’s so near our home can! there is, those fine dining lor. shh.. don’t say i say one *wink*

HFB: there’s always next time! haha

a whole new dimension of food. looks really interesting and tastyyy ( : i wanna try french food too! ( :

I just visited la petite cuisine. The service sucks big time although the food is value for money.
One of the customer tried to ask where he xan sit and the waiter walked pass and just ignored him totally!
I tried to ask for ice water and without even looking at me, the waiter walk pass and shouted: self service!
When i ordered my food, instead of writing down, the waiter just stare at me and said: pay first.

I will never come back again

went with a friend last week! we were lucky enough to be the last 2 they served before they closed for lunch (at 2pm! talk about early). the duck was amazing. i’m really happy to have found out about this place via your site! :)

Is the phone number 63143173 or 64688850? I called the first to see if I could make a reservation and the male waiter simply said that they do not take reservations and hung up the phone. I called back to make a complaint to the manager. Unfortunately, he picked up the phone again and said that everyone is very busy right now so no one can’t entertain me and hung up the phone once again. I’m utterly disgusted at the level of rudeness and definitely will not recommend this place.

The food here is really great. Really value for money… Not the best service but they are ok when they are not too busy. When they are busy then they get a bit rude…but that”s ok. There is filipino guy there who is really really nice… even under pressure and when its crowded, he is still chatty and smiles and is great… He is the best… on the other hand… thin lady with long single hair braid totally loses her cool… if you ask her for parmesan cheese she will say ” dont have ” when it right there behind the counter… filipino guy brings it over immediately… avoid the woman with the braid…and you will have a nice dining experience

Bread was not fresh- no taste.
Worst of all, French cuisine is meant to be a slow enjoyment. They served up the entree, soup and main dishes all at the same time. Made me feel like we were eating in a hawker centre Zi char.

Just want to add on- didn’t enjoy the meal at all as it was very rushed. The duck was a bit dry, the chicken was booked then fried with sauce only. So can test the boiled chicken taste. Oh god. And the ordering and paying first at that small little counter really adds on to the zichar feel. Even zichar won’t ask u to pay first.
And the cooks, after hurriedly cooking our dinner, proceeded to talk loudly in the dining area.
Upp thomson branch. Worse cafe experience ever. And calling it a cafe is giving a lot of leeway already.

Not the same as before. Service was never too good even earlier, but at-least staff was not so insolent. On top of it, the honey-dripping-voiced, lady co-owner didn’t resolve the issue. Spoils the dining mood. Missed the French gentleman, the earlier owner. Food, however was same.

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