KL Feast (Part 2): Taste that stays

My adventure with Jassal Tandoori started with a simple conversation, and at the end of it, it’s the taste that stays.

B: How’s the Indian food you tried that day?
K: ooh it was GOOOD! I wanna take u there.
K: Just walk a bit from KL Sentral LRT station.
B: Let’s go!

Besides good Indian food, it was great finally meeting my favourite author of Lifeforbeginners, and friend, Kenny in person. And with another good friend J who happened to be in KL in the same week, joining us to make it an awesome dinner!

Prawn Masalla (RM15.90)

Mutton Vindaloo (RM14.90)

Palak Paneer (RM11.90)

Pakora is a common fried snack, in this instance, they seasoned the boneless meat with Indian spices and deep fried it. But it was too salty for our taste buds. Fish pakora (RM8.90)

The Tandoori platter (RM17) was ideal for sharing. A twist of the lemon enhanced the flavourful spiced meat. There’s the excellent chicken breast which was so tender that it did not have the usual breast meat texture. The chicken drumstick was equally good, but I was surprised that for once I actually prefer the breast meat to the drumstick.

* * *

The feast at Jassal Tandoori, it is the taste that stays, and the blossom of our friendship. Cheers to many, many more years of good food, my friends!

Jassal Tandoori
No 84, Jalan Tun Sambanthan
Brickfields, 52000 KL
Tel: 03-22746801

This is a series of four parts for my KL feast
Read the first part: I ate, and ate and ate some more here.


I was anticipating this KL series for a while since you mentioned your KL trip weeks ago.
I’m so damn jealous over your food and shopping adventures. Keep it going, I’m tuned in.

yep, can totally comment with chrome now. used to be too lazy to switch browsers so i was a silent reader. guess u’re gonna hear more from me now! =)

woah, dude! i’ve yet to try this place. and has been salivating since reading it on LL’s blog. glad u liked the food in KL. drop by more often, ya! :)

thenomadgourmand: hahah there’s two more parts :) )

adel: really? wow thanks. I never brought much, it’s more like walking around and window browsing. But i ate a lot. haha you haven drop by and comment for a while liao!

Lynn: haha so weird, suddenly chrome can comment, but i’m glad. No problem, flood me with your comments please. HAHAHA

Nic: try it out when u go back to Kl next! Cheap and good man. Yea Kenny went with lemongrass before den he brought me there when I went kl. heh yes definitely i want to go back KL asap :D

Lyrical lemongrass: Hello i read your post too where kenny and you went for the first time, delish :)

Yuan: haha! for now find some Indian food in Singapore to satisfy your cravings first!

ai wei: Actually no, this was like my second time eating Indian food only. HAHAHA go try when u are near KL Sentral next time

i almost wanted to stick my nose at the screen to smell the food! they must smell really nice! love the Indian spices. ( :

shayna: heh that’s a good one, “stick my nose at the screen to smell the food” seems like a big fan of Indian food! that time la, the tandoori one-for-one buffet that we missed!

Man, that’s an incredible parting shot of the Tandoori Platter. Twice I’ve had it and twice we’ve been unable to finish it… I need to bring more friends along the next time! :D

LFB: yeah man, the chicken breast, and thigh was awesome but the other parts wasn’t all good. Ask more people den u can order everything from their menu! :)

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