Oomphatico’s II: The best of friends

Two complete strangers, brought together by something call fate. Friends we are, brothers we have become, and partners we will be. It is amazing how much our bond has grown. The girls call this bff, or bestie. But for us, there is no need to say anything. That’s because everything is clear in our heart.

Discussing a serious topic in such a whimsical place does seem inappropriate. But hey, we can talk about anything, anywhere. The truth always hurts, but I’m glad to hear of it. Because only true friends dare to speak the truth.

We are bound to have disagreements, I hope we will understand each other for everything we do. No matter what happens in the future, or whatever decision we make, our mutual support will carry us, through everything.

You are the one who see this started from nothing to what it is today. You, are the only one besides me, who can exactly summaries all that had happened. You, are the one who always remind me to stay true and keep me grounded.

I know you will always be there for me, just like how I will for you. That is because, we are the best of friends.


Much as I cannot differentiate the taste of a Kurobuta and a normal pork, just the name of the Kurobuta alone is enough to excite me. Slow roasted crisped Kurobuta pork belly ($26 before 50% discount). When we say crisp, it really meant business. The crisp-cracking sound when I took a bite into the top of the pork belly, oh my. Slightly thin layer of fats was the real deal, almost divine. Well, the picture might look just like the normal sio bak to you, it is. But a divine one.

We have something from the sea to go along with our previous dish from the land. This time, the Chilean Cod ($26 before 50% discount). With the smooth and silky fish meat, there is a layer of crusted skin. We mistook the tomato fondue as chilli at first sight, but it complimented the fresh cod very well.

Portions were a tad small for the two hungry eaters. So we ordered the four cheese pizza ($17 before 50% discount), with gorgonzola, mozzarella, pecorino & talleggio cheese. Like I always say, I’m no food critic. Among the four cheese, I cannot tell which is which. But I do know the combination of the four, resulted in a very strong cheesy taste. We thought we like cheese, but apparently, it was slightly too strong for us. Only for the cheese lovers!

Total bill was $44, for three mains and a drink, with a 50% discount from Citibank credit card. The current promotion is available at Oomphatico’s for dinner during Monday to Thurday only. It is a fantastic deal, because among the many places Citibank offer for the 50% offer when 2 dines, Oomphatico’s is one of the few that do this promotion during weekday dinner, most of them are weekday lunch. I’m very much tempted to go back again before the current promotions end, to try the rest of the dishes.

Read my previous visit to Oomphatico’s here.

163 Tanglin Road
#01-35 Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6733 9088

Oomphatico’s is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


Sounds like you had a great meal with a close friend and had a ball of a time. *grinz*.

the decor is reallie nice. Have to drop by someday then.

i see that this post has cut Q haha.

yea the decor is really nice and whimsical is the perfect word to describe it. too bad i don’t hv citibank card :(

When I saw the first picture, the shop facade looks mysteriously familiar to me… Arh… this place overlooks Traders Hotel’s Cafe Biz…

I didn’t know they have such nice selection of western food and now I realize the origins of LIC’s iconic sandwich (your icon which you used in most profiles, in case I didn’t decribe it accurately)…

You always seems to know where to get good foodie deals huh? 50% off… Tat is really wow…

Fens last blog post..All about tarts @ Pâtisserie Glacé

lauffabug: Remember to bring citibank credit card! haha

foodie queen: I think it end on April 30. Not very sure, have to confirm again

Sihan: haha my best pal. We had some serious discussions. lol!

evan: hahahaha yeah it manage to cut a lot others Q. find somebody with citibank card!

fen: hahaha yeah that display photo is sandwich from Oomphatico. Actually i was too lazy to change, so it is always there, not that i meant for it to be iconic. lol!

chelley: you need to be more pro-active!! always so lazy. lol!

Oh… Brad ah! I really like reading your blog =) Always seems to feature food that i like. Haha! Keep up the good work yah!

And i like how the whole place looks. Nice ambience for doing some catching up with my friends!

And just nice i got Citibank CC =) 50% off is really good!

June: thank you for your sincere compliments! you make me feel happier. heh! yeah the citibank 50% is damn good, i’m very tempted to go to a lot places doing that promotion. oh dear. haha

Hi Brad! I love reading your blog, its interesting and helpful:D

Anyway, I just came back from dinner at Oomphatico’s. Cute interior but i was disappointed with the service. I called them earlier to make a reservation and at the same time requested if they could do a small bday surprise by writing happy birthday on the dessert and light a candle on the dessert that i would order. They happily said okay.

When I was there, I even secretly reminded them about the surprise and they told me that they were ready. I waited and waited and when the dessert came out there was no words/candle. So i told my bf i needed the toilet then i went to tell the girl what happened and she apologized and said she would give me a complimentary cupcake with a candle instead.

To my horror, when i came back the manager told me he took the dessert plate back to the kitchen and told my bf smth on the dessert was missing. ( SO LAME AND OBVIOUS ) I was quite upset because it would seem very obvious to my bf that I went to inform the staff about the ‘forgotten’ surprise.

After dinner,the staff who wanted to give me a complimentary cupcake with a candle came and apologize. She then explained to me that it was her manager who stopped her from giving me the cupcake and instructed her to take the dessert back into the kitchen. So anyway i told her it wasn’t her fault but i was quite upset that the manager made it so obvious, he should have listened to his staff instead.

OH WELLS, I’d never go back there again.

Hahah, anyway your blog still rocks and thanks for listening :P

Shirlene: OH DEAR! that’s so dense of the manager! this was a great chance for them to make you guys feel happy (and become their regulars), but they totally screwed it up. Oh well. I still like their food and ambience there though, and i heard that they have a 2 course set lunch ($15 nett) and 3 course ($19 nett), so i might just drop by soon and check it out. But no problem, i’m here to listen. Let me know how your other foodie adventures go as well yeah? : )

Hi Brad! Was just looking through your blog for ideas on where to bring my bf for his birthday, and I’ve narrowed down my choices to Oomphatico or District 10! Which would you recommend in terms of ambience? Thanks so much for blogging anw! Always gives me ideas!!

Pris: it depends on what you are looking for, District 10 has a nice al fresco area which is lovely at night, while Oomphatico is more whimsical?

I think district 10 shld be more suitable, save oomphatico for yr girlfriends night out : )

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