Kith Cafe: My tiny obsession with breakfast

The sunshine peek across the room, it’d been a great night. Laying on his broad and hairy chest, she could hear his heart, lubb-dub.. lubb-dup .. in slow and regular beats. He stir and look at her, under the sunlight; she looks angelic with her long gorgeous tresses floating and her beautiful smile brightening up the room. They cuddled tightly, and he whispered softly into her ears, baby, thank you for being here with me.

Waking up beside the one you love, is a blessing in itself.

Sliding two slices of bread into the toaster, putting the kettle to boil, beating the eggs and cooking it in the pan, frying the pancake mixture, spreading the jam onto the bread, boiling that cup of very nice coffee, placing the scrambled eggs, bacon & ham nicely onto the plate; preparing breakfast for your other half, with love.

Watching her nibble off the toast, feeding him the delicious pancakes with flowing syrup, pouring lots of hollandaise sauce over the poached eggs Benedict; I love breakfast!

* * *

Kith cafe is the kind of place you will go to and call home, because it’s like home, to the owners. It’s very tiny, at best holding at most 10 people, but good news, they are expanding and opening another space, just a stone’s throw away.

p.s: What do you think about the photo? I thought it will be fun to do a “magazine cover”.

Kith Cafe
7 Rodyk Street #01-33
Watermark @ Robertson Quay
Tel: 63419407


hm… i love your picture. very beautiful :D and the magazine idea is really cool! (i’m such a breakfast/brunch kind of person! i get really grumpy if i don’t have breakfast or brunch!) and whenever i DO get breakfast/brunch, i feel as if i can do anything that day!! :D

Wonderful picture…any suggestions to get fresh, fluffy pancakes, with butter, maple syrup and perhaps a dollop of fresh cream? And a good cup of coffee…

i think it’s a great idea there brad! =) maybe u can collate your fave dessert spots and come up with an exclusive issue or sth. Cheers!

the idea of having a magazine cover is good!
and i like the stories too. ( :
but, how was the food there at kith cafe?

Shirin: I’m a brunch person too, and add in dim sum/desserts too! haha really? Seems like breakfast does wonders for you, what do u have for breakfast everyday? :D

jiaying: haha what are u doing waking so early in the morning? Does it makes your breakfast taste nicer? heh

P.Chong: I like Rider’s, prive, and epicurious for brunch :)

Angeline: Actually just pancakes and syrup is nice enough, don’t need any ice cream. haha

zay: thanks!! yeah u mean for my fav place den they can be on the exclusive magazine posts? lol!

Shayna: it looks good right? I know it sounds a bit shameless to say that myself, but i like the picture! haha i can’t say much abt the food since I only had pancakes? But prices are very affordable!

alvina: Nicest thing ever? Sure? How about cream puffs? Or dark chocolate? :D

LOL. you’re so creative. what an awesome thing to do, spicing up an image like that. Speaking of which, pancakes rock. *firm head nod* And brunches rule (I wouldn’t say no to yoghurt + muesli or post cereals + milk either)

i thought the magazine cover was awesome but the color of the heading “Brunch” could be better. Seemed very pale against the white background.

eggtoast: Yeah robertson quay area has so many places! It will take forever to try everything by the river

Wen tong: heh thanks! :) )

LFB: haha i was tempted to add in more words, but i felt it’ll be too messy that way, so clean and simple it is!

rabbittrick: thanks! just a stroke of inspiration, otherwise it’s boring to always do the same things. Yes brunch rules! I just had koko crunch for lunch. Yum

janelle: okay feedback noted! i was thinking whether to darken the colour initially, but decided to keep it. Will do it better next time! (:

Sistafood: hahahaha breakfast person too eh? heh


love the picture and i love the mag cover concept.

i cant wait to go to this new place.

is the pancakes better than riders cafe?

Was just looking around for a review on kith! and you nice yuo just had the review!

Another time for brunch soon!

And yes, i felt super hungry after staring at the delicious pancakes! yums!

stefanie: Thanks! All pancakes taste good to me :p can’t compare it this way, but the ones here are much cheaper at $6.50?

Reiz: Yes there will never be enough brunches, go and eat! Walk down along the river from robertson quay (away from the clarke quay direction) and you will be able to find them

great picture! got me drooling like crazy. breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. i mean, breakfast food is just the best. sometimes i have breakfast 3 times a day. can’t go wrong there. x

I have been wanting to visit Kith Cafe since a few months back but nobody’s really free. Anyway, I just went to a new dessert place yesterday. Sweet tooth alert!

wow! your site really helps with my cafe-searching for a friends birthday! how is it you thought of starting this article with a storyline? is that from a book? ^^

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