The tale of the chicken and duck part 3

I love roasted duck. I really do. When it comes to their other half, braised duck, its a different story all together. Roasted ducks are really good, and i always craved for them, but when it comes to braise duck, i didn’t have them for very long already! It’s case when it comes to choosing between roasted and braised duck, i’ll definitely go for the former.

Since there aren’t any roasted duck stalls at the Whampoa market that caught my attention, for once i decided to have the braised duck instead. And i’m fairly surprised. The yam rice was very fragrant, and i thought that the portion was quite generous, althought i’ll never say no to more duck meat.

You know whenever we brought half a duck home, my mom will always use the leftover meats and the bones to cook with porridge, and its fantastic! I didn’t really try duck porridge outside before, so the next time, i’m probably going for duck porridge instead of rice. There’s always a first time for everything.

Its impossible to roast your own duck at home, but with some good recipe, braising duck is certainly do-able. I tried many home-made braised duck before, and i must say most of them are better than the ones i’ve outside. While it could also be due to the possibility that there’s no limit to how much duck meat i can eat. Well i’m always on the lookout for roasted duck that i really have no idea about which places serve excellent braised ducks, let me know won’t you?

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Liang zhao ji
Block 90 Whampoo Drive
#01-07 Whampoo Drive food centre
(Beside Hoover Rojak)


Hey, Yishun Central has got quite nice roast duck. They claim that the chef is from HK. The meat is tender n you can taste abit of the herbs, it comes with some of the duck ‘juice’.. It is behind the bus interchange, walk from UOB bank direction the first coffeeshop.

Hey lurve your blog and all your pics! Makes me so wanna get a pro cam and try and attempt taking great pics like you do too!:)

I tot the braised duck porridge over at East Coast lagoon hawker center was yummy, but the last time i was there was like 3 years ago…

dramaprincess4evers last blog post..Ikea Tampines

dramaprincess4ever: thanks!! Yeah you should get your own dslr too, its getting cheaper nowadays. haha. East coast lagoon, i been there but didn’t try that stall. haha

Hey LIC, there’s are two wonderful braised duck rice stalls along geylang..One of them is in a coffee shop that sells turtle soup.. (sorry for the vague description as I usually head straight for the duck rice without looking where I am!)

Hi! i believe its Sia Kee duck rice stall within Sin Huat shop #659 @ jcx geylang rd / lrg 35. There is a turtle soup stall next to it. Both operate daytime only. Last order by 1430. Stumbled upon it when pressed 4 choice over late lunch in unfamiliar grounds.
The serving comes as a combo w taukwa, hard boiled egg, g’nut, innards, taugeh drenched in thick gravy. Another highlight is the savoury sambal w tangy lime. The orh pui (can’t fig if it meant ‘yam’ or ‘dark’) is very soft tho not clumpy.
Personally i prefer roast duck with crispy skin & chewy sinewy meat layered w moist fat. Gamey taste all the better :) else all meat tasteless just the same.
In my humble opinion, most roasted ducks are fine by me so long as they are freshly done. Quite easily contented so long there is food, thank u :)

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