Petite Provence: The world we live in

The world we live in, is complex and beyond our wildest imaginations. Life is a mess, there will always be new problems arising everyday. Life is never fair and you have no control over it. But hey, who says life is ever gonna be easy? Babies cry when they enter this world don’t they? But sweetie, our world is also a beautiful place to live in, close your eyes and hold your breathe for a second; you will appreciate it a lot better.

And in life, nothing beats walking into a bakery with the smell of the freshly baked bread straight from the oven!

But I knew from the moment I stepped inside the bakery that it was a mistake. I wanted to buy everything! It was astonishing to see the number of Milkpan that they baked there – rows and rows of them, and everything smelled so good! The unbelievable softness, the light fragrance, and the creamy custard fillings, oh my god, one milkpan’s really not enough.

There was two types of anpan; I was convinced/psycho to get this one. It vaguely reminded me of the red-bean buns that I often got from the neighbourhood bakery. Nosh and nosh.

The scary thing about the bread here, they’d sold out the moment they are out! We got ten of them, five custard, and five chocolate. And it definitely wasn’t enough.

We preferred the chocolate wassants though; the other one was lacking in flavour, while this one had the subtle sweet chocolate within the bread. And there’s even a new kaya version, but that’s for the next visit!

* * *

It’s a scary world out there, but we will stand strong with the belief that life is going to be good. In this world, not everything that happen to us will be bad. It might just be a blessing in disguise.

Want to eat bread with brad?

Petite Provence
17A Lorong liput
Holland Village
Tel: 6467 6966


alvina: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE AT THIS TIME? hahahaha still can surf net now eh? heh. on a cheerful note, I’m glad you are here :D yes i want to eat bread too. i think one day i shall find a few people den go provence and order ALL their bread. Do u want to join brad for bread? :)

eh oops, haha yea cos right now having a course dealing with computer. =D hmm wait, ALL their bread?! that sounds scary, in a way. hahaha

alvina: HAHA no wonder can surf net. *ahem* please pay attention to class :p where got scary, bread are very nice, okay la, maybe not all, most of it? heh

love their soft fluffy breads too! the chocolate wassants are so addictive… wanted to buy the kaya wassant yesterday at the holland village branch but they sell in packs of ten… din wanna buy cos afraid it’ll taste weird. XD so bought brown rice anpan, and the safe old choc wassant pack… but the branch at west coast plaza sell per piece!

amore-blur: hahaha no problem! it’s my job to make you hungry! drop by often :)

angeline: hahahahaa they got one at Central ma! and west coast plaza too. Oops, if holland v is far for u, den most likely wcp is far too.

aiwei: me too! i love sun moulin anpan! it was omg, so soft, melts in my mouth!

miss fruity: yea wassants five also not enough. u shld try ma, be adventurous! but i didn’t try too. HAHA. wcp sell by per piece? ok i’m so going there to buy kaya wassants!

alethia: WOW! am i seeing stars? this is your FIRST time commenting right? :D yeah milkpans, I’ll be best friends with anyone who will buy me their milkpans

Wentong: Aww.. you love the smell of brad? *blush* hahaha

hahah someone should invent a perfume that smells like freshly baked bread. i’ll buy it just to spray around the house when i’m not baking. lol. crazy idea haha.

chocolate wassants is so good! that was a lovely picture and it did them justice haha. i pop by the small shop at central mall, which is more accessible for me, and managed to buy them individually at $0.60 each. wanted to try the kaya version but they only had the plain and choco ones. i heard their breakfast sets are good too.

i love the smell of freshly baked breads too!
always tempted to enter bakeries whenever i pass them.
custard and chocolate both are equally lovely ( :

wen tong: oh my, that’s an ingenious idea! but will people really spread when they go out? I mean i love the smell of bread, but to smell it on people willl be kind of… you know. haha but i guess it’s fine if you use it as air fresher!

Jo: yeah it is so good. i haven seen the one at central yet, they sell individually right? holland one have to buy in packs of ten! what do they got their breakfast sets? aye just go there together and eat all their breads :)

Shayna: heh we are all the same! ya I always detoured around them once I get within 50m range from them. HAHA i prefer the chocolate to the custard one

STumpo: YAY! how many pieces you buy one time? *beam*

I love their chocolate wassants. Made them once myself and it was such a hassle. Now i rather buy them. DELISH!!!

i love the bakes at provenance! there’s a small little outlet at The Central basement. I think the wassants there do more justice. yums! =)

hahaha yay i see my fave milk pan up there! i am one of those that buy many at one go if i have the extra cash! hehehe

provence rocks :)
they also have breakfast and lunch sets if you want tea. but the bread by itself is good enough

layla: hahaha it’s my favourite now too! yum yum, extra cash equals extra milkpan :) whats the max u buy at one time?

emily: yay! really? i didn’t notice, whats the breakfast and lunch set like, in terms of food and pricing?

Stumpo: heh yep! i realise ten is too little, make it twenty! :)

eggtoast: yeah i read it on the papers too, wonder will the prices stay the same?

Ah!! I cant wait to try the milk pan soon and do a comparison with my love, raisin cream, from barcook bakery!

janelle: haha you haven try before? don’t worry, you are not the only one, until I recently went, i also never try before. lol! i haven try barcook, but i dont like raisin

dont worry, im not a big fan of raisin either but u just gotta try it! e softness of e bun & e cream cheese is gg to blow u away~

their choco wassants are the best! :) only holland v ones though. i didn’t like the one @ west coast plaza. :(

janelle: eek.. i don’t like raisins, especially when there’s some raisins inside bread, and carrot cake. haha. softness of the bun, sounds good, the anpan at sun moulin was like omg, so soft!

m.Ru: Really? there’s a difference in the quality eh?

um..choco wassants. heavenly tempting but sinfully carbo loaded. i hav yet tried them as i do watch my calories. anyone care to share/advise whether the wassants are ‘buttery’=fattening? i know it still is about moderate eating, but i pay caution even to per consumption. moreover, judging from the miniscule size of each wassant, i guess it’s quite certain one will eat at least 2-3 at a go? thanks for any response in advance!

Charlie: its sinfully carbo loaded? I turned a blind eyes when the bread is so soft! haha dude, don’t worry so much, we should eat the nice food and live life as it is the last day everyday. When you grow old and have no teeth, how to enjoy all the nice food? :)

Yep, just go to Central mall basement and wonder around. Should be able to spot the wassants one la. If I’m lucky, I can get them fresh and warm out of the oven. I need to try the kaya version soon man! I’m not sure what breakfast sets they have actually but just that they’re good. HV a little far for me to make me wake up early for breakfast although the wassants are tempting!

Jo: the kaya sounds tempting eh? hope it’s good! okay, neeed to check out the breakfast sets soon, don’t think they are too expensive? lol

Hi, I’m the franchisee of Provence and our outlet is located at west coast plaza. I happen to do a seach and saw this blog… I am sorry to see that m.Ru was unhappy abt the wassants at WCP…. All our doughs, including those in holland and central comes from the main kitchen every morning, quality are all checked by our Japanese chefs there.
The reason why there’s a difference was due to our oven temp setting (and yes, those soft little things are very sensitive to temp) and we have since made the changes.
I hope you can give us a chance again by trying it out and please do let me know if you still feel a difference….

Thank you! :)

Heyas. Four Leaves has also come up with similar choco wassants at their outlets. Anyone tried them out yet and care to share their two cents worth?

I bought and ate them fresh today. Four Leaves named them “Chocolate soft”. They are pretty good, really very soft and fluffy. Taste wise, I feel its version is somehow still a tad inferior to Provence’s. However, the breads do seem to be larger than those at Provence. Other than the taste and size, every other including price score the same with Provence choco wassants. Well, I still have a pack which i’ll try tmr to confirm the texture and taste, and then buy from provence again some near date to further “assess”. =) u do try it and let me know your opinions!

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