10 @ Claymore: 50% Discount Buffet lunch

The-sight-of-it is enough to excite me. The flowing chocolate – like water plunging down from a magnificent waterfall: wonderful, sweet. The cute white marshmallows beckon to me. The puffs – baked for the sole reunion with the delicious chocolate. The big juicy strawberries, oh my. What’s there not to like about a chocolate fondue? I love it!

Now, I don’t really like buffets. When I see food laying out, exposed, I think they are not exactly very tasteful. The food left out in the open air becomes unprotected from the passing fancies of everybody. BUT, but, the current Citibank credit card 50% promotion for 10 @ Claymore is simply too good a deal to miss, so I decided to go for it after all.

How does $29++ for buffet lunch sounds? On top of it with a 1-for-1 promotion, and we are talking about Pan Pacific Hotel, not some dubious twenties-odd range buffet (you-know-where-I-am-referring-to). Given, the variety here cannot compare with other international buffets who have more spread, but what I like about 10 @ Claymore is the focus.

Instead of giving a lot items to choose from, they decided to give just enough. For those who inherited our Singapore-kiasu-genes, my apologies. But this is one buffet where I actually don’t feel guilty trying to gorge myself silly. I ate a bit of everything, and rushed to have my desserts.

Chicken & Seabass in lemon sauce

Lamb & Beef

Seafood Saffron

The chocolate truffle was terrific – sweet, smooth, refined, yet unbelievably simple. I had mutiple helpings of it, until my stomach decided to do a red-shirt-alike-protest to me.

I love the chocolate tarts too; each nicely craft and so delicate. One bite, it’s gone.

Total bill was $34 for 2 person after the citibank credit card promotion. The current good deal last until 30 April, 2 person are entitled to a 50% discount. For $17 bucks per person, buffet lunch at a classy environment, enough said! And oh yes, I forgot to mention that the service was top-notch; the staffs were attentive and always happy to help out when you need anything.

10 @ Claymore
10 Claymore road
2F Pan Pacfic Orchard
Tel: 6831 6686


i went for the dinner buffet! for the price, i think the spread is justifiable. oh, and the service was really, really good! the highlights for me that night were the wagyu beef slices and the seafood ragout. ;D

Nic (KHKL)s last blog post..Zsofis

Oh gosh! I usually have an impression that the cost of lunch buffet in Pan Pacific is steep. $29 per pax still sounds reasonable. Unfortunately, I don’t have the citi credit card to enjoy such privilege. But, I will still go a shot for it to celebrate the upcoming mother’s day! :P

Hazel: Oh no! It was jus an example, they have more than 10 dishes! I din show all the photos for them! haha. Btw, do note that this is Pan Pacific Orchard, not Pan Pacific @ Raffles Boulevard :)

Hazel: haha there’s two whole cakes, the mini tarts and cakes, which i think are not the same everytime. It’s the chocolate fondue, got puffs, marshmellow, sweet, strawberries and fruits. heh. 17 bucks only, find somebody with citicard don’t think so much :D

And oh, i think the promotion last till end of April, not sure whether will they extend, u can call to check!

The Chocolate Buffet at Fullerton cost around $38 per pax! Quite expensive. I feel that each person can eat at most around 4 pieces of cake. In addition, there are very few blog reviews about it.

Is citibank reliable to sign up for their credit card as there are many bad news about american firms’ financial scandalous news?

‘i went for the dinner buffet! for the price, i think the spread is justifiable. oh, and the service was really, really good! the highlights for me that night were the wagyu beef slices and the seafood ragout.’

Don’t be mislead, cos wagyu and seafood ragout are based on whether you are lucky or not, they don’t serve that everyday, and considering that its almost end April, no chance at all to get Waguy at that kind of pricing.

Dinner buffet for me was only 5.0 for food. Lamb Leg is undercooked and tasted very gamy. I am expecting more for that kind of pricing, but the range is very limited and very disappointing. I would rather go to Furama for a wider variety for a bit more money.

Of course Furama does not score as high for ambiance and service. Some people will like limited range of food for different reasons, but if you have to pay full price for this 38++ for dinner, do you think you will go?

I don’t think so.

Hazel: yeah thats why lor, eat a few choc den full already. Hmm.. Citi is still going very strong in Singapore, so i guess should be fine? Just my personal opinion though. heh

Foodluver: Hello there, I’m not too sure whether they served it everyday or not, have to call to find out. As I did not have their buffet dinner, I cannot comment on that, but given the current citibank 50% promotion i thought it is rather worthwhile to try since lunch is only 17 and dinner 22 bucks. Thanks for sharing! :)

joshua: remember to bring someone with citi bank card! haha

Everytime I see a chocolate fountain I get all giddy and excited…. but in the end I rarely touch it. Somehow the euphoria disappears when it comes to the actual dipping… methinks I prefer my chocolate as plain ol’ (dark) chocolate sans fruits or mashmallows to sweeten the deal. :P

Life for Beginnerss last blog post..The Streets of Long Goodbyes

LFB: My eyes lit up at the sight of it; adrenaline pumping into my blood every second. Looking at the marshmallow dippin in the chocolate – like a fair lady bathing in the springs; sexy and so beautiful, yet serene. I’m aroused, I really am. But when I licked it, I realised it’s all a dream :)

Oh yes! UOB cards also have this 50% promotion & is vaild till 31th July! YEAHHH! Haha seem like UOB card is better leh! :P

Camemberu: haha nope, dont have the regular churrascaria items for the buffet.

purinne: purinne: for the lunch that i went, they have lamb, beef, fish, chicken, and a seafood saffron. Plus fried rice, and vegies :)

Hazel: hahahahah yeah uob has quite a lot promotions too, but i dont have the card!

Oh gosh! R u not Singaporean? Don’t tell me you only have citi!??! I think you should either have dbs or posb (that’s boring!). Haha..:D

oh my gosh. you make me wish I had started reading your blog earlier! Looks like i’m a whole year too late! haha

Enquiry on 13 Oct 2010
$32++ per person with Citibank credit card promotion for every 2 person 1 is free.

total bill is $64++ for 3 person. Each person is around $21 ++

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