Epicurious Cafe II: I love breakfast

Pssh, let me tell you my little secret, I love brunch. Gotta! No, it’s a well-known fact that I like to indulge in eating eggs, pancakes and waffles on a lazy morning. The secret I’m sharing – my favourite place, Epicurious at Robertson Quay.

My heart starts to beat faster, my face blushed, and subconsciously, I started to touch my hair. My eyes followed you across the room, you arrived in front of me – like a fairy descending from heaven. I stumbled, not knowing what to say next . . .

Two poached eggs with grilled smoked ham on an English muffin; the best combination you could ever ask for for breakfast.  And we asked for more Hollandaise sauce, dipping everything into it. Oh my, it was so, so good! I-will-always-order-this. Eggs Benedict ($12),

Oh baby! The glorious golden maple syrup slowly flowed off, and I couldn’t wait to lick you. And we asked for more butter; cupid struck. Maple syrup & butter are a perfect match made in heaven. And honey, I forgot to ask for your name last night, Pancakes ($6)? What a lovely name!

Nana dear, I’m so into you. You got that something, what can I do? I tell you what I want, what I really really want. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really more nutella! Choc-nana sandwich ($5.0)

Opps, I did it again. And we had more eggs. I know, I know. We shouldn’t have. Yet I succumbed to your seduction and was even tempted to go for the baked eggs, and burrito too!

Two scrambled eggs ($6) served with buttered toast, with additional sides of smoked salmon ($1.80) & sausages ($2.50). The potatoes were surprisingly very good! I-am-so-in-love!


Total bill was $38.9 for the four items we had for breakfast among the three of us. Having been in the brunch-mood, I must say breakfast at Epicurious Robertson Quay is one of the most satisfying, and affordable among the many places I tried. I-will-go-back-again, for breakfast.

And have you signed up for LIC food outing at Epicurious this coming Sat 2th May?

60 Robertson Quay
#01-02 The Quayside
Tel: 6734 7720

Epicurious Cafe is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


Kris: HAHA! come for my outing!

LFB: all-day-breakfast. heh. go and eat la, when yoi are craving, must satisfy your desire. lol!

foodieah: unfortunately no, we are having early dinner, dont have eggs. dude u have to go on a separate occasion.

hazel: haha for breakfast, eggs are never enough! :)

Good job with the photos! I love each and every single one of them. I have a terrible weakness for eggs so this place is going to my bookmarks!

Jos last blog post..Matcha Azuki

Jo: haha thank you, my “fan”. LOL! yeah i love eggs too man, can eat them in any ways too. heh.

Fatkuraprincess: No more ta-bao for eggs benedict? hahahaha just kidding, looks like breakfast is your forte eh? :)

oh yummmm….i love breakfast (and brunch, and lunch, and teatime and dinner and late supper and midnight snacks)….this will certainly brighten up a gloomy monday

mochachocolaterite: hahaha! i love everything too, and i dont snack just during midnight, i seem to be snacking throughout the day. oh dear! heh. ah, chase the blues away :)

Heyyyy are these breakfast like eggs benedict available the whole day? Otherwise, what time do they serve the breakfast? Thanks !

alibaba: Hello they only serve brunch during weekends, and they don’t have it whole day. It’s usually available until they are sold out, because you can’t keep hollandaise sauce for that long, the owner told me usually by 2pm the eggs benedict will be gone. It will be good to give them a call to confirm : )

i try to make a reservation today but they say do not take reservation, call 15mins before coming… so i ask im bringing my newborn baby (confined at home for too long, need brunch!), is there exceptional, the lady on the phone say NO. So i ask if there is a quiet corner (in case i need to breastfeed my bb), and she say sarcastically, “well we are a cafe, there is no quiet corner..” I understand having a bb is no big deal, and checking if there is a quiet area is personal.. but i find that she do not need to display such service to me bah… so end up im not going. So sad im giving the eggs benedict a miss.

I like brunch too! But I’m too lazy to make my way to Epicurious for their now-famous sunday brunch. By the way, am a new fan of your website. Love the photography! Sometimes, close-up shots of food just don’t look good. But your close-ups are delicious. Congrats.

Went to Epicurious for brunch after reading your excellent review on them last weekend with my girlfriend to celebrate the news of her pregnancy. What an utter disappointment that was.

Granted it was a nice sunday afternoon at 1:30pm, the restaurant was busy with tables laid out at the front and people chit chatting away. After ordering, I (accompanied by my gf) went to have a smoke merely 5 meters away from out table and indicated so to one of the waiters. Upon our return, everything was cleared from our table and no one seemed to know how. They then took a total of 45 minutes to serve us our BREAKFAST food (eggs + sausages), and because we were famished, the food was walloped without us being able to taste much at all.

When I was trying to give feedback about the quality of service, the lanky lady boss (who walked out with an air of annoyance) was extremely unpleasant and defensive. She did not want to listen to constructive criticism and basically left me feeling that I had expected too much from her and her staff as they were busy. A simple notification at the point of our ordering would suffice, so that customers are given the choice to stay or go.

The couple sitting at the next table had a similar experience – the gentleman had to wait 45 mins for a simple bowl of mushroom soup.

I will NEVER EVER go back to ‘Epicurious’ again and I strongly advise your readers NOT to go there.

Maybe I shouldn’t have expected an epicure to be in ‘Epicurious’. Just a disrespectful person who doesn’t take pride in her restaurant nor care about her customers.

Z: Hello there, I am so so sorry to hear about your bad experience. I have been to Epicurious cafe on a few occasions, and I really enjoy the food there.

Sometimes, it’s a problem when the cafe becomes too popular. Epicurious cafe serves good breakfast food, thats why they become well known for their brunch. But unfortunately this resulted in the long crowd, and it usually takes a long time to get a table there (unless you go early).

I definitely won’t suggest to my friends or readers to go to their robertson quay, but their new branch at railmall has the same brunch menu, and the experience is definitely more pleasant as there’s no long queue.

We went there this morning, 4 tables were available but not cleaned yet… the Q was of three couples and two groups of four and five pax. I stood there waiting for some eye contact with the person who will seat us. After 12 minutes, I had to raise my voise just to catch the attention, asked for some efficiency, got no reply…. after another 10 minutes we’ve been asked to share a table, said OK… it took them another 15 minutes to come and take our order… and another 7 minutes to come back and say we will have to wait 20-25 minutes to get our breakfast and coffee…. we said OK…. then I tried to get the waitress to fill our glasses with water… my daughter asked me why the guys are ignoring the customers (it was that obvious)… and she is only 8 years old. After few minutes, I tried to get someone to cancel our order. there’s no way we will be there again. Worst customer service ever. If your time is precious, and you feel a smile is a must, I would recommend some other lovely places, there are plenty. Epicurious is not one of them, no matter if the food is great.

First of all, I love your blog – well written and great pics!

Second, whatever it was you tasted and experienced when you wrote this post is no longer the way it is now.

I went to the Robertson Quay location with my girlfriend and her 2 kids 3 weeks ago and we were seated inside, right in front of the cash register and kitchen. Service was extremely slow but we were chatting so didn’t let it bother us. When it came time to order, I asked for my eggs to be over easy expecting a breakfast place to know what over easy means. 50 mins later, the eggs that came were rubbery and solid. I returned it to the Indian waiter who brought it to the Chinese lady at the cashier. She yelled at him in Chinese (perhaps he was multilingual, I wasn’t sure) in a loud, long drawn out manner ‘what does she waaaaaant?’. He told her ‘over easy’ and she went ‘what is thaaaat????’. The poor dude came back to me to ask me…I tried explaining it but he didn’t seem to be getting it but went to tell loud-whiny-Chinese-cashier and she went ‘whaaat is thaaat??’ again. I pretty much gave up and told him to just give me sunny side ups. Everyone inside the restaurant heard her. It was both absurd and embarassing.

After about 5 mins, the nice Indian waiter brought me my plate of greasy eggs, with 1 yolk broken, 4 pieces of sad, dry potato frites and soggy toast dripping with butter.

I have to say this was the worst breakfast place I’ve ever been to and will never recommend anyone there. If they can’t even do breakfast right, why bother…and really, they should find out what over easy means.

First & foremost, I would like to compliment on your blog well done. Great pictures, good info, well written.

However, Epicurious at Robertson Quay may be too over-rated. Honestly, I can do better b’fast than them.

My experience there yesterday was unpleasant. I can understand the long queue but not when there were many empty tables uncleared. The place was such a mess.

My husband and I was seated for a good 10 minutes before the menu came, another 10 before someone took our order and had to wait for another 25 before the b’fast came. The best part was, our coffee came even later than the b’fast. How is that even possible??

Comments on our $39 b’fast: a few pathetic pieces of potato, scramble eggs were dry and tasteless, about 1 tablespoon of baked beans served. Terrible, horrible, unbelievable!!

When food was served, my husband immediately asked for the bill coz we do not want to wait another hour for it. This really nice waiter came with our bill and hubby asked him if the Chinese lady in green behind the cash register the owner/boss. He admitted that she is and hubby then said “she is in a really bad mood, isn’t she?” and the waiter replied “on every Sunday, sir.” We had a really good laugh at the humour.

Of course I was oblivious to this Chinese lady as we were seated outside. But my husband went in to ‘check the place out’ and found this really grumpy Chinese lady screaming and shouting at staffs and am totally ignorant and oblivious to the surrounding. What attitude coming from the boss??

Anyway, I would NEVER recommend anyone to go to Epicurious. Slow service, over-price for a not-that-fantastic food and terrible, terrible attitude from the boss. I can get better service and food eating roti prata at kopitiam.

Rating: STAR-LESS!

Wow…i can pretty much guess the lack of staff…which can say much abt the uncleared tables..but if the food standards gonna go down the drain then it looks like its hightime to change venue for other exciting places…maybe u guys can try out the Bukit Timah outlet…when its not packed lol..

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