Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant II: Weekday dim sum buffet

I’m craving for dim sum, and what better way to get everybody hungry with me, by blogging about dim sum! Char siew sou, custard bun, egg tarts, siew mai, give them all to me!

Crispy prawn dumpling, spring roll, pastry filled with smoked duck, beancurd sheet filled with shrimp, Sweet & sour wanton

Meet my love, char siew sou. We re-re-order this, and I ate the most of it since everybody was full from the other dim sum. But me? I couldn’t never say no to you.

Jellyfish with cucumber

Vietnamese vermicelli

Century egg porridge & Fish with conpoy porridge

Even though we had a lot of dim sum which came with prawns, but I enjoyed the Crispy prawn thoroughly; dipped inside the mayo sauce, it was good stuff!

Pan fried cheong fun with dried shrimp

The Spare ribs with spicy pepper and salt were excellent for the folks with heavy taste-buds. Almost of us found it to be too salty, but another friend was totally immune and it even tasted bland to her!

I had only high praises for the Har Gau during the last time I had it, however on this occasion, the har gau skin already cracked before we ate, it wasn’t good, and we’d made it known to the restaurant.

Among all the different baos available, I only had eyes for custard bun and Char siew bao. I was sorely tempted to get second helpings, if not for the other dim sum that we’ve not tried.

Meet the king of dim sum, Siew mai.

Carrot cake

If there’s another item which I always looked out for, it would be the Glutinous rice. The fragrant of the glutinous rice floated in the air when we opened the leaf; the saltiness of the salted egg yolk, the flavourful Chinese sausage, the tender chicken bits, everything added up for a very delicious glutinous rice.

The Crystal dumpling was similar to the soon kueh, but a pity there wasn’t any sweet sauce available that day!

Chicken cheong fun

If you are a regular reader of my dim sum posts, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of the Spare ribs on dim sum menu. And surprisingly the spare ribs here were quite unlike the norm – it was meaty!

Chicken claw

Spinach dumpling

Spicy wanton

Beancurd sheet with black bean sauce

Shrimp coated with mashed taro

Mushroom coated with shrimp paste

* * *

Wan Hao’s new weekday dim sum buffet is available during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only, reservations are a must. Prices are $36++ and they are having one-for-one promotion, which means that this unlimited dim sum buffet with 32 items to choose from, is available at a very reasonable price of $21 after taxes.

Even though there wasn’t any particular outstanding dim sum, but everything was pretty decent. And I believe if you are looking for a dim sum buffet, it will be difficult, if not impossible to find another place which can beat Wan Hao at such prices. And we are talking about a 5 star Chinese restaurant here, forget your Zhou’s kitchen, Dragon Gate; those places that offered dim sum buffet under $20. This is the cheapest deal you can get if you want to gorge yourself silly with decent dim sum, maybe other than Pine Court at Meritus Mandarin.

Read my previous visit to Wan Hao here, and the other dim sum posts here. And Catherine’s post on Camemberu, Maureen’s post here.

Wan Hao Chinese restaurant
320 Orchard road
3F Marriott hotel
Tel: 6831 4615


Jeffrey: Hello, nope no credit card needed. They want you to bring more people, so remember to go in even numbers. heh

Shirin: YAY! good girl, you comment again. heheh. No man, the photos very ugly, poor lighting. haha. hey how long u staying this time round, I wanna do a dim sum outing! Okay we talk in msn. lol!

Ah finally get to see your pictures! :D Nice, nice, no wonder you were yearning for dim sum again recently! hehehe…

I still haven’t edit mine. I thought of making one massive collage (favourite word these days) and be done with it. But even then, also never do! :P

i tried this promotion in june! really worth it considering the attractive promotion going on! =)
love the char siew soh, har gau and porridge.
the pan fried pumpkin cake and pan fried prawn beancurd sheets are not bad too.
but haven’t tried pine court’s though… isit good?

sengkangboy: HAHA! no problem, go satisfy your dim sum cravings!

Camemberu: hahaha yea man, i think it’s a very bad problem for us; we always get hungry while editing the photos!! how? heh my collaging skills not very good, so i decided to post the photos that still look-able out. lol! yeah it’s never done :)

Jo: hahaha i was about to say u haven been reading carefully, den i noticed i forget to say its for lunch only! Mon-wed lunch, make yr reservations! but then u are working how to go? haha

Sophie: hahah ya lor no egg tart, if not i will just eat the char siew sou and egg tarts. lol!

Miss fruity: Hello! really? i tried on the second day of the promo. haha. yea considering its only 21 bucks per person for unlimited 30 dim sum, cannot complain. As for Pine court, i also haven try, but its unlimited dim sum buffet at $19.80, thats why I say it might be the only worthy competitor to Wan Hao buffet :p

how did you get to know this?
i was flipping through i-weekly the other time and i saw this promotion. wanted to go since then. but, its so hard to get my boyfriend to go with me, as he is working on weekdays! ) :
how was the cheong fun over there? it’s a must-have dim sum for me, other than char siew bao and har gao.
i am hungry!

oh, and egg tart is a definitely must-have too.
is it available at wan hao?

anyway, do you know of any places selling really good portugese egg tart? i have been craving for it for so long..

is the custard bun gd?

sidetrack a little, have u tried before swiss culture @suntec? Is there any nice bread puddings tt u’ve tried? im craving for cheese fondue & bread pudding!!

Y weekday only! Only taitais, slackers, freelancers and students can eat! How about the working adults?=/ Take leave to eat? Eh…hw come u can eat? so which is u…hahahaa..taitais, slackers, freelancers or students…*turtle roar*

wanted to try pin court’s but school started alr… =(
maybe try the weekend ones.. more variety too!
If i am not wrong, My humble house at esplanade having promo for uob..think 1 for 1 with min. 4 pax.
reviews not bad too. haha

jiaying: OMG, it’s a crime to not like dim sum. i give u one more chance, do u like dim sum? HAHA

Shayna: i’m ladyironchef. LOL! no la, i learn abt it by readomg newspapers. find other friends go, it’s a very good deal, 21 bucks only!!

janelle: Here no custard bun!! i wish there was, but if u wan good custard buns, go peach garden, they served the best (in my memories). hehe

Fatkuraprincess: Yep, taitais and slackers can go only. hahaha if not u have to work in town, but then again one hour is hardly enough to finish all the dim sum. lol!

jeffrey: haha no problem, let me know after u try it!

Angeline: Yay! mission accomplished! :D now go and eat your dim sum!

Miss fruity: haha in that case you probably can’t try wan hao too. Actually i’m not a big fan of dim sum buffet, the best there is, the weekend dim sum buffet at Cherry Garden, but it’s 45++ per head. If not, go ala carte better, Royal China and Yanting’s the best among all :D

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  • I’m sure most people reading this post will be craving for dim sum now!! I so wanna eat dim sum now. The photos look so nice! The buffet is in Mariott Hotel? The price sounds ok, I want to eat!!!!

    I wanted to!! But I’m seriously broke from all the feasting from past 2 weeks! Gotta wait till the end of month before I can feast again! Mentioning about peach garden, it was ex!! Perhaps when we both save up enough money we will go there!

    Sugar bean: haha me too! i’m craving for dim sum while i was editing my photos! lol! i’m so going to eat dim sum this week! hahaha yeah when are u coming to Singapore? :D

    Angeline: feasting for two whole weeks? never call me along! peach garden not very ex leh! for dim sum la! if for their main course den ex lor. haha

    Fatkuraprincess: hahahaha i’m taitai. ROFL!

    stefanie: hahaha i don’t think its ending anywhen soon, since the response’s so good now! yeah but u need to make reservations in advance, cos they are fully booked for weeks? call to check :)

    Stefanie: No problem! it’s so cheap for dim sum buffet, go with zero expectations and you might just be surprised! let me know after u try it okay

    i just gave them a call and found out that they are booked out for july and the promotion will end.

    what a bummer.

    stefanie: REALLY? they are ending the promotion when they got such good response? hmm.. try pine’s court at meritus mandarin, its also unlimited dim sum buffet at $19.80. but i never try it yet :)

    ooooh. really? i am like you wont belive it crazy dim sum lover! haha. i thought hai tien lo was pretty gd, checked it out after reading some of your reviews! hehe.

    amy: Me too me too! dim sum lover. haha! HTL was pretty good to me, although my fellow food blogger friends who went there didn’t like it. But if I must come up with a list, Yan ting, royal china, and cherry garden will probably be my top three!


    Thanks for your wonderful blog! I’m looking for a X’mas gift for my mum in SG (I’m in the US)….and thought she might enjoy Cantonese cuisine (buffet or a la carte). Do you have any recs for restaurant gift certificates…affordably priced, value meal for 2, easy processing over the phone/online, willing to deliver to my mum?

    I tried looking at Crystal Jade website…but they don’t offer any online gift certificates. I’m thinking hotels might be a better bet.

    appreciate your help!

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