Big D Grill: The famous Kurobuta pork

I will have never imagine myself shelving out thirty bucks at a coffee shop.

But that’s what I did, for a piece of Kurobuta pork ($28), at Big D Grill. Oh man, I don’t know what to say, but I did that. I always have a thing for you, all the more I couldn’t miss it when so many people had praised you to the sky; now that I’ve you, I’m not so sure.

You were great that night, I couldn’t help gaping at your assets; they were huge. I carefully took a small nibble to start our foreplay, I moved downwards and craved for more, I took bigger bites; it was good, but the thing was, I’m not sure whether that justified the high price I’m paying for.

I’m sorry, but I’m a visual creature. I love sitting in nice, pretty ambience, sipping my drink and enjoying the food. I’m a sucker I know. But somehow, you lacked the “wow” factor that I so desired, maybe the lack of ambience was the reason.

We opted for the crabmeat linguine ($10.90) for our second main. It was hot, it was red, spicy, fiery hot. The crabmeat was overflowed generously; spicy crabmeat and linguine, I would prefer it to be slightly wetter though.

And for the only dessert available, the bonet ($4). I was half expecting chocolate lava to ooze out in the middle, but it wasn’t Instead, you got a very good chocolate pudding, served cold.

* * *

Now I’m not saying the kurobuta pork wasn’t worth the money, or for any of that matter, I’m not against stalls in coffee shop selling restaurant food, on the contrary I thought it’s good to have more options. But somehow I guess I still can’t fix my mentality to accept paying thirty bucks at a coffee shop. If, I had this at a restaurant, I’m sure it will be pretty much worth the money.

And frankly speaking, I really can’t see people shelving out thirty to forty bucks for premium meat, at a coffee shop, at least not yet. It’s only the crazy folks like us who will really pay top money for food, but I will definitely go back to try some of the other cheaper items on the menu.

Read Maureen’s post when she blog about it here.

Big D Grill
Blk 46 Holland Drive
Tel: 96627040


the BONET just served to remind me that i’ve yet to eat any sweet for this whole JUNE!! i wannnnnt sweeeeet.. *points to my nick* see? i need sweet,
else even melonade turns sour. ):

Maybe it’s the disconnect. We expect cheaper/more affordable fare at coffeeshops. Certainly nothing fancy.

But at the end of the day, it’s the taste test that wins out… and if the aroma pulls us in, the first lick gets the saliva a-flowin’ and we close our eyes to the world around us and we take a big bite… :)

I’ve got to agree with the comments on the linguine. A tad too dry for my liking. But really generous with the crabmeat though.

oh brad u finally tried Big D’s. u sound quite disappointed mann. *kaching* maybe that’s why i only tried the korubuta pork at the outing and not on my other repeat visits. hahs!

premium meats deserve to be cooked using premium equipment, in order to bring out its best taste. tts my rationale for avoiding dishes with expensive ingredients at hawker centres. haha

Melonade: haha fixed your sweet cravings :)

Pchong: wow you tried the steak eh? 40 bucks man, well i guess its cheap if you considered it would cost so much more in a restaurant.

LFB: Yep agreed. We close our eyes to the world around us and we take a big bite, when we open our eyes, we realise a big hole in the pocket. ouch! will you pay 30 bucks at a coffee shop? :)

Sihan: haha yeah i don’t know if it’s just me, but I will prefer it to be wetter.

Zay: yep thats why that time i asked you whether will u try the kurobuta pork on yr own. haha

poisonivy: that’s a controversial topic too! but different people see it different ways, some think its good as it improves the standards in hawker, and can get to eat premium meats at slightly cheaper prices, but some think hawker food is still hawker food, and shouldn’t charge so much. I’m neutral. HAHA

Hi LIC…um, the full blood wagyu from Blackmoore farms is about $90 for a 300g slice…I didn’t try it…but a good friend has, and he is from the US…and he loved it.

sorry…LIC…maybe you can delete the earlier reply, and edit this note out.

I did try the intercostal Blackmoore wagyu as described in my blog entry, but didn’t try the Blackmoore fullblood wagyu striploin steak, which is S$90 for a 300g serving. My friend did, and he loved it.

To me, a dining experience is made out of 3 main factors – food, service, and ambience.

$28 is perhaps expensive if you compare it to the ambience of the dining place – in this case, a coffeeshop – hot, stuffy and that lingering “oily” stench in the air.

$28 is also perhaps not value for money if you weigh it against service – you have to order from the stall and probably waited quite a while during peak hrs.

But is $28 worth it if you measure it against the food factor – I think the answer is yes! It’s not easy to find a piece of meat so nicely charred grilled with the succulent layer of fatty goodness at such affordable prices.

I reckon it’s about measuring your expectations to the right factors.

Oh and btw, bonet is not suppose to have molten chocolate lava flowing as it is a chilled dessert and not a warm dessert.

hfb: yeah like i already say, it’s just me. And about the bonet, yes its not suppose to have molten choc lava flowing out, what i meant was I thought from the appearance there’s gonna be chocolate flowing out : )

agree with HFB…Michelin does its guide by measuring these 3 dimensions as well…but if we consider 300g of Blackmoore Fullblood Wagyu (you should google Blackmoore if you don’t already know how obsessed these guys are…each of their Fullblood carcass have their own bloodline certs to trace them back to family in Japan…being full blood, both steers and cows are full wagyu)…in say Mortons…have them dry age the beef for14 days or more…and serve at Mortons…with ambience and service…I guess it will cost $250 instead of $90.

For me, sometimes I want the full Michelin style treatment…but mostly I prefer super-good food, well cooked, super quality ingredients…and save some $$.

Pchong: wow, that’s some fluffy long comments by you guys. I feel that the kurobuta pork is good, but doesn’t warrant the 28 bucks because i’m a sucker for good ambience, and company too. And I have to admit if the same piece of kurobuta pork is serve at the same price at a restaurant environment, I’ll definitely say it’s a steal. So it’s just me : )

This sounds pretty unbelievable.
But “upscale” coffee shop fare has a wonderful flair to it.
I can sum up with Tims’, at Toa Payoh.
Easy food, good prices, none of the fuss.
Or Botak Jones (heard about, never tried)

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