Patisserie Glace II: Twice in four days

My love here, needs no further introduction. She is virtually the face representing Glace in the limelight. What to do, I couldn’t bear to restrict her since she certainly has the potential to go far. Miss Strawberry Souffle ($5), everyone.

All the spotlight so far was on the strawberry ladies, but chocolate cake? Thin cookie base with walnut and almond crispy top. The walnut did not go quite well with me, and the chocolate was very rich, in fact too heavy. Chocolat de noeh ($5.10)

The only logical reason that I figured out why this is call the Strawberry Hills ($5.20), is because of the sponge cake on the almond tart base which make it look like something on a hill. This one is something special with a combination of cake and tart, the best of both worlds.


I went for my second time, two days after my previous visit, that explains the title twice in a short span of four days. And this tells everything about Patisserie Glace.

Patisserie Glace by Yamashita
34 Craig road
#01-10 Chinatown Plaza
Tel: 6400 0247
Website here

Patisserie Glace is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


again?? not recently is it? i love the 1st pic, the strawberries are a nice contrast with the dark background!

evan: no la, this one was two days after i went for my first visit. quite some time back, didn’t post until now

sihan: the look in your eyes. heh

email2me: yeah i love my desserts haha. your friend bake? wow you all eat sweet stuff so often!

LFB: hahah sure thing, there’s so many nice food to try! do some work-out while enjoying, cannot neglect eh. lol!

Yeh, sharing the same sentiments as Evan, like the photo of the strawberry souffle… so which is your favourite cake of patisserie glace?

Foodaholic: high 5!!! I am a fan of their tarts too…

Fens last blog post..Opus Deli @ Lau Pa Sat

yeah , and after reading your blog made me spend a good 50$ on their cakes !

it makes me so hungry and tempted to try it that i couldnt resist ! haha ;D

and yep , their cheese tart absolutely rocks ! you should try it too ;D

jesss last blog post..? memories ,

foodaholic: hahah i prefer the souffle to the hills. right, wait for my third visit! heh

fen: thanks! my fav so far is souffle. haha

jess: wow, fifty bucks? that is many cakes. lol! okay gonna try their tarts the next time round

wah sehz.. i’m so trying to head down worrr.. but it’s so far!! maybe next Sat.. can’t wait!! having the cake craving since last week!!!

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  • Just wondering if you’ve tried their baumkuchen…. :) The pictures on their website look absolutely tantalising :)

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