Ming Jia: When watching dramas mean eating more

I love watching dramas, because they got fairy-tale endings; there are moments where you smile like a fool, or weep together with the scenes, but at the end it will be a happy ending – I like happily-ever-after outcomes.

And there are always food in the show, the characters are only human, they need to eat too! So when I watch dramas, I will always get hungry. This bring us to Korean food, it’s a shame that we can’t put our hands inside the screen and grab that very delicious-looking food. So, we hunt, for Korean food.

We wanted the spicy looking Korean noodles but it was sold out; so we took the next-spicy-looking, kimchi soup set ($5.50) instead. It came with a appetiser with choices of tofu or anchovy, kimchi soup and rice. The kimchi soup was fabulous; spicy yet not to the extent of fiery, with a subtle hint of sweetness – I love it!

Bibimbap ($5) will always my choice when I have Korean food, not that I’ve eaten much, but I like the mixture of everything in one bowl. And I also like it to be in a hot stone bowl so that the rice will be piping hot! The one at Ming Jia was pretty decent, just that it wasn’t hot enough! Still, it was great to mix everything with the spicy-and-slight-sweet chilli!

(1) Ming Jia is very near my place.

(2) Ming Jia is very affordable.

(3) Ming Jia is unpretentious and homely.

(4) Ming jis is helmed by a Korean lady, and Koreans go there too.

(5) Ming Jia will be the place to go when I’m craving for Korean food.

* * *

Ming Jia
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
#B1-07 Bukit Timah Plaza

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oh no…. your pics brought on a mega craving for bibimbap. ):

i like bibimbap… and i especially love the fried egg that tops it.. haha. hmm maybe i shall try out Ming Jia this weekend. any idea regarding its opening hours?

ok thanks! i got the car this weekend so no place is too far!! :D ok la, actually bt timah not far from my place to begin with… lol.

Wow this place must have really impressed you- thought you didnt really fancy korean food (which I love!) Will try this :p

chewbb: yeah have you tried this place before? let me know after u go :p

wen tong: ya la bukit timah is near, got car go further ma! try riders cake, wild rocket, prive, those very ulu places!

sharol: HAHA! now i know what u were talking about, this is such a coincidence, i din see your comment when i type tat message in fb jus now. lol!

tim: oh dear, did i give the impression that I’m raving about it? the food’s pretty decent, and the price is fantastic, thats why i say i probably will go back since its so near to me too.

hahahahahha yea i thought ure trying to coordinate!! hahah anyw might be going down for some bibimbap later! hehehe tt place’s goooodddd ;)

hello! can you go to the ion and eat all the food and tell everyone what’s good and what’s not :)

Nvr liked Korean til I eaten at Ko Hyang at Mid Valley.. goes to shw tht if you eat at the wrong places, the food wil leave a wrong impression & make u a non-fan.
I’m glad i’m a convert now!
Now..if only I can be a fan of Phil cuisine.. yucks..

ya, i do agree with thenomadgourmand.
must visit the right place for deeeelicious korean food.
btw, the korean food at this place priced reasonably

i want bibimbap! and the very spicy kimchi soup! i still have chilli despite being sick. haha

sharol: HAHA nope, thats why when you ask over there whether it’s cos of your comment, I haven even see yr comment by then! heh

emily: Oh dear, Ion sounds expensive. haha and it will take a long time to try out all the food leh. i need a lot people to go with me :p

thenomadgourmand: oh damn, I shld have find out that place and check it out, never mind, there’s always next time. heh

aiwei: yeah in singapore Korean food isn’t as established as their Japanese counterparts, so quite diff to find.

Shayna: Stop eating chilli when you are already so heaty! Shoo, no chilli, bad girl! :p

I just watched Boys Over Flowers and We Got Married this month so my craving for korean food is almost always there too! I love the rice cakes so much and kimchi ramen, kimchi fried rice.. Just tried potato pancake recently and it’s very starchy and good! Oh, and I want to try ‘zhar jiang’ noodles soon as well. I usually go to Togi at Mosque St. Ming Jia looks authentic but a little too far for me…

Jo: is “we got married” nice? was thinking which show to watch next. Have you watch “that fool”? Super duper nice. heh I’m watching shining inheritance now :) )

I’m in a Korean craze now!! For both the food and the dramas.

Also watched an episode of Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre Foods where they ate really ridiculously looking korean dishes; nothing so tame as what our food court sells! And the best part is that it’s really ordinary for them.

omg! yesss another near my place too! tbh, i have never really eaten korean food before and i am like others worried that i may get the ‘nasty’ ones and swear off it forever so i decided that i am gonna try this first. hahaha

amy: Time to go, it’s so near only! like a few bus stops away? :p

jess: travel for food! hahahahaha when u happen to be in the area den try them!

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