Sweet Nibbles (Part 6): You know a guy’s a keeper when he eat desserts

You may enter. I took small, tiny steps, with head bowing down; we were told not to look at her directly in the eyes. Your Majesty, your humble servant at your service. I have long heard about her unrivaled beauty in the republic, there’s no one else like her, they say. All hail Queen C!

Cedele’s cake is healthy, it doesn’t make me sinful.

How often have you heard about this? Very, often. And I noticed our ladies love, love Cedele; they feel that their cakes are “healthier” than the rest, so they can gladly wolf down a few slices without feeling guilty. Well done Cedele! So how do you pronounce Cedele? I have heard at least two to three pronunciation from different people: C-deli? Ce-de-le? Nope, it’s Sir-deli!

Food, ought to be the most wonderful thing in this world, and food is meant to be shared. When I say share, I mean to eat and enjoy together, not dragging the other party for dinner, and watch him/her sulk while you are blissfully enjoying the nice food. I always feel that it’s a wonderful thing to share food with the one you love; any type of food:

Everything tastes good when I’m with you.

Guys don’t like sweet stuff, at least most guys. I’ve seen this common scene between couples, where the girl totally loves her dessert, while the boyfriend just sat beside, refusing to take a bite; blocking his mouth as if somebody is gonna stuff the smelly durian in. And that’s sad. Desserts need to be savored, that’s why they are call desserts (quote: shirin). And desserts are sweet stuff, they need to be shared.

You know the guy is a keeper when he eat desserts. And I love desserts!

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#B1-07 Tanglin mall
Tel: 6738 0629


oh ya, the bf doesnt really enjoys desserts. sometimes i feel like he force himself to eat with me de. and got a few times i ate the whole dessert while he just watch, but he never sulk la. :x

oh oh but he likes cedele carrot cake!

“You know the guy is a keeper when he eat desserts.” hard sell? haha. awesome pictures you take btw.

jiaying: yeah that’s exactly what i’m talking about. So sad cannot share the dessert together. Nice things must share den it will taste even better!

angeline: how many times u had it liao? u must follow the school of “cedele cakes are healthy” yeah? heh

ter: how big is the bird? ostrich size? hahahahhaa

Ffichiban: YAY! me too! maybe not a whole cake, i prefer twelve slice of different cakes to make one whole.

lauffabug: hahahahahahaha you get the meaning yeah? :p

e: Hello there! nah not hard sell, just for laughs. hehe thanks for the compliment, drop by often yeah :)

i’m hungry, hungry for cake!
haven’t tried the carrot cake yet, but i do like the muffins from cedele, blueberry crumble; orange cranberry; banana walnut; although they are a little oily :/

Hard sell. haha. You can be their spokesperson.

Me, I don’t particularly like to eat sweet things. Doesn’t justify why I keep baking the damn things though.

I think maybe since I’m a girl, and I don’t really like sweet foods, I feel like I have to forcefeed everybody else my chocolate brownies. LOL. Works, yes, yes?

hmmm…so far i think more than 6 or 7 times le? I’ve already tried out 10 of cedele’s cake! And i’m not done with it yet! haha

pam: haha seems like u try so many muffins from there, are they really so good? I prefer cupcakes to muffins though.

aiwei: why? don’t like desserts? haha. my monday posts are always a dessert post :)

rabbittrick: i was trying to hardsell myself. LOL! really? you don’t like sweet stuff but u love to bake? Oh my, i will be your guinea pig, pass everything to me :D

angeline: whoa! are Cedele’s cake really so good? might as well spend the money trying somewhere else ma. and ahem, what are u doing here during office hours? *Big grin*

haha…thought you’ve seen our blog? The cedele’s post. LOL
I like their cake because it’s much healthier compared to other places. I hate cakes that are full of cream..make me sick of eating it. Love cedele’s apple and nut cheesecake too!
eh..haha..office nth to do ma..heex

eat dessert mean keeper? hmmm..
My bf luv brownie+choc ice cream but i not sure if he is a keeper!!!!!!!!!!I think “keeper” share but he dun! Roar~!

Hahaha… the sentences must be read together:

“You know the guy is a keeper when he eat desserts.”
“And I love desserts!”

Alright Brad, you’re a keeper ;)

angeline: i know, that’s why! see, ladies always got the impression that cedele’s cake are healthier than other places! hahaha okay drop by here when got nothing much to do :)

fatkuraprincess: lol! he don’t share with u? Not keeper’s anymore, keeper’s like me who share my desserts. muahaha

Harris: Dude, i was waiting for somebody to say that out-loud! :D

Sheila: All hail desserts! All hail desserts! hehhe

Shirin: I give you permission to quote me next time! :) So is Nic a keeper? lol

Alvin: My unconditional offer has not lapse yet :D

amy: haha because it’s me near too ma. okay, will try to go more westie area yeah! must be adventurous to try out food that never try before, go try and let me know how it is

Shayna: Oh yes, most girls are definitely keepers, but since there are so many of u who eat desserts, not as rare as the guy who eat desserts. So a guy’s a keeper’s when he eat desserts, and brad eat desserts *Beam*

alvina: It’s on purpose to see if you got come back and read my comment! hahaha seriously of course I know you are call alvina, it’s just a typo error alvin :) )

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