The City Kid (Part 9): Monkey King

The price of catching our monkey king on screen? The weird glances from the passer-bys who thought that I was a nut-case, stepping into a ant nest while I was so focus and concentrated on taking the shot, and getting bitten by the irritating blood-sucker mosquito.

A friend told me this, “we are growing older, that’s why we can look back on memories” It sent numbs through my nerves, how true! The occasional (once-in-a-year) cleaning up of cupboards always lead me to looking at yearbooks. Now I finally understand the need to waste spend money on them when we were in school. How many friends do we still know from our primary school days? There are more secondary school friends in contact thanks to the widespread of technology, namely msn and facebook, but how many do we truly still keep in touch? And of course the higher level of educations brought us to knowing more people, but sometimes when you grow older, it seems so much harder to make friends, real friends.

Enough of my rants, I’m hungry, always. My brain seem to be the root of all evil, constantly flashing images of very delicious food; sending messages via the nerves to my stomach, which started to growl. I think there’s a bug in either my brain or stomach, or both.

I’m hungry again. And I know you are too. Stop denying! Anyway, TGIF!

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