Bliss Restaurant @ Punggol Park

If life is about love, I want a day with you alone.
Together, we dine and feast, with merry and joy.
Bliss is the paradise, and blissful is the pleasure.

We sit by the waterfront; calm and serene.
Time stand still at that moment, we are cut out from the world.
So this is it; the feeling of bliss.

Even though you might not agree with me, I firmly believe that ambience and company is more important than food. A simple illustration, will you enjoy good food while you are dining with a person you do not like, or will ordinary food actually taste better in the company of good friends and nice ambience?

I’m a sucker for ambience, al fresco dining will always be the option when the weather is kind. And this ain’t some prime location, it’s Punggol park for goodness sake; I haven’t been to Punggol before! Luckily for me, and all of you, my friend drove his car, so the inaccessibility factor was threw out of the window.

Nothing too heavy or fanciful since we were there during mid-afternoon. The spicy wings ($6.90) were great for some light snacks. I remembered it was red fiery-hot; it was a satisfaction; gnawing at the meat, chewing on the bones, and sucking dry the oh-so-hot chilli flavour.

I couldn’t figured out why the fries were called X-cut ($5.90), but it was crispy and a close resemblance to nachos rather than fries. Dipped the fries into chilli sauce, and I’ll have my ketchup please.

And if I may, the tiramisu ($6.90) was a waste of money. For the sole reason that it wasn’t made in-house, there’s no value. What-to-do, a mis-time of tiramisu-craving. I know it doesn’t sound nice, but 7 bucks is a lot of money, it could get you a very good tiramisu elsewhere.

The place reminds me of Bark Cafe, another great place for finger food and chilling out. And it isn’t a coincidence that my buddy introduced me to both places; he’s a sucker for ambience too! And by the way, I absolutely loathed the round-shape cylinder that was placed on every table, the presence of the chilli-ketchup bottles didn’t help too.

Bliss Restaurant
Hougang Avenue 8
Punggol park
Tel: 6280 3389


Sugar bean: yeah not worth the money if they aren’t make in-house, when i dine out, i will always ask if the desserts are made by them.

Foodies Queen: haha yeah paying for the ambience, the food generally isn’t very expensive, there’s finger food and main course too.

eggtoast: thanks! glad you like it :)

Ive been here and, its much nicer at night..! The food is affordable but what we’re really paying for is “instant frozen food” !! >.< So their ambience, made it slightly more worthwhile . anyway i like how your pictures makes the food look extra yummy.

Fleurs last blog post..ive never been this physically drained,

i’ve been there and barks too.
both places hold bitter-sweet memories for me.
so yupp. no longer visit these cafes now.

like you say, its the ambience and.. the company.

ps. my phone is stolen at Spruce.
please leave your number with my inbox.
gmail, facebook whatever. thanks.

melonades last blog post..daddy’s (selfish) girl

Fleur: haha yeah i guess it will be romantic at night, but in the day there’s the tranquillity and peace too! ah I didn’t try any of their main course, it’s instant frozen food? haha

Melonade: bittersweet memories, i can only imagine

Over here, fries like that are often called “waffle fries” (or “waffle-cut fries”) but I have also seen them called “cross-cut fries”, so probably the X was standing in for the cross?

carly: Ahh.. yeah the only reference I could think of was the seemingly-cross shape of the fries. I know steak fries, but never hear of waffle fries before though. thanks for your comment! :)

Hi there, have been reading your posts. it was great with pictures and prices to be mentioned.
Recently, i’ve been finding a place(most preferred is nature environment) served preferably asian cuisine(if there’s any nice cuisine it’s fine too) for 2persons abt $80? Best is more than tt? Preferrably serves course meal.
Do u have some places in your mind since u’ve been to so many eateries?
Would appreciate it if u have any ideal place in your mind, and hope to receive ur reply as soon as possible, thanks alot!

P.S: Kindly reply to my e-mail.

Sihan: Hello! looks like you love nature environment too! This is different from the group outing that u mentioned right? Lets talk more at the email, i sent you a reply :)

Hi i am from Bliss. Thank you for those nice picture. Btw our tiramisu are really made in-house according to our own style. Pls elaborate and suggest how we could improve . Thank you.

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