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I believe the seventh day of the week, Sunday, is meant for us to relax and enjoy; without any of the problem and stress that come along as part of the package in our life. I believe breakfast, is the most important meal of the day, having a good start will certainly makes thing behind easier. Brunch, at Graze.

I believe in having a good ambience for me to enjoy my food, albeit paying a slightly higher price, everything is worth it when you get to enjoy this scenery while sipping down a cup of tea, and eating your breakfast.

The al fresco at Graze @ Rochester Park was amazing. The picturesque lush surroundings, the tone of the white colonial-style bungalow. Full stop.

I believe your dining companion plays an even vital part in making the meal an enjoyable one. Given good food but eaten with people you disliked, and ordinary food but with people you enjoyed hanging out with. It’s hell lots of difference.

The little white piece which is so common on our table for the first meal of the day, simply bread. Our original intentions were to order the “door stopper” toasts which consisted four slices of white, wholemeal, multi grain, and cinnamon & raisins toast. But luckily, the waiter informed us that they will served complimentary bread. A slice of white, and wholemeal. Like the Gardenia slogan, so good you can even eat it on its own!

And how can any brunch be short of Egg Benedicts ($17). Classic or smoked salmon and spinach, we opted for the latter. The beautiful poached egg and smoked salmon sat on a piece of slightly char toast. The salty taste of the salmon enhanced the flavour of the wonderful poached egg. I’m so hooked on the idea of having brunch every weekend, if only just for the eggs.

The sight of the egg yolk, flowing out like lava erupting from a volcano. Perfect!

The idea of big-breakfast was clearly conceptualise in the cast iron pan ($20). With the best of everything, bratwurst sausages, smoked bacon, mushroom, tomato, country potato, fried eggs, baked beans, and plum chili salsa. They clearly could read my mind, everything was my favourite, and it came sizzling on the hot pan. And oh yes, I forget to mention how good the mushrooms were! While prices might be slightly steep, and the portions didn’t seem that big, let me assured you, the two of us couldn’t finish everything on this pan.

Total bill was $50.61 for brunch. Contrary to what some people might have say about Graze, I found the service from the staff to be good, they were attentive and friendly without being over-disturbing, and even offered to get me a small chair to put my bag after I left it on the floor. The combination of superb ambience, good service, and a lovely brunch meant that even though prices are slightly steep, I will not hesitate to go back again. I want to try the pancakes and waffles the next time round. See you there!

4 Rochester Park
Tel: 6775 9000
Website here

Graze is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore


aha! someone said won’t be updating today!

whats ‘door stopper’ toasts? sounds like very bad toast to me, one that’s hard & inedible. i love the pics of the eggs ben & sausages! you just succeeded in tempting me at 2am :(

sihan, where r u?? are we going for brunch? haha

Evan: Mine mine, you are fast. Nah, door stopper toast is just the name they gave to 4 slices of toast. And i can assure you, they are very good toast! Very soft. Eggs ben always looks good, i dont think this shot is very good leh. lol!

haha i’m fast eh? :p actually i must rephrase. i know whats the door stopper toast, i’m just wondering why they call it that, so funny. i think your photos are nice leh!

I think they’re called ‘door-stopper’ toasts cos they’re really thick and yet crisp, not like the thin and flimsy kinda toast.
The french toasts are mighty good, pancakes with ice cream is great too! If you still ahve room, try the scones. very yummy. =)

evan: haha no leh, i think not very nice. not trying to be humble or what. but some photos can be better la :)

elieli: Oh mine, you still got read my blog eh? i was under the impression you gona MIA already! when am i getting my long-awaited treat dear? : D

pammiez: thats because you over-ordered la! the milkshake is already a bomb. haha. prive brunch is much more affordable than graze. hands-down

beachloverkitchen: hahaha thanks for the compliment! do drop by often okay, and stay hungry always!

the cast iron pan looks yummylicious!!!
and it’s all my favourites too ><
can do without the bacon thou…weight watching :b

Evan: branch?!? u said u didn’t want that at the flutes. thought we’re going to sage? what happened? haha.

LIC: wow.. everything looks so good. but still, the eggs benny pricing looks reallie stiff. Great crowd though and lovely pics!

sihan: haha flutes brunch is also ex. mine mine, you all are planning an outing to Sage without me. But then again my wallet probably wont allow for that, and since i been there before, think i will give it a miss. haha!

yeah everything looks so good, its slightly cheaper than the most-expensive-eggs at choupinette? :)

A pan full of yummy sausages and meat plus the peaceful environment is the best breakfast one can look forward to…also not forgetting the simple poached egg :)

ck lam: yes totally agreed. the whole idea of brunch is to eat the breakfast in peace at a nice ambience, slowly relax and enjoy the morning. poached egg is not simple at all, it got me addicted! haha

sihan : what u mean what happened? somebody so bz, u only say, but no concrete plans ma. but i wanna go graze, maybe we shd go there instead :p anyway if there are any places u really wanna go, pls feel free to go ahead w/o me k =) don’t hv to wait for me la.

brad : wah we plan outing w/o u cannot meh? u always do the same ma, go out oso never ask us along *sulks*

evan: hahahaha. i’m gonna cut down on my expenses, been spending way too much recently. I’m on a duty to save the world after all, but there’s a limit to how much greenback i can print! lol

email2me: hahaha good stuff right! just the sight alone makes me hungry already

Evan: haha. aiyoh… i saving my moolah so that i can meet up with u lar. you think every occasion is worth the extravagance and cash spent unless its with you meh? haha. Anyway, laurent bernard just replied recently saying that it was okay to take photos. WTH… haha

LIC: hehe. definitely much cheaper. You should go for riders cafe ones though. EVEN CHEAPER.. hehe. *giggles in glee*

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