Relish: The infamously tiny relish burgers

Relish by Wild Rocket is a gourmet burger restaurant that aims to serve the best burgers in Singapore.

I never knew burgers could be so photogenic, they were dead gorgeous; there’s the sexy Williams, the hunky seafood mayo, the boy-next-door Ram-lee, the popular wild rocket, the sweetie bacon & cheese, and the macho char siew. The galaxy of stars (burgers), roll the red carpet!

The guest appearance of the tomato relish brought another dimension to the taste. And while the emmental cheese was good, if I could have my way, I would put double cheese, one on the top of the patty and the other beneath.

Crackle, crunch, crisp-cross. The crispy streaky bacon were the contrast to the beef patty. With so much ingredients packed together; the lettuces dropping, the melted cheese flowing down the patty, the tomato relish flying all over, and the bacon strips not staying in place – it was a messy affair. The bacon & Cheese beef burger ($18 for 180g)

There were bound to be comparisons among them, the signature Wild Rocket beef burger ($17 for 180g) was slightly tougher than the rest, with charred surface on the patty. There was no exotic ingredients, or any fancy name; just a very good beef burger.

The wannabe. This was surely how the rest eyed it; borne with the almost-alike name, and with its destiny tightly bound to the famous street side Ramly burger. This was a bold makeover, the upper east side ramly, Ram-lee beef burger ($19 for 180g).

The patty, ah, the heart and soul of the burger; it was done more tender and juicy than the cheese & bacon burger, but, this was not a ramly burger. The ramly burger, the real deal, was more generous with their sweet chili sauce. And the omelette wasn’t done to my liking; it was flimsy, and lacking in the egg taste. It was a pity really, for all the promises, it wasn’t shiok enough.

The blue cheese & William pear beef burger ($19 for 180g) was destined for stardom; the wonderfully-toned body, the rocket hair, and the sliced poached William pear. Oh-my! The walnut butter which was beneath the 180g of beef patty was crunchy, and the poached pears gave a different definition to burgers. However, the blue cheese taste was sorely missing, and that’s the only thing that prevented an Oscar.

The seafood burger lemon mayo definitely looked way smaller than the last time I’ve it, and the lemon mayo was also notably lesser. This one, was from the sea: crab, fish, prawns, octopus mixed together to form the patty.

Honey, they shrink the burger!

Oh-oh-oh, this was good. In fact good alone probably did not do any justice to the burger. Resting on a bed of homemade foccacia, the char siew soft-bone pork was absolutely delicious! The balance of the lean meat with the chewy pork tendons, it was perfect; how did they came up with the BBQ char siew pork open burger ($18 for 180g), it was mind-blowing!

And I was greedy, I took a few more bite while the rest wasn’t looking. Good stuff like this, it’s all right to be greedy. It’s mine, and mine alone!

And we chose two desserts to go along, first up was the pandan-infused panna cotta with gula melaka ($9). A fusion creation: the Western dessert with the favourite Asian ingredients.

I preferred the roasted black sesame puree with vanilla ice cream ($8) to the pandan panna cotta. It was a pity not trying their signature cheese cake though, it had firmly took a place in my heart ever since I had it last time.

For the six of us, we ordered four burgers from the ala carte menu, with the other two burgers and desserts coming from the two-course set lunch ($24). Relish ought to have some of the most pretty burgers around, and we finished all the fries too! The burger however, could be bigger: the infamously tiny Relish burgers.

And I’ve learnt that the old ala carte brunch menu from Wild rocket is available at Relish.

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