Sweet Nibbles (Part 4): Confession of a dessert-holic

Dear diary,

I have sinned. I have a confession to make: since the start-of-don’t-know-when, I found myself deeply enthralled by her, I just couldn’t stop thinking about our past encounters – all the more needless to say, to take my eyes off her. I’m head over heels, so deeply in love, with..


As sinful as they are, I couldn’t stop myself; every time after we are done, I rested on my back and sworn not to get involved with you again. But it happened again, and again, and again. Our messy affair, the love-hate relationship, oh dear.

You speak torta alla gianduia? No? How about crème brulee, panna cotta, charlotte aux poires, or mille-feuille aux fraises? Come on, I’m sure we have a common language.

I don’t know about you, but I always, always have problems passing by a patisserie without trying to splurge my monthly allowance there. The beautiful shop-front attracted and suck me in like a magnet; I couldn’t bear to leave without saying hello to those pretty and delicate desserts!

And remember the time when something terrible happened? One slice of mousse will wash those tears away. It can even heal all your scars! When you are with your loved one, even a spoon of the simplest cheesecake would do wonders, creating memories for eternity.

You know that thing when you see a cutie and she smiles; your heart skipped a beat and your legs go wobbling like a jelly? Well that’s what feels like whenever I see a dessert.

I’m a dessert-holic.

* * *

The carrot cake came across as rather dry, like I’ve mentioned before; I’m not a good judge of carrot cake since I’ve not tried Queen cedele’s, yet. What’s there not to like about a slice of really good strawberry cheesecake? Big, bright red strawberries sitting prettily on top of creamy thick cheesecakes! And my weakness, chocolate cake. Heat it up and you got the molten texture, paired with a scoop of chilled icy cold ice cream, ding, the elevator reached level heaven.

Note: Sweet nibbles column will be a regular fixture every Monday, I hope some sweets can help to chase your Monday blues away

3 South Buona Vista road
#02-13 The Village centre
Tel: 6774 7100


OH! haha, i didn’t know the desserts were from allanbakes, until the last part. love the strawberry cheesecake, its good!

evan: yeah been quite long so i tot i will blog about it : )

sharol: Hello pek! this is your FIRST comment! well done! heh. And no, not just every monday, u are supposed to visit everyday! three times in fact, before breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that you will feel hungry before u eat. HAHA

Jo: YAY totally! haha I really pity those who do not like desserts, they don’t know what they are missing out! :D

Camemberu: hahahahha get lost and swim among the desserts, its a blissful feeling!

sweets~ ^^
(okay.. maybe not too sweet for me, still, DESSERTS!)
i’ll try to come online not once a month only, but weekly
to check out this fixture of yours.. 3 cheers for you. (:

ps. hmmm.. wanted to thank you for the company
and intro me to glace with a quick text only to realise..
i left my phone.. with my friend after my grocery shoppping.

so yupp, thanks. (:

Any chance u wrote a review for the cakes at Cheesecake Factory? Nice ambience and the cakes are really decent. =D

melonade: haha no problem, finally got your sweet fix eh? heh! see u soon :)

virtousity: Cheesecake factory? where is it? I know there’s brownie factory, chocolate factory but never heard of cheesecake factory. U mean cheesecake cafe at east coast?

his desserts r VERY good. My mum bought me a slice of their berry cheesecake two yrs back I think… she spoke with the boss Allan himself – very humble chap!!! A prized place but hidden away in a quiet mall!!! Ah!

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