Sweet Nibbles (Part 3): Monday blues

ONIM. Since we have TGIF to show our appreciation that the weekend is here, I thought it will only be appropriate to have ONIM as well, Oh no it’s Monday! I know, I know, it’s the day of the week that you dreaded the most, what they called Monday blues. To soften the blow, let’s make the Monday blues go away, by having some sweets!

I love (read: head over heels with) nutella. It ought to be the most amazing creation this world ought to offer. Never mind the bizarre increase in price (a 375g bottle used to cost $3.90, but it’s $4.90 now at fairprice), I still need my nutella fix regularly.

Toast, which is under the Marmalade pantry, has got some of the best cupcakes, and by that I didn’t meant that they were fanciful. Hell no, they are anything but pretty. There’s no frosting, no beautiful decorations on top, but just a messy spread of the cream. But it’s good. It’s damn good!

The nutella cupcake, which was basically chocolate cupcake with nutella frosting, was so nutella-ish! I did find the cupcake to be slightly dry, I guess the nutella’s the cause for it, since the other cupcakes were not as dry.

The carrot cake came highly recommended by the staff. At the slightest mention of the two words, carrot cake, it’s bound to have the question asked back in return, “Is it better than Cedele (read: Sir-deli)?”

I’m sorry, but I have not tried Cedele’s legendary carrot cake yet! I’m a simple person with a simple taste bud, and anything with thick & generous cream cheese frosting works for me.

How about some cheesecakes to make you happy? Add in some blueberry, I offered. From my vague memories, the cheesecake was light and airy, the blueberry toppings were sweet and combined well with the light cheesecake. But the base wasn’t the crunchy type that I’ve in mind. My dear, have some blueberry cheesecake to chase your blues away!

This, was THE cupcake, Limonata. Whimsical name, and that’s it. The lemon tart limon graze cake, let’s just call it the lemon cupcake, was one of the best cupcake I’ve, the lemon taste was infused and spread throughout the whole tiny cake, it was moist, and fluffy. I love it!

There might be an identical crisis since the William looks rather similar to the Limonata. Note the colour of the base, the latter is lemon cupcake, while the former is a chocolate cake filled with William pear & topped with a delicious layer of the butter crème frosting. There’s bits of william pears within the cupcake, and I’m a sucker for the sweet butter crème frosting, but still, I preferred the Limonata, and the rose.

You winked at me when I entered the shop. I was deeply captivated by our first encounter; I couldn’t stop looking at you, and for a moment you’ve stolen my breath away. Without taking my eyes off you, I told the assistant, the “lemon meringue tart.”

You tasted as good as you looked, the curvy golden brown wisp, blond is beautiful; the delightful lemon, with the crispy tart, and the sour-sweet meringue, now I know what they meant when they say,  love at first sight.

* * *

The desserts served at Toast are all part of the Marmalade Pantry’s offer, but at a slightly cheaper price. A hidden gem, that’s how I will describe toast. I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t noticed Toast while you are shopping at Takashimaya, since I also wasn’t familiar with it until a friend brought me there. This post is a compilation of my three visits.

I hope by now, you are already feeling happier, at the sight of all the lovely creations. Desserts always make us cheerful, have some sweets my dear, they will chase your monday blues, far far away.

Read my dining partner Pamela’s post here.

391 Orchard road
#02-11 Ngee Ann city
Tel: 6733 8489


Good place for dessert! And seems like you like sweet stuff a lot! :) Me too, love desserts a lot. And nutella too, used to have a lot of them on my bread.

It’s weird, I have Monday blues too. But noticed people in my uni accommodation loves to party on Monday, haha, find it hard to believe.

CAKE!! yumm… this is the perfect thing to cheer me up after studying for about 8 hours straight today [read: brain drain..] (:

(ugh, it took me really long to find the submit button so i couldn’t comment…and after switching to IE, i realized to Chrome ate up the submit button!!)

i think carrot cake, the cake bit, should be crumbly. that’s the best kind for me cos that means its fully baked! and the batter was wet enough. if the cake itself is too sticky and thick (after baking), it either means the cake wasn’t baked fully or the batter was too thick and gooey. :) the frosting’s there to marry it all together. so although its crumbly, it all kinda sticks together. but tt’s only my opinion! since i bake so much :D hehe. xx

Pretty nice post. I just came across your site and wanted to say
that I have really liked reading your posts. Any way
I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

speaking of carrot cake.. i had a darn good slice back in bourke street bakery in sydney.. *reminscing*. nice photos by the way. the lemon meringue tart looks wonderful though. yum!

Sugar bean: they party on monday nights because they had monday blues! make sense? heh. And gosh, how can you USED to have them a lot on yr bread, you should still have alot nutella now too! :D

fatkuraprincess: haha i hope it helps to drive yr blues away!

pam: 8 hours, i will faint. have some nutella, it helps. Oh dear, chrome cannot submit too? I know for some unknown reasons safari can’t. ladyironchef is best view with IE and firefox :) )

LFB: HA ONIM! I never buy 2kg one, prefer to buy the medium size one so that I can finish it quicker, and buy another one. lol

Shirin: speaking like a pro! heh. Having try a few carrot cake, i must say i’m very poor at telling which ones are the better ones, so long there’s thick frosting, it works for me! wow, i like how u say it, marry it all together, i couldn’t have say it better!

Foodies queen: yay! another limonata convert!

Jenny: Hello jenny, thanks for dropping by, yeah i post real often, so drop by with more comments okay! :)

Sihan: *jealous* I want to go sydney too! a friend asked me to join her in sydney, i want to go! haha. yeah lemon meringue, always pretty

Toast have kind of been flyin under the media’s radar for a few years, since after its opening.
Now with all your delicious description and pictures, my chances of reaching in time to grab the last few cupcakes are that much lower :p

Great blog!

Jo: hahaha go ahead and have some, nutella definitely will make us happier, and if it makes you happier, why are u not having it? :D

Purplemartini: LOL! you really flattered me, don’t worry you will still be able to grab your cupcakes since not many people read my blog. heh. Drop by and leave comment often ok!

Hmm I haven’t tried this place yet would you believe it! Ok I’m going to bookmark this when I’m down at Orchard next time.

Jo: I believe you. haha cos i also didn’t really know of toast existence until a friend recommend me. yeah rmb toast when u are in takashimaya :D

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