Casa Verde: The pizza and the green

I want a day out with you,

To catch up and have some good food.

I want somewhere green & green,

where we can sit all day and talk.

No, I don’t even know where this place is.

It doesn’t matter.

We will find it somehow, so long we follow our heart,

Or just go along with our legs.

Spaghetti Vongole ($18)

Among the many ones out there, you somehow caught our attention. Maybe this is what they call fate. No matter, it’s my pleasure knowing you. Clams, plenty of them. The lovely seashells, with the simple-yet-important garlic. And oh yes, there was chilli with white wine & olive oil sauce too.

Sfilatino Casa Verde ($23)

You are sexy, you are hot. Thin is the in-thing, and you are slim. This is one pizza which I will willingly fork out my wallet for. The fillings, oh my, they were generous. Just look at the amount of ham, mushrooms, and mozzarella on top of the thin-crust pizza.

I know this is wrong,

But i am a sucker for ambience.

I always choose a nice place to dine at,

And it is ok even if the food is not that fantastic.

But luckily for me, you were great.

I will come back again, yes I will.

For brunch, for lunch, and for dinner.


Total bill was $41 for one pizza and spaghetti. The pizza was big enough to share among the 3 of us. I’ve always wanted to go to Casa Verde after hearing so much about the wonderful ambience. It is after all, located within the beautiful Botanic Gardens. I will definitely go back for brunch again, the prices for breakfast look good.

Its about a 15 minutes walk from the main entrance, otherwise cab in to the visitors centre, the fare is about $4. Well, i took the latter as it was raining. All right, it’s just a bloody excuse for being lazy. See you there!

Casa Verde
1 Cluny road
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Tel: 6467 7326

Casa Verde is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


evan: i’m craving for risotto!

harris: aha i’m not so sure, din came here before, it used to be call cafe les amis, but they changed it to Casa Verde now.

yeah! u went to Casa Verde? Cool! i’ve been hoping to get a chance where i have the day off, i could stroll in Botanical Gardens for some photo shoots and than relax the afternoon away at Casa Verde. Was wondering abt the food until your posting! Thanks! ;)

*makes mental not to self to give up on having a picnic in Botanic Gardens, just pop into this cafe to save all the trouble.

ok. this post is just a timely excuse for my laziness. (:

ps. i recently started to waitress at a new cafe-
Spruce. the crowds for weekend brunches are Crazy. you should visit us (it, dont think i’ll be there for long) someday. as for address, your task to scout. ^^ worth the effort.

HAHA! I like the description you wrote for Sfilatino Casa Verde (You’re sexy, you’re hot, you’re the in thing, you’re slim….)

Next time cannot find job, u can try the advertising industry and write interesting captions for ur clients! LOL!

maureens last blog post..Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice

The pizza looks amazing!! Yum.. just drooling looking at it.. ha

I always though Casa Verde was pricey.. now, at least I know it’s relatively affordable!

pammiez: hahaha i dont like aglio thought, find it too spicy and dry for my liking.

Yyn: it was raining that day so i din get a chance to go around botanic gardens shooting. But i probably will find one morning to have breakfast there and some photoshoot. heh

lix: hello there! yes i have heard about spruce, seems like the ambience is very good, will probably drop by sooner than i thought. lol!

adel: haha this was a group outing, don’t read too much into the lines, its just me trying to be lyrical. lol!

lady galaxie: heh for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

foodaholic: yes you should! their pizzas are good stuff man

maureen: lol! thanks! the description just hit me while i was on the bus. heh

Vicki: Never mind, three more days, come back Singapore we go find good risotto!

Jas: yes the pizza has super generous toppings, nope, its not pricey, good for sharing!

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