Suppertime (Part 1): TGIF

Thank God it’s Friday! We hear people screaming Tgif every single week; it’s the weekends that keep us going after all. And for that, we should have a Friday feast! And what better ways to celebrate then to have a good supper surrounded by all your local favourites, and countdown to Saturday!

And how about some latest news to spice up your Friday? Gossips. From Manhattan upper east side to ordinary folks like us; there’s nothing like a piece of juicy gossip, maybe other a slice of very delicious cake. You gossip, I gossip, everybody gossip, just that while some talks more, others prefer to listen.

Popiah and me goes a long way back, our relationship is very complex; I got to know her when I was a kid, I would always hang out at the coffee shop my relatives had a stall in, and gazed at her shyly. “Go on, approach her, they would cheer me on by the side.” I plucked up my courage, took a step forward, and I said, “Hello P, my name is B, can I take a bite of you?”

If P and I had some history, then C will be my present. We meet every week, or at least I try to meet her as often as possible – our secret rendezvous. And did I tell you that I like her being toned and black, she’s definitely more tasty that way!

I have a love-hate relationship with S. On one hand, I love her fiery and gusty attitude, but on the other I always can’t help sweating nervously at the sight of her. Oh my. Twist in some lime, and dip in the sour-tangy cincaluk, baby I’m yours.

There are two type of girls, one which is girlfriend-material, and the other’s prospective wife-material which you can bring home to show your parents. And K’s definitely the latter – my whole family love her so much!

* * *

The popiah was from the famous Long house, but I think the one which I had in Bukit timah food centre is a franchise stall, for the real deal I need to make a trip down to Toa Payoh lorong 7! I love carrot cake for the eggs inside, and I only eat the black ones, no white carrot cake for me please.

And for the first time, food blogs in our food-tribe actually failed me when I tried to Google for BBQ stingray! How can it be possible that nobody blog about this lovely; her hot and spicy appearance with some kick-ass moves up her sleeves! Okay, the sambal chili was quite unlike the normal ones, it’s difficult to describe, try it out for yourself! Sambal Kangkong has already established itself as a must-order dish every time I had BBQ stingray.

And YAY to Fridays, if you haven’t got any idea how to celebrate this wonderful day, why not have some supper later? I got the idea of a Friday feast from my favourite author & friend, lifeforbeginners, this post is for you Kenny!

p.s: If you have any good stingrays to recommend, let me know and I will check them all out one by one, I’m thinking of doing a stingray-foodtrail! xoxo, you know you are hungry!


I LIKE WHITE CARROT CAKE WITHOUT CHILLI~ must be in whole eggy pieces and not too seperated. hoho. i like cedele carrot cake also. LOL! you’re supposed to try it yesterday right?

sounds like a great supper!
its been a long time since i ate popiah from hawker alr! XD
since my aunt learnt how to make them from my mum, whenever we have a craving for it, she’ll prepare the feast. =)
sambal stingray can never go without lime! yummy!

Jor: Hello cheers, we both like black! heh. go and comment on my previous post! go go i want to know :)

layla: yay! white one not nice. i like it sweet, even for my carrot cakes. hahahahaha

jiaying: EEK! white carrot cake not nice! haha. alamak, that carrot cake and this carrot cake diff la. lol yeah i finally tried Queen C :)

Sophie: really? whats the name? how come so weird must dabao den nice. lol

foodies queen: i live so near there! must try it soon. hehe

christine: okay good now i got a few places to try out liao! i was having a hard time finding places to satisfy my friend. lol

miss fruity: hahaha me too! never eat popiah for a while liao. wahh.. can you ask her to make some for me? :D

haha not a problem! but its not the typical hawker kind. tailored to our tastebuds i guess. lol. ;)
lots of dried shrimps in the veg filling, overwhelming choice of add on ingredients and fresh popiah skin.. =)

I know everyone try to avoid Newton Food Centre, but I kinda like the Sambal Stingray there. Can’t remember the name of the stall, but it’s beside the XO BCM stall. (walk in from car park can see it) You might wanna try it too. =)


you should try the sting ray at either bedok blk 85 or the lucy sting ray at chomp chomp. if you do drop by, try their big sugar cane.

miss fruity: hahahaha yay i like the sounds of overwhelming choice of ingredients. omg, i’m drooling already!

Whitefairy: haha i never been to Newton food centre before. Beside XO BCM stall eh? okay, will remember and try it the next time if i ever go there. lol

Stef: is block 85 near mrt or need to change bus? hahaha. i haven been to chomp chomp! oh dear

for bedok, yes. you will need to take a bus from the interchange but i cant remember the bus number off hand. shall update you once i get it. btw, blk 85 also have lovely carrot cakes – yum.

as for chomp chomp, the carrot cake and popiah are to die for. the food stores had been there since i was a teenager and my mum had been eating there since she was a kid.

What an interesting writeup. I love the black carrot cake at Chomp Chomp, although I used to order the white one. I always crave for popiah too! Beats all the other wraps around haha.

stefanie: haha thanks. So ma fan have to change bus, i’m a very lazy person leh. lol! okay la, i try to make it to chomp chomp, but again its on the other side of the island :D

Jo: hehe thanks! oh dear, chomp chomp again. I’m very suaku right, never go there before! haha

i love BBQ stingrays too! ( :
the zi char here at my house used to sell really marvelous stingray and the hot sambal chili, yummy! but, that was some time ago. food turns inferior over time.. the cooks were from malaysia. so, if you visit malaysia, please remember to try their BBQ stingray and kang kong! i believe they both originated from there.
actually chomp chomp has quite a few stalls selling BBQ stingray too. i tried one stall, not bad, but still a little far from good.
if you found any nice ones, must share with me alright!

Shayna: me too me too! yeah Malaysia is like everywhere got nice bbq stingray can! hahahahha yeah i’m trying to explore all the stalls the folks recommend me :D

Mandy: Really? Bedok 85 is leading at the moment, any more competitors? haha

yes, you will have to change bus , 222. unless u can catch bus 14 from your place(it will be a long ride).

cant wait for your post on chomp chomp.

stef: hahahaha u got good memory! yeah from the west there’s 14 but i think at least one hour plus to reach bedok? haha. okay 222, i remembered it :) woo, now i got pressure to go try chomp chomp! haha

The carrot cake at Newton is GOOD! I only take the black ones too. =p Haha it’s the stall with the yellow signboard called “Heng”.

BBQ stingray, I guess it should be Bedok 85.

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