LG Health+ collection launch

Snow white got much healthier after eating the apple, because LG refrigerator kept in the nutritious vitamins. Oh, Cinderella is running away from a party filled with dirty air, but at home, there’s only pure air made by LG air conditioner.

The creative catch-lines, with the glamorous showcase of the new appliances focusing on health, was a sight to behold during the LG Health + collection launch, at Shangri-la hotel.

There was this particular oven, (LB6720985) which caught my attention; I approached it, thinking it was an ordinary oven from the typical silver-black appearance. I pressed and played around with touch-screen, and boy I was surprised, the oven had built-in memory of recipes, all kinds of them! And that’s not it, LG oven features a halogen heater that instantly delivers more than twice the intensity of heat; the shorter cooking time meant that the loss of nutrients are minimize. I know you are wishing for an oven!

And yes, prices will be at a slight premium for the products, when you compared relatively to the other brands but money can’t buy you health my dear. If you are interested to find out more about their new products, you can read their website here. My appreciation to Mark from LG-one for the invitation, and hosting me around. It was a great event with the informative speeches, wonderful dance performance, the yoga-demonstrations, and of course, lunch from Shangri-la hotel.