Go India: A feast for the king

Slumdog millionaire made an big impact on me; millions of people living in poverty while here we are, fretting about the hot weather, how long the bus took to arrive. I, want to learn more about their culture. I, want to visit the Taj Mahal. I, want to experience their food; their cuisine which has stood against the test of time.

With a glass of mango lassi, we toasted to the world, to good health, and to the glorious food. The sea. The sea. Facing the calm and still of the blue, we feasted. We ate, and ate; a feast for the king.

And so, my adventure with Indian cuisine started. The first to arrive was the Lamb Kakori Malai kebab ($20). And frankly speaking, it looked more like otah to me – but it tasted much better than that. The sensational melt-in-the-mouth-lamb was enough for me to dig several times.

It’s all about prawn, prawn, prawn, daddy-o. You like prawn? You’ll love the Prawns with garlic butter ($24). The distinct garlic butter taste, the teppanyaki style, oh my. But it was slightly salty, more lemon would have solve the problem. But then again, the tone-down version wouldn’t be the real deal, so I say, keep it that way!

And besides the prawn, we have a fish as well. If there was a dish which piped my curiosity, it ought to be the Fish three pepper ($22). With its unique name, and the exotic Indian herbs & spices, I enjoyed every bite, it was good.

Street-food. Read: what the locals eat. Crisp papris topped with chopped potatoes, the crust was awesome; crunch, crunch. One of my favourite, Aloo Papri Delhi Chat ($10).

Slightly sourish, with Indian spices filled within the semolina baked cups. I preferred the Aloo Papri Delhi Chat to the Raj Kachori Chat ($10). , but I enjoyed using my spoon to break down the potato crust; destroyed the wall, and the Indian prince conquered the city!

And how can we not have biryani when eating Indian food; rice is a staple for us Asians after all. We had two different types of biryani, the dum biryani lamb and the Hyderabadi chicken biryani ($18). The chunks of chicken bites were good, but to shelve out eighteen bucks for a bowl of rice? I don’t think so.

Tangy, creamy coconut sauce, with crab patties. Massala crab cake ($24)

The Indian bread, Garlic Nann ($7). It was my first time trying it of course, and the nann was good to go with almost all the dishes; a bite of nann, a mouth of meat. Or simply dipped the nann into the curries!

This was another of my favourite! Compared with the lamb Kakori Malai kebab, the Lagan Ke lamb ($14) was better seasoned with the spices; which resulted in a less gamy taste.

The Lalla Mussa Dal ($18) was Black lentil, speciality of the house. But it wasn’t my type; I’m just not that into you.

By and large I couldn’t remember the Dum Methi prawn ($24) much. It was prawns tossed wth methi, cashew nut onion paste. But somehow after I noticed its presense on our elongated table, there wasn’t a single prawn in sight. Everybody finished it – without even leaving a prawn for me!

As much as I appreciated that the restaurant provided some sweets to complete the meal, but the Tutti Frutti ($10) didn’t pretty much fit into what I had in mind for Indian desserts.

Neither was the Hot chocolate brownie ($8), which was not made in-house.

But luckily there was the Kulfis ($10) – traditional pistachio Indian ice cream to save the day! There’s always a first time for everything, and it’s my first time trying Indian ice cream. The texture was very different; solid and dense – it took forever to melt.

It was, oh-my-god, so sweet. I did not bother to ask what is it; it is enough, to taste it. But I wasn’t about to let Cinderella leave without asking for her name, just before the clock struck twelve, Garam Gulab Jamun ($8).

* * *

I’ll like to thank Hungrygowhere.com for inviting me to the food tasting session. I always wanted to try other cuisines other than the-usual-western-Jap-Chinese-food. Having taken the first step out of my comfort zone, it’s time to try more exotic food, and this meal has certainly aroused me to try some of the other Indian places that I’ve heard so much of.

Go India
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-152 Vivocity
Tel: 63769644


I’ve tried their daily lunch buffet, can’t remember if it’s $20++ or $25++ per pax. Definitely a more affordable way to sample their offerings.

Julia: yeah the buffet is definitely more affordable, one main dish from the a la carte menu can easily cost 20 upwards.

Camemberu: haha yeah they are rather pricey, considered upper mid range Indian restaurant.

lols whenever my friends ask me to suggest a place at vivocity, i always joke about Go India. now that my dear friend here has reviewed abt it, we’ll probably go for it next time. =P

The lamb is to die for I am sure..passed by this shop in Vivo thousand times but never thought they have such good choices..

pammiez: hahaha i’m not very used to Indian ice cream, i still prefer the normal ones :p

zay: LOL! how can you make fun of them! haha yeah try their buffet lunch, its more affordable. heh yeah i corrected it already, thanks!

adel: haha the next time u come back to Singapore, you can give it a try!

i stumbled upon your blog not long ago and fell in love with it. Amazing and persuasive pictures :) and great reviews too. Thumbs up!

I love the new layout! Hope that $18 chicken biryani is good enough to match that pricetag…

Jos last blog post..Love

Big boy oven: Weird, i got people telling me the rest of the photos are small, but from my side they looks okay leh. thanks for telling me, will check whats the problem :)

Hi! If you’re into Indian food, there are two great places in Little India that are slightly lesser known but have amazing food!

Jaggi’s serves home made punjabi food. The food is great and VERY reasonably prices. warning: ambience isnt great and it’s mostly self service but worth a visit.

The second is Mustard, a bengali restaurant. Their prawn curry and mustard fish in banana leaf…oh my god!

Hope this helps,
Dee :)

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