Char Kuay Teow: The local food that I will miss the most

My fellow Bukit Batok-ians, this is THE place to go to for char kuay teow and hokkien mee. I often like to ask what local food will you miss the most if you go overseas, and my answer will always be ckt. By and large it’s not a easy choice, not when there are so many nice and delicious local food around; chicken rice, rojak, laksa just to name a few, but yes, I will miss my ckt the most.

From afar, I could smell the aroma, and I’m drawn in, immediately. What is that smell? Sniff, sniff: this, is the smell of my love. Every mouthful was so good, and I wolfed down one plate in a blink of the eye. One plate was definitely not enough, I always order two plates of char kuay teow ($2). And I don’t want to share with you, shoo! go away.

I love the char kuay teow here, for a period of time initially, I was having ckt for almost four-five times a week (two plates each time). But when you have too much good food, you will become sick of it, and so was I, which brought my attention to…

Hokkien mee!

I have the black carrot cake for breakfast, char kuay teow for lunch, and hokkien mee for dinner. Sounds good right? Nah, I usually rotates between the char kuay teow or hokkien mee ($3) for lunch since the stall closes during the afternoon. I know judging from the photo, the ckt looks a lot better than the HM, but believe me, I’ll go to the extent of saying this is the best Hokkien mee, at least in Bukit Batok. He cooks every order by plate, which meant a longer waiting time; but hey, every plate is fricking good! And I like the wetness and moist version of HM, with a lot chilli and two limes squeeze in; I’m a happy man!

And oh, it’s almost lunch time. Uncle, one packet of char kuay teow, and one packet of hokkien mee with extra chilli and lime please!

Char Kuay teow
Block 289H Bukit Batok Street 25
(Coffee shop is in the carpark complex)


hello brad! hehe. char kuay teow! :D lol. although i think i’m v ang moh. lol. or i’ve always been? i prefer western food like pasta and pastries. i’ve never liked hokkien mee or char kuay teow as a kid! i’m strange! but i’d never say no to eating it either! :D hehe. your pics look as yummy-licious as ever! hope to meet up with you soon!!

Shirin: Hello S! yeah ang moh, you should eat more of our local food! did you see my hokkien mee so u ate it for lunch? :p this stall is super near your workplace, come over and eat! yeah meet up when i come back from kl yeah!

Guess what. this coffeeshop is only like 2 blocks away from me! but i’ve never tries this stall. =(
shall buy it tonight! thank you very much! =)

Sadly, I’ve never grown to like Singapore ckt. Hehe… after all, I grew up in Penang. Hokkien mee (with bee hoon, not mee) with extra lime IS yummy and probably something I’d look for dinner tonight.


Nic: oic, i didn’t really like bcm! cos i dont like minced meat. yeah close second, so whats third? :p

Stella: Hello! its not open during dinner, the uncle usually close by 2-3pm. try during lunch time!

Junoesque: of course, since u had the best from penang, i guess singapore version can’t compare. yeah i always put extra lime, sometimes up to 3-4 when i’m in the mood. yay! go eat yr hokkien mee, remember, extra chilli and lime :)

Bukit batok, that’s near. Shall go there for hokkien mee some time!
And another time for the char kway teow. Hahaha.

dude… you stay at bukit batok?

hahaha how come you dont ever feature bukit batok or westside stuff?

Well for me Char Kuay Teow is the local food that I will miss the most when I’m away but it’s something I dun really eat when I’m in town .. ironic right?

Jor: hahaha nope, you should get both at the same time! and the black carrot cake is nice too!

JH: hahahaha because i don’t even have enough time to blog about the rest of the places i went to. I know, will try to feature more of westside stuff :)

Debz: Not really, it only shows your self-denial!! stop denying you need that plate of ckt! rofl!

the ckt is fried with a generous portion of egg and looks not too black nor too pale! yums!
eating it piping hot = shiokilicious man!

I didn’t know there is nice fried kuay tiao at that region. I used to frequent the Hokkien Mee at Bukit Batok West Ave 6/8 market. Before the coffee shop renovates and the new wet market was built, there is this stall with a huge wok frying hokkien mee and I will faithfully buy it for supper after tuition… That was ages ago…

Hi ladyironchef,

u gotta 2b kidding me man. i was drooling while lookg at your pics and almost fell off my chair when i saw the address.. i lived at Blk289C.. just right in front of the coffeeshop… nv noe that uncle sells char kway teow..

ohh i din know that! i stay like 3 blocks away and i go there for zichar in the night during the weekends!! will go try their ckt one day during lunch time hehe ! THANKS!

shayna: its time to go and eat your ckt! what are u waiting for?

cheryl: haha after you discovered it, you will be like me, having their hokkien mee everyday when i’m at home :)

i am dragging my hkmee loving friend from thompson along when she meets me for dinner this friday! cant wait:P

Went there for lunch today. Almost missed the “no-name” stall as it is inside the “New Feng Yuan Peanut Braised Duck” stall.

Ordered 1 $2 plate of CKT and 1 $2 of black carrot cake. The $2 CKT was quite filling and had good amount of fish cake. But I much prefer to have more fried pork lard.

I would not say its the best CKT in Singapore, but it still deserves high scores. For those living in the west, it is worth a trip down and taste this good plate of CKT.

In my younger CKT-crazed youth, I would have easily eaten this CKT 3-4 times a week.

Good recommendation, tks.

amy: hahahahah try his ckt, hokkien mee, and carrot cake! and the roast duck from the same coffee shop (which i have yet to blog on) is pretty good too!

Lee: Hello! yeah hard to catch it if you din look properly. Oh dear, more fried pork lard, unhealthy leh. heh! yeah of cos its probably not the best, but i feel its one of better ones around, at least in Bukit Batok. Did you try the roast duck from the same coffee shop?

Hi Brad, have you tried the Zion Road CKT and Zion road food center? It’s pretty good and might be a worthwhile option if you’re in town. Like your pics too!

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