Cafebiz: Buffet, buffet and more buffet

My eyes strayed to the corner as we walked in, the desserts section; I saw the chocolate cake waving to me, the dessert shooters like a lighthouse beaconing the direction. And not lest, the-sight-of-it again: the omnipresent chocolate fondue, my heart just flew over with hugs and kisses.

Not able to resist the seduction, I dropped every last bit of pretence in me and embraced the temptation; lets start with the desserts shall we? We took a bit of everything, and started tucking in. We decided just to have some, and come back for more later. It was a difficult decision; to stop after we started, it was akin to asking a vampire to stop after he started sucking blood from your neck.

And so, the cold seafood counter. There were prawns, there were crabs, and there were mussels & scallops.

A sniff of the icy chilled oyster, the sea breeze gusted into my nose. The hassle of opening up the clam creature was avoided, for it was already prepared nice and clean on the bed of ice. I squeezed a whole wedge of lemon onto it, careful not to spill any outside the shell; every drop of lemon was precious, to fully bring out the quintessence of it. I pitched it up with a fork, and slowly put it into my mouth, one swallow, one gulp, and it was gone.

Our stomach has served us well, and to reward it for the hard work, let’s start with some salad. We took a bit of all the different greens, and dressed it up with the many-variety of dressing available; I always preferred thousand island, while you went for the lighter Italian dressing, and also the adventurous yoghurt one too.

It was fun, the process of ‘playing’ with the Kueh pie tee; we took the shell, add in the typical popiah turnip fillings, sprinkled a bit of the crushed peanuts, drizzled the sweet sauce, beautify it with parsley, and had options of tuna, chicken, and prawns to top with. Boy, it was good! The crispy shell, with the turnip fillings, but it was the sweet sauce and peanut which provided the difference.

There was roasted meat selections, Indian food, Western & Asian mains to choose from too. Again, we ate some of each, and finally it could wait no longer! This time, for desserts, we shall try everything, one of everything. Two if we can help it!

At first glance, it looked like pandan cake. Then, the pistachio financier name tag appeared, in a concealed corner oblivious to the naked human eye. The green stuff, they called it the pistachio nut, it was a personal favourite of our friend; and surprisingly, the pandan-cake-lookalike had a flavourful pistachio taste!

I remembered the truffle berry compote cake for its smooth and silky chocolate, with composition of berries within.

For some unknown reason which continue to evade me, passion fruit seemed to be a popular choice for patissier, I did not have any nice experience with it so far; but I guess it’s the intriguing combination of that-something-sour with the strong cheesecake. I, however, did not like it. I like sweet stuff, something sweet please.

While it had became a common thing for buffets, the chocolate fondue still never failed to excite me, I dipped fruits, puffs, marshmallows, and everything I could find under the flowing chocolate lava.

This, was my favourite part of the buffet. There’s a chef specially preparing waffles and crepes on-the-spot. The waffles were excellent, but they used the same mixture for the crepes, which turned out to be overly thick. And the staffs actually delivered the waffles to our tables when we forgot to collect it, now my dear, that’s what you call service!

I used syrup and butter for my first waffle. Then I returned for more with a topping of all the ice creams available, creativity struck me as I poured some of the lava from the chocolate fondue over my piece of crispy waffles.

The weekend dinner buffet from Mon to Wed is $45++, while dinner from Thursday onwards to Sunday is $50++ per head. We were too full to try all the food; we missed out on the Indian food, and the roasted duck selections. Eating a little of everything was almost enough to fill up the tiny stomach of ours. Plenty of tea and a long chat after the meal aided in the digestion too! My appreciation to Helen, the F&B manager of Traders Hotel, for the food tasting invitation.

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1A Cuscaden road
GF Traders hotel
Tel: 6831 4374


You sure have got a real sweet tooth, dontcha? I do like passion fruit myself, but in careful quantities… like on Fatboybakes‘ famous pavlovas or in a fresh fruit juice blend. Yummy.

P.S. I loooooovvveee pistachio! :D

Life for Beginnerss last blog post..Heavensent

Eh…didn’t blog on the hot dishes ya? You’re one of the few guys I know who has a sweet tooth! LOL. I think passion fruit works well with cheesecake. :P Yummy yummy

*note to self: Do not read food blogs on an empty stomach*
Halfway through.. I started salivating.. Nice pictures!! The oysters and waffles look sooooo inviting.. YUM!

LFB: yeah I have a sweet tooth! the past few times I tried the pairing of passionfruit with a dessert, all didn’t work out. haha I’m afraid I’m slowing falling in love with pistachio desserts too.

fatkuraprincess: LOL! no they don’t, go during weekdays lunch, it’s cheaper.

maureen: haha yeah i dunno why but cannot display chinese here. thanks i’m all right :)

foodies queen: Luckily, yes, not many guys like desserts. It’s all right, i can have them all to myself! phwoar! i find passion fruit too sour, i like the lemon, lime type of sour, but not passionfruit.

fen: yeah i didn’t know they were under the shangri-la group until I saw it. ten times a bit over la, why don’t he try out new places? haha

jasmine: HAHA and don’t read it during midnight too! but i know, you can’t help it, so you will always be forgiven, please come every hour! heh.

Jo: hahaha its a bad habit, i always do that for buffets :D

hx: Yeah international buffet, sure Singaporeans like their buffets eh? haha

sugar bean: haha thats why they call it a buffet! but its bad for health, from eating too much. lol

HA! I just discover that the cost of lunch buffet in Global Kitchen @ Pan Pacific is now @ $38++ during weekday! Wooo~

So is buffet in Trader hotel or Pan Pacific orchard is better? :)

I bet Oscar sunday brunch in conrad hotel will be better than global kitchen, after tasting their cakes in deli atrium. Oh no, I am now missing conrad hotel so much, after mentioning it again. HAHA! :P


i really love the buffet at cafebiz.may i just check with you is the 3for 2 buffet promo still on ? till when? i should be coming with some of my friends in end july . can make reservstions?

thks max

hazel: opps somehow i missed out on your comment. I never try oscar before! maybe some day. haha

max: Hello, I’m not very sure about the promotion they have, why don’t you try calling them up to check? their number is 6831 4374, and you can make the reservations at the same time too :)

Hmmm..i saw at a webbie that dress code have to be “smart casual”??Is that really so?
Although they have the DBS promotion but i be going for the dinner tough luck for my grp…

Hey all!

Just tried cafebiz yesterday. Let me just evaluate a few points. Firstly, service was very good, the waiter/waitress were very attentive to my request. The seafood section(thurs – sun night only) is excellent. They have boston lobsters, USA oysters and alaska snow crabs. The chinese food section is rather limited though. So I would recommend the place only if you are a pure seafood lover.


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