The City Kid (Part 4): Mother

This was a pair of hands of a beautiful lady. She worked very hard to bring up her two sons. It is inevitable that age will catch up with everyone, the wiggles on her hands are the best prove of time. There are many different ways to call her, mother, ma, mommy, or simple mi. But no matter what we call her, there will always be only one mother.

She always cook for us, rushing back from work in the evenings, she will hurriedly prepare all the ingredients and start to whip out a feast, everything simple and home-cook is nice. But on the day where she is feeling tired from all the cooking, we eat out, and it is typical for us to always order the same few dishes at a zi-char stall.

I see it upon my duty to try all the Sweet & sour pork around in search of the best one. Alas, I have not find her yet. But I will try, even it means we have to always order this dish every time.

This is how great my mother is, she will always order our favourite food, just like how a genie always fulfil the master wishes. My brother will get his prawn paste chicken, or Har Cheong Kai.

Well at least the Sambal Kangkong is always a crowd pleaser, and everybody love Popiahs! I know you like popiah, this  one is for you to gawk and crave.

You are not mistaken, it is still the month of April. May is my mother’s name, and I will like to give her this beautiful flower. On 11th April, today is my Mother’s day, Happy birthday!


happy birthday to yr mom :D my mom’s birthday is in apr too (30th), still wondering where i should bring her, maybe 7atenine. haha!

LOVE har jeong gai :p

sweet and sour pork! my fav… hehe.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY auntie!!! my mom’s bdae is way back.. and usually she celebrates it with her twin sister. haha. but i make it the effort to bring her to somewhere nice or prepare a meal for her.

Evan: wah!!! 7atenine.. your mum is so hip arh! hehe.

Happy Birthday to your mom! ( :
a filial son with such great care and concern for her is everything she can ask for. ( :

evan: wah! i agree with sinny, your mother damn cool, birthday celebration at 7atenine. haha

Sihan: High 5! i love sweet sour pork! haha yeah prepare a meal with your love :)

yyn: heh thanks! i took the flowers at orchard road. lol!

shayna: hahaha thank you! Must spend more time with her.

ingrid: thank you ingrid. she probably will say i waste money if i got her real flowers. haha

sherxr: yes it is, home cook food always taste better than any other delicacy!

Shirin: thank you, yeah everything went well, we just came back from cruise over the long weekends :)

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