Tiffin Club: The life of a food blogger

Food blogs, your one-stop website for all the juicy information of the latest restaurant in town, the nice places to dine at  and not to mention gawking at all the delicious-looking photographs to keep you hungry.

Most people will not know how the life of a food blogger (floggers) is like, well that is unless they have a friend who happens to be a fellow flogger. Behind all the glamorous life behind our seemingly never satisfied stomach, it is not that all smooth sailing, or rather eating at all.

Floggers are not-so-slim people! Myth or fact? Of course that’s a myth. Many of my flogger friends are classified under the acceptable weight section. There is totally no relation between a flogger and being slightly oversize. It really depends on individuals. Some of the lucky folks will never get fat no matter how much they gorge, while there are some who will put on weight easily.

One of the favorite aspects of being a flogger meant that people around me always ask for recommendations on where-to-go for food. I love to tell everyone the nice place to dine at, well that is what ladyironchef is about right?

We started off by sending our spies on the lookout for the target. Espionage is vital, browsing through our fellow flogger site, reading the newspapers, and of course, the word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and readers.

Arriving at the restaurant, we took out our bulky Dslr, which will attract some curious glance from the other diners. And not to forget the innocent question from the restaurant staff, our reason for taking photos. Taking pictures is akin to a scene of the Formula One car passing by in a millisecond, I have to snap the photos of all the food frantically. Otherwise i will incur the wrath of my dining companions who complain openly that the food is turning cold.

After some hasty moments, the rest take up their positions to start tucking in while I scanned through my precious to see the shots. Once in a while, I will shout Stop before they damage the food, for another re-take of the previous scene, much to their dismay.

While the others are happily enjoying their food, I’m pondering and noting down how the different dishes taste like. The real work only starts back at home. It is selection time as we scan through and pick the best photos that will make you hungry. Editing everything takes an hour, I rejoice when the photos turn out to be good, and curse when they are blur.

While thinking of what to write, I look at the photos and travel back in time to recall how the food tasted like. After much effort and time spent on writing the review, finally the post is ready to face the world.

The life of a food blogger is not as easy as it looks. Yes much as we get to go around the island trying out the different food and new restaurants, the amount of time, effort and commitment towards our blog is what you will never get to see. I will like to pay tribute to my fellow floggers, who have dedicated their time in our common cause to share the experience of food.


The Spanish Omelette ($3) certainly wasn’t what we were expecting. Essentially there were more potatoes than eggs; I wouldn’t exactly classify it under omelette. A slightly sour zing came from the red pepper, which was soaked with vinegar. I called this, potato pie!

The mesclun salad that came with the sandwich was decent. But the Dijon mustard within the bread was overwhelming; it was akin to having a wasabi sandwich. The cheese was also not melted enough, a rather hefty price to pay for the Classic Ham & Cheese Panini ($17)

I always thought that tenderloin was associated with beef rather than pork. The Escabeche Pork Tenderloin ($16.50) was pretty impressive with distinct taste of the exotic Latin spices. Crispy skins and not overly charred potatoes were the hallmark of very good roasted potatoes. And did I mention sweet corn was a nice change from the seasonal vegetables.

Total bill was $42.95 for two person. Tiffin Club is the classic example of my kind of place. The charming and quaint environment of the café, the rustic and laid back shop house location. It is a place where I can sit down and chill all day. See you there!

Also read my review on Dim Joy here, which is under the same management and located just behind Tiffin Club.

Tiffin Club
16 Jiak Chuan road
Tel: 6323 3189

Tiffin Club is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


The food should always be the higlight, of course. Yet I find myself drawn back time and time again to places that has the most atmosphere like this, even if the food isn’t the greatest so long as the environment can charm me into remembering otherwise. ;)

Life for Beginnerss last blog post..A Love Letter in Seven Days

I appreciate your share of food blogging experience here. For me, I bring point and shoot camera to shoot ‘secretively’ and jot down bullet points onto PDA of the name, taste, texture… of the dishes. Often, the companies are quite important. I always call up the ones that are supportive whom even sometimes, gimme suggestions and help to rearrange the food for shooting.
Keep going Brad!Looking forward to more of ur posts!

LFB: Well spoken. I’m a sucker for ambience too, even if the food is average, somehow the nice ambience plus the correct company can make it taste better. heh

Mike: thanks dude, your support really make my day! go around and try more places, you are in the food paradize :)

adel: Where have you gone missing? Its been so long you last commented! i was still thinking before i post this how come so long never see you around. heh. thanks! i got a lot to post leh, but cannot one shot post too many la, if not info overload.

Wow, this entry really hit the nail on the head when it comes to food blogging… Hah, when it comes to overweight, you are no where near, u need more food…

When it comes to coverage, an impressive array of entries, sometimes I wonder where you find the info, the time and the money… I guessed hard work pays off, and you are enjoying the fruits of your labour…

I once told you about my worries of bring an dSLR and till now, I find it so stressful to walk in with it. To make it worse, with a good camera, expectation of photos become greater and higher….

I like this entry, this is one of the entries you took more shots of the ambience than the food… and I am tempted to drop by the place to have alook.

Looking forward to your post on Laurent :D

Fens last blog post..Dallas – LIC’s Outing

hey LIC, this entry answered the questions which have been on my mind like how you actually ‘get through’ the restaurant management taking pics etc? if i am alone, i will ask. only last Sat i used my SLR, usually i use my hp cam or p&s cam.

nevertheless, appreciate all the effort which floggers put in to share their experience even when sometimes people can give ‘unfriendly’ comments. :p

I like to read your blog. I especially like the fact that you talk about the ambience and the bill size, which are important to me too.

I also like the photos that you take. They are very well taken and look very professional.

BUT… I don’t like the way the food photos are composed. I appreciate that by focusing on a small part of the food and blurring the background makes the photo look very nice, but I can’t see the rest of the dish this way. I can’t see the garnishes or the side dishes, appreciate the general proportion of the food or see the plates and cutlery that was used to present the food in.

These are important to me as the side dishes and the portion of the food makes a difference to the desirability and value of the dish itself.

Just my two cents. :-)

fen: hahaha i been eating too much! well i’m used to carrying dslr around to take photos, you will get to it soon. heh. and i think after u get to take photographs at the famous no-photography laurent, you shouldn’t be stress taking photos elsewhere la. lol

lauffabug: hahahaha! i supposed not too many people actually know how we “work” unless you been to dinner with one. yeah the ‘unfriendly’ comments are part & parcel together with all the support i get from you guys :)

ck: hello there, thank you for your honest comments. I appreciate you like my blog, and also feedback on some of the things i can improve on. I always like to increase the price because when i read other people review i always want to know how much they spend on the food. Yeah i guess sometimes i took too much close-up shots since i’m using a macro lens, will try to do some overall shots to balance out too : )

I experienced the same as u la!But I dun hv DSLR. only got my canon cybershot =(..Need to edit alot lo n my lens sux in the dark! But if it turns out nice and my frens say ur pix made me hungry..i will be super thrilled la!

My whole family will push the plates to me first. I rem once when I was in Melaka, my dad just told the owner that I am a food journalist from a magazine and will write to promote the food…-_-”

And for my boyfie will glare at me and gimme that “Quick la” eye signal. If not, he will purposely try to wave the fork to spoil the pix!

Life as a foodie photographer is hard but fun man!

P.S: I also want a DSLR but my pocket empty. Sobs.

Fatkuraprincesss last blog post..Dieting is hard!

Hopefully, ultimately you are one of ppl that encourage us to bring along the SLR, I guessed the meet-ups has a fair share of role to play. Took us quite some time to leave the P&S at home…

As for Laurent, I guessed I am just being lucky. Well, you manage to get permission too that day…

Fens last blog post..Dallas – LIC’s Outing

fatkyraprincess: yeah it is the small encouragements that keep me going. Well my friends who dine with me are used to passing the plates to me first. heh. Its time to buy yr dslr. Like i always tell anybody who ask me for advice, you will only regret not buying your dslr earlier! :)

fen: haha of course, the dslr photo quality is so much better, and its good to capture some sweet memories, of the food that we shared with our love ones.

foodies queen: hahahaha thanks! Keep up the work you are doing and eat more :)

Fatkuraprincess: haha you are wrong. My nikon d40 only cost $680 now. Can consider getting it, d40 is the cheapest dslr around. If not the Olympus models are pretty good too

oooh, what a lovely blog. i love those old colonial bungalows, ….pity in KL there is no premium on such buildings and they’re torn down indiscriminately to make way for high rises….love your pics…

fatboybakess last blog post..Magical Macarons

fatboybakes: thanks! oh what a pity, well at least Singapore does put in efforts to preserve some of the heritage buildings so we still got to see them around : )

fen: ah.. i’m a rather neutral person. A canon user will naturally say canon is good, via versa. But i think for those on budget and looking for a dslr that is cheap, light and small, nikon d40 and Olympus models fit the bill.

Hmm… I guessed once a person has settled a brand, it is hard for the person to switch to another for 2 reasons, the additional lenses and the arrangement of the buttons…

True, D40 in indeed an affordable dSLR but I am quite surprised Nikon is “re-releasing” or rather “re-packaging” D40 for 3 consecutive IT shows… I was surprised to see it in this year IT show…

Anyway, when the pictures are good, who cares which brand of cameras the photographer use…

Fens last blog post..Along Singapore River ~ Dallas Restaurant & Bar

fen: yep thats because d40 is a very good dslr. Not because i’m using it. In terms of price, the weight and the compactness, i think very few come close. If i’m not wrong, only one olympus model is lighter than d40. thats why even d40 is a very old model, but there are still people buying it as a entry level dslr :)

fatkuraprincess: hahaha don’t wait until next year, get it now!

email2me: haha! oh dear, i’ve been eating too much recently! need to start running. heh. thanks : )

mine’s the canon 400d and i got it coz i like the way it fits nicely on my hands. i think it’s good to wait if you are not in a rush, prices can continue to fall esp with erm 4 IT shows in a year?

i have bad experiences with nikon and olympus p&s so i never exactly consider olympus cameras. as for nikon… hmm the model i tried was a tad big and hard to handle for me.. hehe :D

lauffabug: haha different people different taste :p prices for dslr don’t really drop that much do they? nikon d40 i got it a year ago cost 740 onw 680. canon 450d was abt 1.5k now abt 1.3k? maybe by one two hundred only. heh. i was quite impressed by my friend’s olympus model although i never use it before. Canon is definitely the preferred choice for most people, but they are more expensive.

hee hee agree :) i dunno, my canon price like drop quite fast? Can’t really remember. i only compared the prices when i wanted to get it. after that, dun bother coz will probably get heart pain ;p

i guess depends on what other newer models the brand comes out with as well? but i am happy with mine and am not expecting to upgrade anytime soon. believe or not, i got it about two years back and i only recently use it more often when i am in SG. hee hee. am currently considering to get a macro lens, but havent research yet. :D

lauffabugs last blog post..Weds morning BREAD first!

Yea, D40 was actually one of dad’s choices when we were shopping for a dSLR 3 IT shows ago, but the salesman fail to convince us to purchase it. You see, at that time we don’t even know how to operate an SLR so when we start taking random snaps, it was blur… Actually e330 was also bulky and blur pictures but the salesman gave us a tutorial on how to use a dSLR and convince us that Canon was expensive…

lauffabug: on the contuary, I had bad experience with one of my canon P&S, the camera fail to switch on just slightly over a year and the support given by Canon was not very pleasant but I have to admit I am impressed by the EOS 450d and 50d.

Prices also fall when there are new models or IT shows… 50d dropped by $200 on the first day of the IT show and I presume 450d is going to drop alittle since 500d is making its appearance soon…

LIC: This is definitely one of my favourite entry and comment thread… I haven’t never known that you are such a neutral person and I seems to know you alittle more…

Fens last blog post..Along Singapore River ~ Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Ya, actually it’s a lot of hard work behind food blogging. But it’s also tremendously satisfying (else we won’t be doing it!). It’s the best when kindred spirits dine together – even mediocre food can become enjoyable. Good company is the second best sauce (we all know what the first is)!

Camemberu: heh! glad those people who only know how to criticise will never know the hard work we put in for our food blog, thats why i thought of writing this post. But yeah we totally enjoyed doing it, and when like-minded friends meet together like u say, the food somehow become better. If not we will just curse it together. LOL!

this seems like a nice place.. must try it out one day. anyway, i think you have a great blog. :)

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