Marmalade Pantry: After desserts

Foie Gras is in my blood. Having said that, I’m more beef than Foie Gras, really. Wedges here, is my awesome assistant, The new Spring fashion is so passé, sun-dried tomato is the latest in-thing now! Marmalade Pantry’s famous, Sun-dried tomato Foie Gras Burger ($26).

My name is Chocolate, Chocolate Truffe ($7.80). I’m the ladies man, smooth is my texture, sweet is my nature. Try me, and you are sold. No one can resist my temptations, the thick, oh-so-thick chocolate which is so rich and good.

Hello everybody, eh, my name is Chocolate Tart ($4.20). I don’t have anything to say about myself. I’m a simple guy, but they say my chocolate is wondeful, I will rather keep a low profile. Please, don’t tell anybody else. Thank you.

They call me little miss rose ($4.2). I’m very girly and feminine in nature, but most people just judged me by my appearances. I snub those pretentious of my kind who can only face the world with their frosting make-ups. Simple is beautiful, once you get to know me, the ladies worship me and the guys adore me.

The spokesperson for Marmalade, everybody calls for me when they are here. It will be impossible if you have not heard about Sticky Date toffee pudding ($12) by now. My companion, the lovely Vanilla bean ice cream compliments me perfectly.

Crazy was the word to describe us, after finishing dim sum we ended up here for more desserts.  Several Dslr busy snapping photos can be an intimating sight for others, but the flogger outing was a whole lot of fun, and lets meet up soon!


Having heard so much about Marmalade Pantry Foie Gras burger, the few of us were rather disappointed by it because there just wasn’t much foie gras taste. But the wedges that accompanied the burger was very good.

The chocolate truffle cake, and chocolate tart was wonderful, with the chocolate being very sweet yet not overly heavy. By now having tried two of Toast (under the same group as Marmalade) cupcakes and another one today, I must say their cupcakes are the better ones around. Moist and rich, there wasn’t any pretty frosting, just a solid good cupcake.

The sticky date toffee pudding also did not impressed us. Perhaps it was undone by its famous reputation, we were somewhat expecting more from it, but it never came. Nonetheless, nobody could resist having cold icy vanilla bean ice cream with the warm pudding.

Total bill was $64.15 for 6 person. Even though the burger and pudding did not exactly wow me, but I will definitely come back to try the array of desserts available, and of course their cupcakes.

Marmalade Pantry
390 Orchard road
#B1-08 Palais Renaissance
Tel: 6734 2700

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yum! am definitely reminiscing over the company more than the desserts :p i think nic was the crazy one, going for burger after dim sum. poor guy must still be famished LOL!

yea pity about the sticky date toffee pudding, was so kueh-like there was nothing to shout about.

you weren’t impressed with the pudding? whoa, let me know where i can find better puds! =)

evan: hahaha! yeah i want to go back to marmalade pantry to try the other desserts. heh maybe we can do another dessert outing there!

yixiaoo: well the pudding was not bad, just that it wasn’t as good as we thought. You don’t like their cupcakes? where got nice one? : )

fen: haha thanks i got the inspiration while on the bus home. lol!

ice: One man’s meat is another poison, taste can be subjective. And i appreciate your effort you put in thinking of a suitable email address to describe your feelings. cheers :)

TOAST’s cupcakes are one of the best i’ve tried. Its not very easy to find a cupcake that’s so moist. Should bring it to Patissier and tell them its not impossible!

pammiezs last blog post..Casa Verde

must have been pretty exciting with so many views coming through. Despite the not so rave reviews.. i think I’ll have to go to still to check it out! thanks for the photoblog though!!!

pammiez: hahah yeah i love their cupcakes too! gonna go back for more, oh man there’s nutella cupcake :D

Camemberu: yep some people like, some people don’t like. there’s nothing wrong with it. heh. but the burger not enough foie graa taste! i must wait until brown sugar relocate, then have to try their famous hand-roll wagyu beef burger, sounds good eh :p

Sihan: yes definitely u need to try it out for yourself to decide whether its good or not. but their other desserts are pretty good

chelley: haha i spotted a convert of their sticky date pudding. ah breakfast, i been having too much brunch lately. heh

Little miss rose sounds like something I will try. :) Have you tried hairloom & caramel? I love their tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake. Food aside, I took almost 100 shots(polariods & digital) on my 1st visit. I’m sure you will like it too.

Tricias last blog post..Kate Moss x Topshop Spring ’09

Tricia: hahaha yeah it’s nice. in fact i love all the three cupcakes i tried from them so far. Nope not yet, i heard of hairloom & caramel. okay thanks for the tip will try soon! heh. wow polariods take so many shots? haha

Tricia: hahahaha are you gonna post on yr blog? :p yeah i heard they got very funky and nice interior. oh man, there’s simple too many places to go. haha

haha, actually i was already like 88.88% full after hua ting. but it’s marmalade pantry and foie gras! so die-die must try la. so, in the end, it was 188.88%..haha! too bad about the rather disappointing burger and pudding. but the company was definitely awesome. must go eat with y’all soon! :D

Nic (KHKL)s last blog post..Ken Noodle House

another dessert outing sounds like fun :D . i like sun dried tomatoes.. err, but don’t see it in the photos, is it mixed together with the foie gras?

yixiao: when is yang baking some for me? heh

Nic: hahaha greedy you! I thought u wasn’t full from the dim sum. lol. yeah the company was awesome, we must meet up soon :)

keropokman: haha yeah i simply adored them! wasted you never join us for this one! nvm, next time okay. heh

Camemberu: yep, not enough foie gras but the beef patty was good.

email2me: haha! yeah, so do all of us, if only it was thicker. oh dear : p

lauffabug: haha the sundried tomatoes hiding behind the burger in the photo. lol!

I tried the Crabmet Linguini beore. Never really try any of the pastries. Thx for reminding me to drop by there when I’ve the chance.

I searched cupcakes and arrived here. Haha.

Anywayz… Haven tried the Foie gras burger but i reckon the steak sandwiches are usually quite good. The medium rare is always medium rare. I like. Crabmeat linguini’s awesome too. Very generous amount of crabmeat and pine nuts. I always have a problem deciding between these two.

Oh and the warm spinach salad’s pretty yummy too. Comes with fried cheese. Hehe.

Dessert wise, other than cupcakes, i remember the lemon tart’s not bad, if you like zesty desserts. :)

June: HAHA! the medium rare is always medium rare. I’m going to quote you on this line next time. hehe I haven tried their main courses before, mostly had just their desserts. Yeah will go try next time now that they are in Ion

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