Privé bakery café II: In my dreams

In my dreams, there is this beautiful place, with blue skies and clear sea. I dreamt of having my favourite brunch here with the one I like. We eat to our hearts content, and relax there while the hourglass freeze, just for us.

In my dreams, we have a cup of cappuccino. The aroma of the bean and the wonderful scenery of the place somehow makes the ordinary coffee taste better. And oh yes, there’s a cute cookie to go along with too.

In my dreams, I can never forget the taste of my beloved Eggs Royale ($14). The ever-favourite poached eggs, I just wish we can be together everyday. There is nothing more satisfying in life to have you by my side.  O’ my dear, just the thought of you make me sleep better.

In my dreams, you are always there.

In my dreams, I always envisage places where we will never run out of desserts. I have a sweet tooth you see. I dreamt of meeting the royal Sir-Deli’s, but it was a pleasant surprise with Privé Carrot cake ($6.80)

In my dreams, everything and anything can happen. There are bad dreams, and of course sweet ones like you. I’m glad I can still occasionally dream of you, that is enough. Enter my dreams, and give me a kiss.


Privé bakery café is a wonderful place to visit if you haven been there after i posted my previous entry. Well, I couldn’t afford the restaurant main course yet, that’s why you will probably see more of my post on their brunch and desserts, which are affordable and good. See you there!

Privé bakery café
2 Keppel Bay Vista
GF Marina @ Keppel Bay
Tel: 6776 0777

Prive Bakery Cafe is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


was it brunch u had? seems like among all the places that serve eggs ben/royale, choupinette is still by far the most expensive? haha. and did u like the carrot cake?

am looking forward to nx sat, esp after seeing the fantastic looking website of dallas, i’m sold!

Looks like Brad is on an Egg Benny or equivalence spree…

Anyway, Prive is currently undergoing refinements on their menu… so I think I will drop by after they finalize their desserts =)

Agree with you, this place deserves a “See you there” tag… I am going there again… the only question is when…

Fens last blog post..Le Grenier a Pain at Sembawang Shopping Centre

milkmilk: haha really eh? the restaurant is expensive stuff man, i enjoyed their cafe. haha

evan: yeah brunch in a way. choupinette of course most ex, 21 bucks. who can ever forget them. they like the benchmark liao.

yep i like the carrot cake, but cant compare since i haven try cedele one

foodieah: yeah do try and take nice photos :)

fen: hahahahaha yeah i’m hook onto brunch man. yeah i’m certainly going back, many times. ha

i was there last wk for a mate’s birthday.
the pancakes are great.
really horrible service thou.

Looks like a eggs benny spree for you! the carrot cake looks so good though! I’ve got to try it one of these days then.

jia: Oh! When i went on both occasions the service was all right, what happened?

sihan: hahaha yeah have been on brunch spree. Went to Jones the Grocer today for brunch. Heh. I’m gonna go on Afternoon tea craze next!

Their sticky date pudding and vanilla ice cream is not bad too! Although I first fell in love with this dessert at Marmalade Pantry..

I’ll be going to Prive for brunch this Saturday and I can’t wait!

jessica: Hello, it is open to public. I wont say it is easily accessible, but its not that hard to go either. From harbourfront, its abt 15min walk. If not just cab in!

ck lam: yep it is. with such a nice view, i can sit there all day man. haha

jas: Sticky date pudding, oh dear. I haven try it before!! lol

chelley: wow that is an expensive meal! hmm, both of my visits are to their bakery cafe, and so far they are quite good! prive restaurant prices are a bit out of my league, for now. haha

omg…delicious..haaa i have gone there sailing but never thought there are such gd dessert there..gonna try them =p

Hi there, the food looks gorgeous :)
Do I need to make reservations if I want to have brunch there or a Sunday or I just need to walk in?

wow! singapore’s food culture’s changing. so many brunch places now!! ill be sure to visit some when i am back in singapore next time!

your food blog always makes me hungry and miss the food back home! keep up the good work!

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