Naive: Healthy and Tasty

The Angel on my right says she is innocent and pure. The Devil on the left rebuts, she is gullible and inexperience. A simple play of words, show the different perception of people. The same word could mean two totally different thing. Naive, is all about the absence of artificiality, in a good way.

Rather than a vegetarian restaurant, the owners of Naive know exactly how human perception is, most people tend to associate vegetarian with distasteful food, so lets just call them the first meatless restaurant.

Tofu is always a staple in the meatless cateogry, and it was no surprise we had it for the Golden Oats ($8.80). Essentially crispy deep fried soft golden tofu with oats and fragrant leaves. I didn’t get to try much of this, but it was a good rendition of the cereal prawn. The tofu was a fitting replacement with its crispy texture and soft interior going well with the oats.

Not the best in terms of the looks department, but the Penang Rendang ($9.80) was better than expected. Pan-fried mushroom on bed of greens. Red, hot, and spicy.

When red riding hood ($7.80) meets the big bad wolf. How apt. It was almost like the real deal. Imagine sweet and crispy,and instead of pork you get beancurd. Sweet & sour pork wannabe? This is even better than some of the ones I had before.

The ladies man. He have all sorts of tricks in his bag, and can please all of you. Battered organic oyster mushroom ($9.80). If you have been avoiding fried food for a while now, because of the double damage; unhealthy fried food and too much meat. This is the one for you.

Tangy and refreshing. The mango tofu cake ($12.80) was all about that. Slightly sweet, slightly sour. Crispy skin, soft body. Talk about contrast.

With a cheesy tag line like mega in taste, and mini in size, the Mega mini mushroom ($10.80). While I ain’t a big fan of Sze Chuan cuisine, one bite was enough to tell me the flavourful spicy szechuan sauce.

Enchanted forest ($12.80). Indeed, I was smitten by her charming ways, her strong perfume smell of wolfberry, her strong and wilful texture.

From the braise, you would certainly associate it with cooking for many hours. Yes, but somehow for monkeyhead mushrooms, it does not turn soft. We were expecting the meat-lookalike to be tender, but instead it was still rather tough in texture. Heartwarmer ($13.80)

I always love to order garlic rice when I frequent Japanese restaurants. They are so oh-so good! And I think the same could be for Naive, their Oliver twist ($3.80). Instead of the Japanese pearl rice, we have the fragrant Thai rice, with a olive twist. And I agreed, so good it can be eaten on its own.

Naive promises to offer healthy food without compromising on taste. And I will like to say they did it. I never knew vegetarian, or rather, meatless could taste so good. However, prices are rather steep given the small portions. And their main courses are all monkeyhead mushrooms.

I’ll like to thank for inviting me to the food tasting session. And to Naive’s owner Phyllis for hosting and educating us for the healthy yet delicious food.

99 East Coast Road
Tel: 6348 0668
Website here


Oh Brad, I’m so glad you did a review on naive because I have past that place many times but the word naive kinda poked a needle into my heart you see, hahahaha. I will cook Garlic Japanese fried rice for you. I’m really good at it! Hahaha~ And for vegetarian restaurant, have you ever been to 7 Sensations? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! Whenever I want to feel good and happy, I will make a visit there for their very healthy and goood vegetarian food! Everything is organic and just superb!!! I recommend their mango and avocado salad, their korean rice sets, their tom yam bee hoon and desserts!!!!!

michies last blog post..My Pressie from Malacca : Pulut Tekan

foodie queen: :)

michies: you should go mich! its so near your place only. haha. wow thanks i want garlic rice! james so good, got kou fu. haha. i haven heard of 7 sensations, thanks for the tip, will go when i feeling healthy. haha

sihan: hahaha the photos quite bad! wasn’t very happy with them, you la so lazy never take any. lol

lauffabug: haha try them and let me know : )

It’s a pity my family hated this restaurant’s food. I actually liked a couple of dishes, and secretly want to come back and try others but the prices were a bit too steep for the portions served. We spent over $50 and were neither full nor satisfied. Oh well.

Camemberus last blog post..7atenine – Lunch Unlimited

camemberu: yeah i saw your review. i do agree that prices are rather steep for the small portions. Hopefully that can be adjusted through the feedbacks

i went ? and ?????my parents loved it too! agree that the price is kinda steep, but hmm.. i think it’s quite worth it given that i havent tasted vegetarian food in such a way. we were damn full after the whole sesh and paid about $68 for the whole meal inclusive of drinks. i think quoting HGW for the 1 for 1 main course was quite worth it! :D

but what came after this dinner was even better. camemberu, i found that little gem in katong mall and i am so going to go visit it another day!! hee

lauffabugs last blog post..Leave Day 1 – 2nd half – Din @ Naive

lauffabug: haha so where did you go for the 68 meal? yeah try Naive, their meatless meal is actually quite tasty, but maybe portions a bit small. which little gem? the new patisserie?

hmm.. LIC please don’t tell me my english has deteriorated so badly.. i went to Naive today and spent $68 lorr.. blogged liao worrr.. :s

yeap, there’s a new dessert place just around katong mall and camemberu blogged about it on 11 March :D .. hee hee

lauffabug: opps! My bad. I didn’t see it clearly, i tot u went to another place and spend 68, was confused by the chinese question mark. hahahahah. katong is so far for me, if not i also wanna try “that little gem” lol

this is a place i can bring my boyfriend to! i’m into healthy, all veggie meals this month, and sometimes my boyfriend and i are having trouble looking for restaurants to dine in, so thanks for sharing this place!

kefir: hahaha just this month only? heh. no problem, do check them out and let me know what u think of their food. Its tasty but slightly pricey for the portions :)

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