Patisserie Glace: The simple pleasure of life

The simple pleasure of life. People always chase after complicated stuff all their life, but if you would just slow down your steps, you will notice some of the simple things are the nicest things around. What I’m going to introduce to you for this post, is anything but simple. The location is inaccessible, there are practically no nice decorations, the seats are merely a few tables, but the service are so friendly, and the desserts are amazing!

This cake, they called it the Strawberry Souffle ($5.0). Patisserie Glace’s rendition of the Japanese cheesecake. The texture of the cake was so smooth that it was quite unlike of what I’ve eaten before. My friend and I took our first bite, and there was silence till we finished the cake. It was so good that we didn’t know why they were able to make the cake in this way, that we kept on eating it. And the puff pastry layer at the side of the cake brought back nostalgic memories for me. Well, cliché as it sounds, you got to try out for yourself to find out. Amazing stuff.

It was my third shortcake only after trying the ones from Canelé and Bakerzin. I was determined to find something better, so we picked the Strawberry shortcake ($4.80). The cream wasn’t fluffy enough and did not hold its shape after a while. But what I liked was the fact that it was sweeter than the ones that I’ve tasted before. Not the best yet.

Two layer of mango cheese mousse with two layer of sponge. The rare cheese mango ($4.20) was a offer for this month only. Dense yet not heavy. It may seem easy to use this four words, but it is definitely not simple at all to create the taste. The mango taste was very subtle, with the focus on the cheesecake.

Total bill was $14 for three cakes. Patisserie Glace has remarkable cakes at very reasonable pricing due to their lower rental which allows them to pass on the savings to customers. Even at the ulu Chinatown plaza, customers be it Japanese expats or locals, just keep coming in. I went back twice in the short span of four days, for that they already merited “See you there!

My simple pleasure. Life’s sweet.

Patisserie Glace by Yamashita
34 Craig road
#01-10 Chinatown Plaza
Tel: 6400 0247
Website here


i remember you told me last night that the cakes were amazing. from the look in your eyes, i reallie believed it. Guess I’ll have to give it a shot soon! thanks Brad!

oh, lovely pictures! the reds & yellows turn out very nicely :D tho’ i’m not sure if i’ll like “simple” cakes like that. i’ve always loved the canele & obolo type with alot of complicated & contrasting layers :p

evan: hahaha the cakes are really not simple, i cannot get it how they make the texture so good one. lol! but seriously i think you should go try once. i dont mind going again to try the others. i had 5 of them so far.

i heard the Q for barcook is damn long now, esp after ieat posted a review haha. but of coz must go for both on the same day. oh and not forgetting, the pasta maker from sia huat. kill 3 birds with a stone. i stay so far away how can afford to go chinatown so many times haha!

this shop was also featured in 8 days, cant wait to go. Your pictures are even better than the ones in 8 days.

stefanie: thanks a lot! maybe the pictures in 8 days are smaller, so can’t see that clearly as compared to mine :p

but yeah do try and let me know how is it. furthermore, the cakes are all quite reasonable priced, i had 3 cakes on my first visit and tempted to get some more. haha

thats y i say you are a noob. i go there eat cake everyday. the side is chopped nuts even a kid know its nuts. u dont even know wad is puff pastry you dun even know wad you are eating or writing everyday.

booncil: base on what my friend and i tried, we taste puff pastry. Of course you may see it as chopped nuts, or we may see chopped nuts as puff pastry. Either way it doesn’t really matter. And you must know i never for once say i’m an expert in food, this is just a place for me to keep a record on the food i tried.

And it is totally fine with me if you think i’m writing crap, you can just stop reading it. Right, be nice okay booncil, lets dont get personal :)

I’ve just went in the afternoon! fast or not? hehe. i love strawberry hills.. gosh. it’s reallie a very humble bakery that churns out premieum stuff! *grinz*

sihan: yay! fast. haha. i love strawberry souffle more! yeah i can’t imagine what will happen when they move to town. Will surely give Canele and bakerzin a run for their money :)

definitely. best thing is that the staff there are so humble. i doubt they would consider moving to town though. coz they are so happie serving the better of the earnest japanese community whilst comfortable housed in chinatown plaza. I would think it’s a better plan too that way. haha.

sihan: yeah they are very friendly and polite. haha will be quite hard to see them doing in town, well i was just wishing somebody can go fight canele. lol!

lauffabug: haha no worries its all right! nope they are not opened on sundays. Mon to sat, opened until 6 i think, after 5pm got 20% off. But better to go early if not the popular cakes will be gone. haha

alamak.. i was so planning to go tomorrow!! haiz, if only i read your blog earlier when i was in the office, then i’d have headed there after work this afternoon. :S guess another weekend when i work bah.. hehe i will try the souffle and everything else which catches my eyes and how much i can stomach :D

lauffabug: oh i’m sorry. i just checked. they are open daily! “We are open everyday, including Public Holidays. 1100-1800 M-F, 1100-1700
on Sat, Sun and PH.”

Regarding e pastry or chopped nuts uncertainty,I have gone down to clarify with the owner.its pie crust pastry they put on e sides of the strawberry soufflé cake. Hope this can resolve e doubts about it (: cos I was actually e one who made e puff pastry conjecture at first =p

Elaines last blog post..Bento: Better-ly Captured!

That is the problem of doing food blog… I am feeling the stress too when writing my entries, have to google to ensure what I write is right…

Anyway, this is definitely a recommended place for cakes… Light and fresh, no doubts about it…

Looks like Brad also end up carrying the stool outside to take the pictures… Very dim place… bad for photography…

Fens last blog post..Aerin’s ~ The ambience, the sounds, the food…

elaine: thanks :)

evan: lets be nice! hahaha

fen: yeah its impossible to take photos inside, so i also took the stool and went outside to take the photos

hee thanks LIC, it’s ok lah.. today’s damn bloody hot, went out for a short while my head already aching. maybe i will take leave sometime next next week and head down to check it out :D

yeh. lighting was pretty dim in the place. but i was too eager to dive in that i just snapped some pictures reallie quickly indoors. hehe. greedy me..

michies: yeah! Because i brought him there! i told him to buy the whole strawberry souffle to share with your family. but it seems your elder sis and him finish all of it and only left one slice for you? lol

i tabao-ed back these:

Marron Pie
Mont Blanc
Strawberry Mille Feuille
Strawberry Hill
Rin Rin Cheese Tart – Honey Melon

and.. i hit barcook @ hong lim.. *faintz* the fresh from the oven hot, yummy raisin cream bun was INCREDIBLE!!!!! i bought 4 and 1 sausage bun which was used to replenish my lost energy trying to find Chinatown Plaza… hahah

lauffabug: lol! you haven try any cakes? aye u didn’t get the strawberry souffle!! haha

ahh barcook bread, i haven try yet, will try soon. so good eh?

i just tried the marron pie and the strawberry hill.. souffle was out of stock when i reached there.. :_(

hmm.. i like the bread itself.. uber soft and fluffy and so chewy!! the raisin cream bun hot and soft out from the oven was heavenly!!! :D

wooo ! omg looks so tempting i might just drop by one of these days to get the cake for me n my friends =x

LIC is never ever short of dessert intros , omg !

*saliva starts to whelm up

jesss last blog post..? Pleasures of life

Oh, no mention of the frozen cheese tarts? D: Those are yummy, too. And I guess they’re selling well, hence the introduction of new flavours, They’re not on display as they need to be kept at a lower temperature, but do give ‘em a try the next time you’re in the area.

Incidentally, were you there on March 5th? I remember seeing someone outside (close to the nightclub that wasn’t open yet) taking pictures of the cakes on the bar table.

Jess: hahaha thanks! You should, their cakes are really amazing, and the prices are very reasonable too.

Just a Passerby: Haha i haven got a chance to try those yet. Have to go for my third visit soon. Yeah thanks for the tip. I was there during 28th Feb and 4th march. Not sure whether its the same person u saw? haha

i know why you asked why i didn’t get the strawberry souffle… yes amazing it is, unforgettable too! MAJOR CRAVING for it since i finished it! I’m on a cake sabbatical for this week, but come Sat, i am so going to head down after work!!!!! wahahaha, really cannot wait :p

knowing myself, i think i am going to get more than 1. i usually am quite greedy, coz it’s quite far from my place. To make it a worthy trip, i’d get at least 5 to last me till mid week at least..

ehehehe.. i am so growing fatter!!!

go go!! MUST GO!!! *bleahz* hee hee. i wanted to go on sat but i forgot i got something on.. i’m trying for early Sunday morning or something.. hahah..

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