Lasik has everything to do with food

I did lasik.

It was a nerve-wreaking experience. It’s one of those things that you will do just once, once in your lifetime, and never want to do it ever, again. You might have heard the whole surgery’s just a mere few minutes, yeah it is, but that few minutes are really much longer than just minutes.

I sat there outside the room, alone, dressed up in the green surgery-uniform. The screeeeching sound coming from the room didn’t help a bit. Finally, the door opened, and I walked in, the room.

Relax, it won’t hurt.
Right, I was shaking, teeth clattering, with fingers interlocked and clutched together.

The build-up was scary. Look downwards, then they stuck some sticker-thing to hold my eyes, followed by some instruments to ensure that the eyes remained wide open. I was told to look at the green ray, they did my right eyes first; as much as I tried, my left eyes didn’t want to obey and I struggled to open them.

They poke something like a test-tube in, and all I heard was Suction in before the world went black on my right eye, it was terrifying, “eh doc, I couldn’t see.” “Yes it’s meant to be like that” he calmly replied. A while later, the command, suction out followed, and boy, I could see again. And if you think that’s the end, you are wrong, it’s just the beginning.

Now, was the most horrifying part of the whole operation.

He took a knife or whatever you called that, to cut a flap from my eye. Even though everything was numb, and there was no pain; but how would you feel when somebody cut something from your eyes?

The laser was akin to watching a colourful movie, the pretty rainbow colours that were shining, and suddenly everything became white; I saw the light, at the end of the tunnel. Done! I saw the angelic faces of the doctor and nurses, with the halo on top of their head. This was heaven.

And if you thought that the left eye would be easier since I did the right eye already, wrong again. It was even harder, when for the right, I didn’t know what was coming so everything took me by surprise. So when I was going to do the left eye, I knew exactly everything that was in stored, so my body struggled, and refused to lay still. All the same procedure for the left eyes, fast forward to the laser part. The same rainbow-sensation occurred, then it stopped. Restore laser. It re-started, then it stalled again. This happened a few times, and I was thinking, “oh shit!“…

* * *

Sorry I digress, now where were we? Yes, Lasik has everything to do with food.

The steamboat experience, will never be the same again. I always hate the steam that fogged my glasses, rendering me helpless to search for the ingredients in the soup.

And no problem for taking spicy food too! Whenever I had food like BBQ sting-rays, or fried sambal kangkong, the presence of those tiny red plants that they call chilli. I sweat, a lot. It’s like my sweat glands are programmed to churn at the sight of them; to conspire with chilli, making my face pipping red and full of sweat. The point is, no more of the irritating-sliding-down-of-spectacles any more, for there isn’t any more spectacles!

Having perfect eyesight meant that I eat what I see; spotting a strand of loose hair from the chef’s crown that threaten to go into my mouth, becomes so easy. And not needing to wear spectacles, I can exercise freely without any constraint, and what does this have to do with food? You don’t just eat and not exercise do you?

It’s a decision which will completely change your life. And I’m loving every minute of this!

Hello perfect vision, bye bye spectacles!


Sounds so intimidating, so scary! Gosh, don’t think I’ll have the guts to do it. Reminded me of the wisdom tooth operation that I had, but I think this is even more frightening. I’ll stick with specs and contact lens. Haha!

Congrats for overcoming it! :)

I did mine more than 4 yrs ago. It wasn’t that daunting an experience for me. I just took a cab home & by evening I’ve perfect visions.
P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

I did my LASIK last weekend … IntraLase. No blade, no pain, no shock – PERFECT!!!. The entire experience was fast and incident-free.

Vickii: yeah you did. But i still think that lasik is great for everybody who wear specs. haha

Sugar bean: haha pick up your courage and just do it! its a life-changing decision man. it feels so good to be specs-free!

Sarah: Are you gonna do it too? heh :D

Francis: haha cheers dude!

loop: wow 4 years a long time! any major problems so far? thanks!

ade: HAHAHA congrats my fellow-recent-lasik-mate. I did it last week too! I’m loving it :) )

now i’m really scared. LOL. all the people i know who did lasik are telling me all these scary stories…

i’ll stick to contacts forever. lol

Welcome to the perfect eyesight group! *oops* I was talking about lasik with my friends the other day and the way they mentioned the procedure is damn scary. especially the part where they cut the eyelid. OUCH!

i could not imagine having a test tube poking into my eyes, and a blade to slit them..
no way i am going to do, unless until i am really sick of contacts.
does it mean that you will have perfect eyesight forever after lasik?

shayna: oh dear, don’t be afraid, the feeling of being specs free is wonderful! eh hopefully? haha but i think when old its inevitable will have lao hua yan.

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