Laurent Bernard Chocolatier: Gaze of wonder

I love that look, as I loved the look on your face when you grazed upon the slab of peanut butter chocolate, the same look on my face when I slurped down a cup of hot chocolate, the slice of rich chocolate truffle cake. It’s a gaze of wonder: the same look you see on children’s faces when they are given chocolate, and it is always a joy to see the happy smiles. Down memory lane one ninety one, one of the finest there is, Laurent Bernard Chocolatier.

The problem with eating good food means that after you tried the best, there’s no way you can accept something inferior. Tiny specks of real vanilla seeds imparted a fragrance that no artifical flavouring can match. I loved vanilla bean ice cream ($4.50 one scoop), and what am I going to do with those King’s ice cream in the fridge?

We eyed the Chocolate tart ($7.80++). After some hasty shots, I gave up in my attempts to take a perfect shot. The thinly pastry crust, the layer of hazelnut praline above it, the rich and sweet chocolate – what’s there not to like? It would be perfect if the whipped cream is replaced with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream!

The density of the chocolate. I just kept going and going, I don’t want to share this with anyone else. So simple, yet so, so good. Chocolate truffle ($6.80++).

It was unfortunate that we did not get to try the highly acclaimed Chocolate soufflé – the very one that prompted our visit to Laurent’s. And even though I only tried two of their desserts, I must say the array of chocolate desserts look very tempting, and I will certainly come back to try some of the other cakes.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
5B Portsdown road
#01-02 Wessex Village Square
Tel: 6475 9410


yum yum :) i didn’t know u had the vanilla bean ice cream!! i’d say throw out the kings ice cream, if u hv any haha.

their sweet pleasures’ pretty acclaimed too, try nx time so u can compare it with the bakerzin’s. the latter still wins hands down, in my very humble opnion :p

I love your quote: “The problem with eating good food means that after you tried the best, there’s no way you can accept something inferior”. This is SO TRUE! It’s the foodie’s curse!
I think this venue is fantastic, although I am not a big fan of their cakes. I used to like their souffle’ and have it regularly and then stopped about 1 year ago. Guess why. Because I had better ones! :)

Evan: haha i dont have any kings ice cream at home. Only walls, or magnum in my fridge. lol

foodieah: yep! Where did you find a even better souffle? I haven exactly tried any souffle before. haha

chelley: lol! alright, i get your point. We nearly got it that day, but ended up with the choc cake : p

Wah I’ve been away one week and missed so many goodies! You’ve been busy posting since Marmalade Pantry! Lemme read now, and slowly savour it all.

Sigh, too bad hubby is boycotting Laurent Bernard. They treated him rather rudely when he went there one day to buy me some stuff. :(

Camemberus last blog post..Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher

Camemberu – well, your hubby wouldn’t be the first one. Quite a few of my friends have complained of bad attitude, especially by the Chef himself. Personally, I didn’t have any particularly bad experiences, but this is the sort of comments I heard whenever I recommended the place.

Brad – Au Petit Salut used to make a nice souffle’, but I don’t know if it’s still on their menu as they tend to change their desserts regularly.

hey,this is unrelated to this post..

Just went to BROTZEIT,a german bier bar/restaurant at vivocity.u may wanna check tht place out in the evening w a few friends who liken true blue lagers!the ambience,food,beer are nt bad really(coming frm an easy eater w an appetite for texture n unique tastes)!i recommend the fish platter which serves 2.

Camemberu: haha yeah i’ve been busy posting for the past week because i reckon if i dont start pressing the “publish” buttom, it will stack up more and more! hmm.. the staffs were quite rude actually, and contrary to what i heard about his reputation before, Mr laurent himself was pretty okay,

foodieah: oh no, i haven been to aps yet, it’s has been on my to-go-list ever since day 1. lol

pammiez: haha i also haven try the souffle yet, but i think its 16 bucks?

keropokman: lol! go, go and lick the ice cream. heh

iris: haha no problem. Thanks for recommending, will check them out when i want some German fare! currently craving for Spanish food though. lol!

king’s ice cream really sucks. i just ate one tub and totally dont enjoy it. :( i just like the feeling of scooping out half melted ice cream and feeling the cold numb my mouth, not so much on the taste. cremo is better!

Jiaying, how can you compare a hand-made ice cream with an industrial cremo one? If an ice-cream melt quickly, it shows that there is no gelatine.
If you like ice cream with many additives like flavours, colours and gelatine that’s your choice. I prefer pure fruits ice-creams, like Laurent Bernards’s ones!

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