Sweet Nibbles (Part 1): I love Cream puffs

I have a sweet tooth

Contrary to normal beliefs that guys don’t like sweet stuff, I, for one, however proved to be the complete opposite. I like things that make me happy; food that can cheer me up, the happily-ever-after fairytale-like stories, and naturally, sweet nibbles that I always crave for.

The lady took one, from the pile of mountain-stacked high; this was the one destined for me. Poking a hole into the bottom by tucking it in, she pressed the pump; the lovely custard swam into the tiny hole, just big enough, for everything to flow inside.

Dusted with some icing sugar; it was akin like putting on the make-up for the pretty. I was excited by the sticking in and out, with each done, I could barely hide my excitement. And she repeated this process, six times in total.

Do not, I repeat, Do not (note: in bold), share your sweets around, they are not meant to be shared. What’s the point of passing them around, only to feel slightly agonizing over the fact that you are going to have less for yourself?

Stop staring at my cream puff. They are mine, and mine alone.

This, will come down as, one of the toughest decision you will make in your life. Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberrry? And there’s the lovely eclair winking at me, the tiramisu trying to seduce me. It is a land, of temptations. I decided, like what seemed to take an eternity, to go for just half-a-dozen with the chocolate and vanilla flavours. The rest, are my excuses for coming back next time.

And I regretted just getting six.

Beard Papa Sweets
391 Orchard road
#B2-07-9-1 Ngee Ann city
Tel: 6238 8819


hey, great meeting you at the food blogger’s lunch too, and can finally put a face to your blog :)

I love cream puff too! Check out the ones at Tampopo deli at Liang Court. Think they release like 40 puffs hourly and its almost always snapped up within 5 minutes.

Anyway, catch ya around again.

Jasmine: hahaha its fine, who says girls have to like sweet stuff, or guys cant like sweet stuff? We are different, we are cool. heh

Vickii: You forgot your i :)

Teresa: haha yeah it sure does, great to see u there too. haha i heard so much about tampopo’s one, in fact was just chatting with a friend about it, but i have yet to try them!

Defintely love Beard Papa’s cream puff, the cream is so light and delicious. Tried it once in London, would love to go back for more! Wanted to check out their green tea puff.

Sugar Beans last blog post..Adonis Kebab House

ahhaha sorry i got to say something.

I’ve been following your blog for some time and i thought that you were a lady due to your food choices.

My bad

fatkuraprincess: what misery, where did u go to? haha. Ah wild rocket, i just went last week. heh

Sugar bean: green tea puff.. i think we dont have it here!! lol

JH: heh! no problem, most people thought that way too, so don’t worry :)

Fatkuraprincess: haha i agree! i been to wild rocket once for desserts, and recently for brunch. Their desconstructed cheesecake and tiramisu is nice, i had the black squid ink risotto which was good too. Wild rocket burger, the laksa pesto is also their speciality.

Matidla: One? How can you have just one? must have at least a dozen ma! :D

Yipeee!Can’t wait!^_^ Desconstructed chzcake? My bf want me order the laksa pesto so he can eat the crabmeat linguine! black squid ink!not good for a fine lady like me!I will eat till my teeth n tongue blackblack~later my bf dun wan kiss me!hahahaha~!

Fatkuraprincesss last blog post..Celebrating My FREEDOM@ Double O!

fatkuraprincess: No worries, just throw everything aside and enjoy the squid ink. It may be very unglam, but its super fun watching each other’s mouth turn black. lol

tricia: HAHA i like how u describe it, fall in love again…

Cathay: yeah one isn’t enough, must get at least a dozen :D

Tampopo’s fussy though.. There will be a staff that walks around, taking orders for the cream puffs because if your name isn’t on the list, you’ll miss out! So you need to pester the staff to make sure that your name is on the list.

Try the custard pudding if you’re at tampopo as well!

Jasmine: you mean you ate at tampopo restaurant then they have staffs walking around for order of cream puff?!? They didn’t have that during dinner!! haha oh man i want their cream puff, will somebody buy for me? :D

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