Tetsu III: Reminiscing those moments

Of late, I found myself somehow revisiting places that I had been to. There are just times where you don’t feel like venturing to try new stuff. There are times where you just want a place where you know there are friendly faces to welcome you with a smile, and everything will be all right.

I will always go for the hire katsu. Tried, tested and proven. Ebi & hire set ($27.50). I love the crispy fried succulent prawns, and the juicy fillet katsu.

My pal is a big fan of Chawanmushi ($5), we seem to order it everytime we stepped into a Japanese restaurant. While this was my third revisit to Tetsu, it was already his forth!

Total bill was $38.25 for the Ebi & hire set, and the chawanmushi. We did not eat a lot, but this wasn’t exactly during meal time. Actually we had lunch elsewhere and ended here for “high tea”.

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163 Tanglin road
Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6836 3112