Canele Patisserie IV: The most delicious way to eat a macaron

Ever since I discover the existence of macarons, I’m hooked. There are some fantastic ones, while some are just very bad; macarons are lovable, how can something so small and petite, taste so, so good!

The most delicious way, to eat a macaron will be: admire her perfect figure, pick it up and smell her fragrance. Never shovel in and swallow the whole thing in one bite. It’s like foreplay, you need to arouse the palates first; you nibble a bit of it, and I finish it up the rest. Macarons, taste the best, when I share it with you.

The very pretty lady in raspberry winks at me as I walk over. Hello, can I buy you a dessert? Do you want chocolate fudge? Or how about some cheesecake? No? You want both? Okay sure, in that case I’ll get you the Raspberry Cheesecake ($7.50).

Rosemary Chantilly with a layer of raspberry jelly, adorns the top part of the cake. There’s cheesecake sandwiched in between, with the chocolate fudge layer completing the dessert. My only grudge? It tasted weird when everything is combined together, raspberry, cheesecake and chocolate fudge just do not works for me. But eaten separately, it’s good.

Having seen the Fondant Choccolat ($8), I happily/naturally assumed that it will be the type that has lava chocolate oozing out. Except, it did not. No chocolate lava. No warm chocolate oozing out from the middle. And oh, the fondant wasn’t heat up too.

Luckily there’s Chantilly. She is pleasant, sweet and makes everyone around happy.

Which one is the mousse and which one is the cream?

Dark chocolate, your love. I know you’ll have like this one. The flourless chocolate sponge increased the density of the chocolate, with the dark chocolate cream in between layers. And I like how they pretty things up with a spot of chocolate on top; simple and chic. Gateaux Chocolat ($6.50)

* * *

After so many times to Canele, I’ve yet to try out all their creations. Maybe some day, definitely one day.

Canele Patisserie
1 Scotts road
#01-01A Shaw Centre
Tel: 6738 9020


thank you for saying my macarons are fantastic :D you made my day! i didn’t like the gateaux chocolat, neither did the rest of the ppl. it was just too dense. try the barcelona nx, its good (esp if u like le royale). the praline feuillitine base is real crunchy!

So jealous. Later snatch your cam away!I doubt my sony t70 can do such effect & show every details of the cake as urs la! Urs can even see the “wrinkles” on the chocolate itself!

*cries.. was thinking of the choco fondant and baked rice at canele while eating bakerzin today, so coincidental! what flavour did you try for the macaron?? i tried rose last time, smells great~

Evan: Because they are! yea i din exactly fancy the gateaux too. I did try Barcelona before previously, with the blackforest cake, but my photos are very bad so i din post it. lol!

Regina: lol! the way u say see wrinkles are so funny! glad to have finally meet you last night at the outing

Alvina: Don’t be sad, we go for cream puffs :)

hanxue: Anything and everything sweet? heh

Ratatouille: See evan, I got a supporter liao. haha yeah they are good

ai wei: yeah that’s why i always post something sweet on monday, to chase your blues away

jess: okay, try it and let me know if you like it! Have you try their le royale or Barcelona before? I prefer those two

Tesia: I will. But she has not appear yet :)

Sistafood: yes i know, i’m going to drag 8 people down with me so that we can finally try everything there at one shot!

Cai bao: lol! i don’t like bakerzin. I had the salted caramel, and hazelnut macarons, both are my favourite from canele :)

i’m hardly in Singapore so i must say since Canele opened, i have YET to try anythin from there. which is a shame i know. i’m lovin the gateux chocolat so at some point i must must try it!! it looks too good to pass up on. i’m with you there on the raspberry, cheesecake and chocolate. raspberry + choc is great. raspberry + cheesecake is lush. but chocolate + cheesecake for me is a little sickly :( xx

i’ve hardly any experience with macarons, so shall just comment on their cakes! canele’s creations nv fail to impress me, loving their le royale n tiramisu! tho i must say, a tad pricey.

I still haven’t got to try the macaron-master’s fantastic macarons yet haha so caneles ones do pretty well for me for now =p think e triple choc cake will taste more compatibly for u than e raspberry one.

Big Boy oven: That’s the word i need! :D

diva: really? when are you coming back? We can go canele together! haha yeah, “raspberry + choc is great. raspberry + cheesecake is lush. but chocolate + cheesecake for me is a little sickly” Well said!

poisonivy: really? you should try their macarons, don’t eat bakerzin one. i haven try canele tiramisu, is it good?

ck lam: YAY! when are you coming to visit? :p

joshua: yeah their cakes are very reliable i guess, won’t go that wrong.

elaine: triple choc might be too much! but i’ll never say no to hazelnut praline. heh

LIC: it was the best during the time i had it. now overtaken by the one at heirloom & caramel! my tastebuds r inclined towards those tt r more generous with the kahlua.

canele is my favourite place for cakes ever! hahaaaa. your pics do justice to the cakes. they look as pretty as in reality:)

Shayna: haha i din like it. go try and tell me if it’s to yr liking

poisonivy: really? I din know hairloom and caramel got tiramisu! din see it when i was there, are they SO good? lol

amy: yes pretty cakes, how can you resist! I need to go back again, with a big group so that i can finally try all their cakes. Keen to go? :D

Once I’ve shed my extra 10kg that I put on in the last year spent with my fave foodbloggers (there’s a price to pay for everything, no?), I’m so gonna bug you to take me here.

Desserts ahoy! :D

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