Koryo Restaurant: My first Korean meal

I’m of the opinion that Korean food in Singapore is not as established as their Japanese counterparts. It’s easy to name some good Japanese restaurants, but Korean ones?

The Kdrama wave had created a huge impact and let the world know more about South Korea, I’m one of those who stick to the big screen watching new dramas like Boys before flowers, and Ja Myung. Naturally, I’m intrigued by the food as well after watching so many kdramas.

The-one-most-associated-with-Korean-food. Miss kimchi was a tad salty for my liking, I’m not sure how the authentic one should taste like, but this wasn’t my favourite among the four free appetisers that we were served with.

The beansprouts, or more commonly known to us as the dou-ya; were big (compared to the normal beansprouts), and crunchy. Very nice indeed.

Do they called this Anchovy? No matters, the tiny fish was fried to crisp-cross, I could almost hear the sound when I took a bite – crunch, crunch.

I liked this one! With a sweet and sour consistency, the cucumber reminded me of our local achar. There’s nothing better than something sour-sweet to start the palate going.

We had the cold noodle ($10) next. A couple of beef slices, with a egg, the cold noodle was well, like the name, cold, with a springy and bouncy texture, which slurped down my throat easily. The difficult part was getting accustomed to using the extremely-thin Korean chopsticks to get the noodles.

And the other choice was the Dol Sot Bibim Bap ($11.50), well if you couldn’t read Korean like me, it’s pretty obvious from the photo; Hot stone bowl rice with choice of chicken, pork, beef or vegetarian toppings. We mixed everything up nicely, and the chili was fantastic. It wasn’t too spicy, and I just kept adding and adding more. The best part of eating in the hot stone bowl? Everything remained pipping hot!

* * *

Total bill was $25 for the two dishes we got, the four appetisers came free with any dishes ordered and they could be refill. I’m not very sure whether I’m a kimchi-person, maybe a few more tries will do the job. There you go, my first Korean food experience! And Fusionpolis isn’t exactly that ulu, it’s only three bus stops from Buona Vista station.

Koryo (Korean) Restaurant
1 Fusionpolis way
#02-10 Fusionpolis (Connexis tower)
Tel: 6469 1079

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you can give hwang to gol at amara hotel a try! some other korean favourites of mine are bimbap (korean sushi…very different from the jap ones), kimchi tofu soup (potent soup it is…) and seafood pancake!

usually the spread of sides is way more than 4, but they’re mostly veggies. Love the anchovies best…and oh, sliced fishcake slices too, if u get to try ‘em!

foodaholics last blog post..Coffeebean @ CPF Building

like finally? haha. i don’t mean this entry, i mean like finally u caught up with the hallyu wave. it was here since 2002 leh! u r *count fingers* 7 years late haha.

the naeng myeon (cold noodle) was unforgettable in my opinion. sigh, i’m missing it already!

Ya lor…korean food has been lingering around singapore for so long liao. I would suggest u to choose beef for Dol Sot Bibim Bap, which is more delicious. I agree that there r not many korean restaurants, as I guess the reason is Korean businessmen do not have much loaded w/ capital as Japanese.

Want to know how real authentic korean food taste like? I feel that the best answer is to travel to Korea lor. Haha…but actually I can give u the answer. Hmmm…honestly speaking foods in korea are not so well done as korean stalls in many Singapore foodcourts. Traveling in korea is a torture to me — extremely diff to find good simple food like ice-cream!!

i beg to differ, u will not neccessary get to try authentic food even in korea. just like in singapore, how do u know which char kway teow is “authentic”? and when the food is bad, do u blame it not being authentic, or simply becoz the chef’s lack of skill? its just a grey area thats hard to define. but of coz you’ll probably get BETTER korean food in korea than in sg, thats for sure. and, korean food in food courts are good? hmm.

Nice photos, make me wanna run out to grab some bibimbap! Actually i find many of the foodcourts having pretty decent tasting ones… Not sure if they match up to the one u had?
btw, nice makeover of ur webby!

Geez, LIC has made his way to fusionopolis… Never drop a message, can pop by and say hello =)

Anyway, back to Korean food… I always find it difficult to enjoy Korean dishes… The cooking is pretty weird and are often spicy… Moreover, I don’t know how to appreciate kimchi…

Evan: Really? Better Korean food in Singapore than Korea?

Fens last blog post..Mixed Fruits by Yamazaki

IMO, Real native food are cooked by the native people. Oh well, I simply don’t want to express myself harshly on Korea. To me, real authentic-made-in-korea food can’t even compare to Singapore’s foodcourt. Plus the traveling experience in korea is depressingly poor.

All kinds of food introduced in Singapore are not considered being made from original traditional recipe. I would like to say that after traveling many countries, Singapore is the only country that can offer us multi-cultures of “Real” delicious dishes, be it amercian, italian, chinese, japan & etc. Why? Becoz we have used a variety of spices + intensively stiff competition in food industry! Let treasure the food in Singapore!

Fen: kimchi in Korea is even more hot than in Sg. Worse thing kimchi in korea taste so dull. The only korean food I like are beef with rice set, fish set & Bibim Bap. Spicy korean noodles are a big no-no to me. Korean ginseng chicken soup has not been intro in sg. Sound like chinese dish.

fen, i said better korean food in korea, not sg la. haha! yea i think korean food is an acquired taste, much more acquired than japanese food. but korean restaurants are up & coming, but often very ex :( if not ex then i’ll go n eat more often le haha. i rem i had my 1st kimchi at seoul garden when i was still in sch last time. that time totally can’t stand the smell & taste but now i love it. can eat it every meal!

i see you have a new outlay for your blog. nice one! ( :
i like Korean food, as most are spicy. and personally, i’ve tried the hot stone bowl rice before, i love it! i love my food being hot even to the last bite, this is one happy food for me. will try this restaurant one day! ( :

foodaholic: sure! i heard abt hwang to gol before, how much is the price there like?

kara: somehow i seldom try the korean stalls in foodcourts, maybe must try more next time. thanks! i like the new look too

fen: haha fusionpolis got quite a lot of food! biopolis and science park too. heh

hazel: I do agree with lets treasure the food in Singapore. HA

Evan: yes it is definitely an acquired taste, more ppl love Jap than korean. I’m not too sure whether i like korean or not, but dont mind trying more. heh

shayna: yes you are slow chienru! i like hot stone bowl rice too. heh, happy food, whee!

Brad! Me likey the new layout and colours totally! So me toooo!! Tee heee! I’m quite a fan of Korean food! The first time I went to Korea, I thought the food sucked but the second time totally got me hooked! Thank agwd, Parkway Parade has Seoul Mart so I buy my Korean groceries there. I love their cold noodles as well as Bimbimbap!!! Had it when I flew to Korea! It’s the specialty of the airline! Sooo gooood!

Hazel: Guess food is something that differs from ppl to ppl. Sometimes when I watched food shows and I can’t even imagine the food served in villages and other countries…

Anyway, I have never like kimchi as I don’t take spicy stuff thus at most, I will only stick to BBQ sets and maybe bimbimbap from a restaurant or two.

Evan: Oops, I think my eyes are playing tricks on me (read your comment wrongly)… I don’t think I will considered Korean food to be expensive given that people are willing to pay for Thai and Indonesian food, I guessed it is a matter of which cuisine appeals more…

LIC: hmm… the food court in fusionopolis is so much bigger than biopolis but I haven’t really explore the place, so apart from Starbucks, Marketplace, Harry’s, Soup Spoon and Ya Kun… I don’t really know the existence of other eateries… As for biopolis, I guessed I am tired of the food already… but Oh Carol has decent burger and chocolate fondant… :)

Fens last blog post..Mixed Fruits by Yamazaki

Harris: HAHA. i prefer gossip girls :D

Fen: you worked there so long but never explore? haha! There’s one call infuzi at biopolis i heard abt. Oh carol burger eh? okay!

Hi LIC, try the one at Amara hotel 3rd floor as suggested by foodaholic. They even have preserved kimchi and fresh kimchi =D. The kimchi chigae and the pancakes are really good. Highly recommended by koreans

I love Korean food, though I seldom eat it. The food esp the appetizers looks fab … I can never have enough of kimchi =)

Nic: *wolf-whistle*! looks like you got a thing for kimchi eh? heh

virtousity: yeah sure will try them soon! are you a big fan of Korean food? :)

ffichiban: haha! i like the way u say it, popped the korean cherry, yeah been poppin’ quite a few cherries recently, Indian one too. lol!

noobcook: In that case you shld eat it more often! I’m not a convert of kimchi, yet. haha

Vicki. : And you love Jap food too yeah? There’s a new place at Science park called Sarang *hint hint* haha! yeah i’m not a fan of cold noodles

oops, missed ur reply! for lunch hwang to gol has lunch specials at 10+, the lunch specials are slightly smaller portions than the ala carte, but fills quite considerably! the ala carte’s are $15+. Freeflow of sides, and way more options that those you had. :) HTH!

foodaholics last blog post..Tonkichi 2 @ Shaw Centre

hmm.. dunno if anyone will laugh but i find the korean subsidiary of crystal jade pretty good love especially their ginseng chicken soup, most heavenly to me. they have set meal depending on the number of people and the price’s pretty reasonable. feed each and every person from hungry to super full!

i have yet to try their dessert though. looked very appealing when i saw the side menu and i will try next time. their appetizers are also free flow and they have good variety too! i kinda like their pancakes! :)

foodaholic: haha seems very reasonable priced, thanks for the tip!

lauffabug: Now everybody is going to laugh at me, I never eat at Crystal Jade before. HAHA

Don’t bother visiting Crystal Jade. Not only the food are not delicious, but the service was also pretty bad. I have heard that their service charges are not shared amongst the waiters; all dump into the pockets of managers. Bad company!

I would rather go Din Tai Fung (???) for their xiao long bao (THE BEST in sg!). It seems like you never have visited them b4. Ha!

hazel: actually, most places doesn’t give the service charges to their staff, i think. Not many places disclose how they handle that sum, which i feel should totally go to the staff.

Yes I have also NEVER been to din tai fung. haha

One of the best Korean meals I’ve ever had was at the Food Court beneath Meridian. It’s cheap and absolutely awesome!!!

the korean food at the meridien basement food court is good because it’s run by a korean ahjumma who’s super scary. the other food court stall tt’s good is the one at takashimaya, which is run by the owner of Manna, a Korean restaurant at telok ayer st. i wouldn’t bother with any other food court stalls apart from these two. >.<

evie: Hello there! thanks for the tip, Manna eh, what’s the pricing there like? I guess trying the two korean foodcourt stalls shouldn’t be a problem since it is reasonably priced, will try them soon :)

hmm… i tink manna’s restaurant prices are pretty much similar to other korean restaurants, so i guess you can expect to pay btwn 35 or more per person, depending on how big an eater you are. but at least it’s pretty authentic cuz it’s q popular with the korean expats, and many of the korean artistes who come to town for concerts or performances choose to dine there too. heh. oh, and if you’re interested, just outside the food court at taka, there’s also a newly opened stall/booth (by Manna as well) that sells all kinds of korean side dishes + kimchi that u can dabao home. it’s in that area with all the food stalls (ya kun, etc) that’s in between the food court and supermarket. i’ve only tried the cucumber kimchi from there tho, so i dunno how good/bad the rest of the stuff they sell there is.

evie: hahaha yeah korean food not exactly cheap too. ya talking abt korean expats, if the food is good for them, then it shld be good for us too. heh. ah food court at taka, never really eat there much, will keep an eye for them, but i probably try the other two that u’ve mentioned first :)

just visited sg and men..i love it becoz of all the delicious food i had there. went to manna korean resto and upon the recommendation of a singaporean friend, tried their galbi jjim..she said they have the best galbi jjim and i do agree…even the housemates who ate my left overs agree (though they thought i was the one who cooked it..hehehe)..you should try it and tell us what you think ^_^

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