Au Petit Salut: The place of eternal memories

If 7atenine was the best meal I had so far, then Au Petit Salut would be its equal.

I was the passerby in your colourful life, we never seem to meet, until now. Our encounter is but an absence and a providence: now that we’ve met, I hold you dear. The place of eternal memories; Au Petit Salut.

Lush, lush, lush and green. It seems so near, yet so far. Right in the middle, but not in the middle; I had to admit – I was wrong. Overrated, you are not, there’s just something special about you. I wished we’ve met earlier, but like they say, it’s better to be late than never.

It was all we need to get started with, a piece of bread, and a stick of butter. We threw envious glares at the seemingly-softer white-looking bread at the table adjacent to us; it was just, human nature.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do – and in a French restaurant, eat snails as the French does. This was my second time eating the slimy-looking creature, and as much as I thought it looked similar to cockle; I love the strong butter and garlic smell. Half dozen baked Burgundy snails with tomato and garlic butter, way to go!

I’m-a-carnivore! And the only appetiser on the menu which seemed to satisfy the meat-eater in me was the Pork terrine and mesclun salad, shallots, gherkins and capers vinaigrette. I took a bite, chew-chew-swallow-swallow, and I took another bite. A piece of pork with really extraordinary subtlety and texture. And my dear, this was where the meal just began.

Words are powerful stuff, they can make you happy, sad, angry or nervous. In this case, I was excited by the mere-presence of the word, beef cheeks.

What part, you asked again?

Beef cheeks. Pardon me, but I have never eaten somebody’s cheek before.

Red wine braised beef cheeks, carrots, mushrooms and parsley potatoes. I realised I couldn’t really tell the difference between the different parts of the cow, but did it really mattered? The braised beef cheeks were tenderly-done, and there was the potatoes which were a-part-of-it.

I had to agree that braised beef tasted better than lamb shank, or maybe I haven’t tried one that is worthy, yet.

If the beef cheek were tenderly-done, then the Pan seared onglet beef was done exactly the way I love it! And just exactly what was Onglet, I know it’s a prime cut of beef, but past that I’m beyond caring. Don’t talk to me about the different grade, the marbling of the meat, there ain’t no need to discuss the cooking technique, I-just-liked-this!

With a tinge of pink, the medium-rare meat was per-fect! And I love the confit shallots which spreaded over the top of the beef, like the sky covered over the land. The presence of the French fries were puzzling, I decided I was going to ignore its guest appearance on the plate and focused on the beef instead.

The lemon tart was fabulous – how can something so simple. be so, absolutely wonderful. The texture of the lemon curd was done just right, and paired with the subtle ice cream with a hint of lavender-honey, I’m a happy boy.

I had a quickie with the Crème brulée; I took the first taste, stunned for a moment, and took my second. This continued until I finished the whole dessert. Beneath the nicely-touched caramelised sugar, was the smoothest yet firm, custard, infused with vanilla beans.

Till we meet again, my love

* * *

Total bill was $70 for two set lunches. I, had an awesome time! Which left me with this question, why didn’t I go there earlier! Au petit Salut has one of the most reasonable set lunches at $30++, comparing with most of the restaurants which are doing theirs at $38++, I thought it is a steal. Of course, there are certainly better restaurants out there, but I love the place as a whole. See you there!

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Au Petite Salut
40c Harding road
Tanglin Village (Dempsey)
Tel: 6475 1976

Au Petite Salut is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore

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oh dear.. the food looks really delicious! except for the snails, i wanna try all! ( :
Beef cheeks are really one of its kind. ( :

Wow, fantastic photos! It all looks very classy and elegant. APS is also on my (never-ending) to-eat list…it’s so well-raved about! Must go soon!!!!!!! :D

evan: how could i what? haha yeah i had a good time : )

shayna: lol! you shld try snails! its not as bad as you think it is. heh. And yeah i want to go back to aps soon to try their risotto. hahahahaha

camemberu: thanks! : ) It is. very nice place. haha dim-sum queen shld go soon okay :D

Vicki. : Sneak preview for you :) haha lemon tart, i want the lemon tart! And i want to go back to aps again, there’s a bowl of risotto waiting!

Oh yuummm I can see why this place is such a gem! Too bad I can’t try it :( but I did sorta through this post hee hee XD
I feel like snails now since I haven’t snailed it up for a while and yay for beef cheeks :)

FFichibans last blog post..Hugos – Manly, Sydney

ok, if i didn’t live miles and miles (and MILES) away, i’d be all over this place. that pork terrine looks wonderful and i love that they left it ‘country style ‘ and chunky

no wonder my mum said that their food is really value for money. haha. the set lunch quality looks superb. and the beef cheek, that gets me going man.

Spearies: Yep i know, i been to Graze @ Rochester, have yet to try One Rochester, how much is the chocolate buffet?

FFichiiban: HAHA! did u smell and taste the food from your screen? heh. time to snailed it up!

We are never full: hahaha the next time u come Singapore, u know where to go :)

Sihan: Your mom went to aps without u? lol! yeah 30++ is superb deal. Time to go, grab zhiheng! haha

hazel: HAHA! my mothers day celebration was a simple zi-char fare. not going to post it so soon though, there’s simply too many places that i need to blog first. lol

one of my all time favourite lunch places. definitely value for money and the food is delicious.
great pics by the way.

I love medium-rare steak more than sashimi! Whenever I order beef steak, I always request for “medium-cookEd”. But the meat is always ended up overly cooked, which tastes so tough. Now, I know I should say “medium rare” = 30% cooked!

sooks: yes i totally agreed. I should have gone there earlier man. heh thanks :)

Hazel: haha i tot medium rare is abt 50% cook? shrug. but yeah if over cook wasted the beef.

chelley: Mich, you shouldn’t wait, i regretted not going there earlier. lol! you haven got a place yet for yr date right? this will be the perfect place :)

OMG you must try the little mushroom ragout ravioli dish they have as an appetizer…its one of my favorite dishes in SG!

The food has change from classic to slightly fine. Some of the classic dish had also removed from menu, such as cassoulet and a few dessert dishes. Now the menu is a mix of classic and fine dining style. I think sooner or later most of the classic dishes will be replaced.

Suan: That’s so sad, i really enjoy APS because of the classic dishes they do, there’s really no need for another fine dining restaurant. Oh well. When the chef changes, so does the direction of the restaurant

WOW. LOVE your blog. The first and only Singapore food blog I actually seriously respect and love – great snapshots, candid and honest review, high standards. THANK YOU for taking the time and effort for a really super high standard blog. Thanks much! :)

If I’m not wrong, the onglet just means that the grains of the beef are perpendicular to the normal steak we eat, like running lengthwise.

This is the best food blog I’ve seen, ever! Congratulations! What a great service you provide to a busy working wife and mother like me who enjoys eating out with my husband and with friends. And your photos are fantastic! You make ordinary food look extraordinary. I can practically taste the food from your photos! The lighting, composition, depth of field… you name it… just perfect. Quite a talent you have. I only wish I had stumbled on your blog sooner. But, as they say, better late than never. I am checking out your list of restaurants for Sunday brunch! Thank you for sharing!

Hello Elizabeth, I am really flattered by your kind words, you are really too nice. Thank you, for liking my blog. No worries, better late than never, do drop by often and say hi yeah? : ))

If you are looking for a place for brunch, my personal favorite is epicurious, riders cafe and prive, hope this helps! hee

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