Koryo Restaurant: My first Korean meal

I’m of the opinion that Korean food in Singapore is not as established as their Japanese counterparts. It’s easy to name some good Japanese restaurants, but Korean ones?

The Kdrama wave had created a huge impact and let the world know more about South Korea, I’m one of those who stick to the big screen watching new dramas like Boys before flowers, and Ja Myung. Naturally, I’m intrigued by the food as well after watching so many kdramas.

The-one-most-associated-with-Korean-food. Miss kimchi was a tad salty for my liking, I’m not sure how the authentic one should taste like, but this wasn’t my favourite among the four free appetisers that we were served with.

The beansprouts, or more commonly known to us as the dou-ya; were big (compared to the normal beansprouts), and crunchy. Very nice indeed.

Do they called this Anchovy? No matters, the tiny fish was fried to crisp-cross, I could almost hear the sound when I took a bite – crunch, crunch.

I liked this one! With a sweet and sour consistency, the cucumber reminded me of our local achar. There’s nothing better than something sour-sweet to start the palate going.

We had the cold noodle ($10) next. A couple of beef slices, with a egg, the cold noodle was well, like the name, cold, with a springy and bouncy texture, which slurped down my throat easily. The difficult part was getting accustomed to using the extremely-thin Korean chopsticks to get the noodles.

And the other choice was the Dol Sot Bibim Bap ($11.50), well if you couldn’t read Korean like me, it’s pretty obvious from the photo; Hot stone bowl rice with choice of chicken, pork, beef or vegetarian toppings. We mixed everything up nicely, and the chili was fantastic. It wasn’t too spicy, and I just kept adding and adding more. The best part of eating in the hot stone bowl? Everything remained pipping hot!

* * *

Total bill was $25 for the two dishes we got, the four appetisers came free with any dishes ordered and they could be refill. I’m not very sure whether I’m a kimchi-person, maybe a few more tries will do the job. There you go, my first Korean food experience! And Fusionpolis isn’t exactly that ulu, it’s only three bus stops from Buona Vista station.

Koryo (Korean) Restaurant
1 Fusionpolis way
#02-10 Fusionpolis (Connexis tower)
Tel: 6469 1079

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