The City Kid (Part 5): The Star Voyage

Out in the ocean, the deep blue blue sea, away from the rest of the world. An adventure this is, a reprieve we seek. Boarded the ship, we sailed the seven oceans. Aye aye Captain!

The lonely boy
He is a solitary figure in this world, without any one beside. He often wonders why is he alone, when there are so many couples around. He stared at the sky and asked out loud:

“Where is she?”
“Oh, somewhere out there, waiting for you to find her.”
” What if I missed her, what if I never find her?”
“Don’t worry, she is your destiny.”

The Sun, Moon & Star
All three co-exist together, until one day the Star finally could not take it and confronted the Sun. He will always get twelve hours by his own, while the moon and her have to share the other twelve together. I’m the star, I shine. I’m going to let it show, it’s time. I’m going to let the light shine on me. The Sun replied, dear, all of us shine together.

Little Miss Fickle
Hello Stranger, it is a joy to know you. We once met randomly in the park, she looked gorgeous that day. I don’t think I know her very well yet; she’s still a stranger to me. But I know she is the biggest procrastinator in the world. And just like the cinnamon bun roll, I’m still learning about her layer by layer.

The next turn
Life at the cross road, is never easy. You never know what the next turn might bring about, or whether we should just go straight. But if you don’t try, you will never know what might just be in stored at the next turn.

I ate, and I ate some more
Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper. I ate, I pondered, and I slept. Time slipped through my finger like sand. Life is too short, while some people rejoiced, others grieved.

The slum, dog, & millionaire
Watching the show had a big impact on me. There is nothing as close, or as dear like this when all of us complete our journey here. Why are we competing all these, why do I even bother about what you think. You, you, you, and you, all of you will not even mean any thing at the end. I’m getting out of here, have fun in your rat race!

The ghost of my past
We should not fret about what tomorrow will bring about, for tomorrow will always come. Just like how the Sun rises in the East and set in the West. I know this, and simple as it sounds, I’m trying hard to exorcise the ghost.

Land Ahoy!

I went through the Star Voyage, and back.


All the short summaries are random thoughts that I had on board. This post is inspired by Kenny’s wonderful stories at Lifeforbeginner.