The City Kid (Part 7): The land of smiles

Sawatdee Khrab, welcome to the land of smiles. We sailed the seven ocean, and land ahoy at Phuket, the southern tip of the land of smiles; where there are no land boundaries. The beautiful beaches, the awesome weather, the sporty sea activites, oh I heard so much about you.

The poor people, whom we grieved for during the tragedy that happened a few years back; the beaches were ruined, the folks homeless, the kids without food. They are back, slowly but surely, the glory days; the tourists flocked back, the economy picked up and the people are getting back their better life. I’m glad.

The touts and the trout. I always see this as the touts fishing for their trout, after all, it takes two hands to clap; I swindled on you, and of course you are willing to be tricked by me. Two thousand baht! It was the first offer we got, as we walked further away, so did the numbers slowly decreased. Our final bargain, take eight hundred.

Cashew nuts are apparently one of the famous products there, our first stop was inevitably the cashew factories. And they have it in all kinds of flavours; chilli, honey, sugar Рyou named it, they got it. We also picked up some pork floss; they are so good that you can eat them on its own. Clich̩, but true.

They were gifts for others, we take some, and we give some. That’s the beauty of local products, people always buy them, as gifts for family, friends and neighbours.

I wanted to try the authentic Thai food, eat what the Thais eat. And where better than to sit by the roadside stalls at the night market, sipping a bowl of tom yum soup. It was hot, and I’m not those who could hold their chilli, so the sweat glands started to work as I took a sip, and another mouthful of the delightful-spicy soup. Lots of seafood inside the tom yum soup with a sour twist.

The de-constructed oyster omelette. It was definitely a oyster dish, judging from the numbers of the shellfish present on plate. Instead of frying and mixing everything together, they did it the de-constructed way. And there was lots of fried bean sprouts too!

I smelled it from far away – what’s that stuff floating in the air that was so good to the nose? It was Pad thai, their version of our char kuay teow. You couldn’t imagine my delight, finding my favourite food in a foreign land. And the best part was they threw in lots of bean sprouts, our locals one always seemed to scrimp on the cheap bean sprouts. It was good, we finished it almost in a blink.

If you need to know more about my taste bud, I love sweet & sour pork, that’s like my all time favourite zi-char dish. So here I’m, looking for a Thai rendition. Well it wasn’t what I was expecting, you know not those crispy fried pork coated in bright red tomato sauce. But the pork was still tenderly soft, and this plate was just 40 Thai baht. Cheap!

After the fix of the local Thai food, surprisingly, the famous king of burgers, the Ramly burger caught my eyes. They did it differently here, lots of lettuces, and cucumber too! There was however, no eggs, which I wasn’t sure whether was it because I didn’t tell them to do an egg special, or they never had it served with eggs in the first place. Either way, the best part about the ramly burger was definitely the sauce; drizzled with lots of mayonnaise, chilli and barbecued sauce, awesome!

Under the dim flimsy light, we went behind the thin veil for our secret rendezvous. I was a little nervous to be honest, but you were experienced and started slowly. Harder, harder, I urged you on. Deeper, deeper, you thrust into. Oh, surely, this was one of the greatest pleasure in the world. I never knew such joy like this, before. And now I’m hooked.

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