Sweet Nibbles (Part 2): I need a patissier to cheer me up

I need some chocolate, I need some sweets; to cure my oh-so-painful-heartache. I need a patissier to cheer me up: Tiramisu, mont blanc, creme brulee, macaron, le royale; give it to me, give it all to me.

“A slice of everything on display, and a cup of hot chocolate with extra chocolate.”
“Yes! Which part of every-thing do you not understand?”

The patissier is my best friend, he will know how to make this go away. Stepping into the patisserie, a tiny part of the gloominess was lifted, at the sight of the so-many-pretty-and-petite desserts.

I sunk my teeth into it, and oh-boy, it was good, I already felt better! The richness of the cake was soaked and immersed in the essence of the espresso, brandy & white rum, I was literally intoxicated.

Bittersweet. It’s all about chocolate. The first taste, so sweet and rosy, followed by the slightly bitter taste from the dark chocolate; the perfect analogy to life, the bitterness, the happy times, it depends on which part you want to taste – I want sweet now!

* * *

(1) The above is a largely exaggerated story on my part, no doubt sweets and chocolates helps when you are feeling down, but it is only a temporary measure. A heart-to-heart chat with a good friend does wonders, and the best part: we had it over desserts.

(2) The two slices of cake are Tiramisu and Chocolate Amer. The latter was a half-price promotional item for Bakerzin in the month of May. The current dessert that is on half-price is the New York cheesecake.

(3) As much as I do not really fancy Bakerzin, and the fact that I’ve tried almost every cakes there, the half-price promotion on a slice of cake was too tempting, read my previous visits here, here, and here.

9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-23 Millenia Walk
Tel: 6837 2422


Oo, didn’t know Bakerzine is in Singapore. Wonder where it is originated from… Anyway, I love Bakerzine’s dessert. You don’t really fancy Bakerzine? I thought they’re quite good.

Sugar Beans last blog post..Station Kopitiam

Sugar Bean: HAHA bakerzin is from Singapore! yeah i didn’t really like them, i mean they are quite all right, consistent rather compared with some other places, but you know… Oh well :D

ter: haha yep although they need promotions to create sales, but i think this every-month-on-going-thing cheapens the image. I will still go there, just for the half price cake. Otherwise wont bother.

LFB: LOL! so funny, i just commented on your new post in a minute before, den i saw yr comment here liao. heh. Yeah i’m better already, aren’t you gonna do a “kenny mah” on me here? hahahahhahaha

Jacelyn: 4 bucks after tax for a slice of their cake, I have to agree it’s cheap. But we also add on $1.90 for a drink during the afternoon tea, and got another slice as well

Haha! If you visit the bakery shop in 5 stars hotels, u maybe surprise many of their cakes are not as fantastic as bakerzin. So far, the chocolate royal cakes in Atrium deli @ pan pacific hotel have disappoint me. The cakes in Mezza9 @ Hyatt is even more worse!!!

However, i love the cakes from carousel @ Royal plaza Hotel. Cakes from the line shop @ Shangri La are definitely most worth it, due to their half price promotion after 6pm. :)

IMO, after having cake hunting in hotels, I have learnt my lessons: gourmet cakes sold in resturants @ shopping centres are the BEST!!!! LOLx! :P

Big boys oven: Yeah you guys do all the hard work, so that we can enjoy the desserts. Keep it up yeah! :D

Hazel: haha i heard poor things about the atrium deli before, but i tried mezz9 and i thought they were okay. I got all my cakes after 9pm so half price, for 3 bucks a slice from a hotel, it’s pretty decent.

Ah haven try carousel cakes before, but they got pretty nice and fanciful desserts at their deli

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