Stop eating Shark Fins now!

“Do you take him as your husband, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow… With that I proclaimed you as husband and wife!”

The wedding bell struck, and the loving couple proceed on happily with their dinner celebration. Or so they thought. Picture this, the wedding ballroom was full of family, relatives and friends. All around was smiling faces. Then came the horror. Dead sharks, plenty of them with blood stains still fresh from the wounds, laying everywhere, on the table, on the floor, on the stage.

100 million sharks are killed a year, 63 million for their fins alone. Yes, you, you, you and you. All of us are guilty of being a murderer. And the real cause for their destruction, the demand for shark fins, a Chinese delicacy, always present during weddings and festive occasions. is a local organisation set up to raise public awareness about sharks and the practices threatening their survival in the wild, with the simple ‘No Shark Fin‘ pledge. Alternatives to shark fin soup includes fish maw soup, or the vegetarian shark fin soup which we had at Lotus vegetarian restaurant for the loveshark media dinner.

We started off our meal with the prosperity yu sheng. A messy affair it was, scrambling to take photographs, while holding the chopsticks to stir for our first lo-hei of 2009. And of course, the auspicious greetings wishing one another, good health and fortune.

So green, green. So bright green, green. The Caltrops with hairy mushroom represents all of the superficial view of greens equal vegetarian. Caltrops and water chestnuts are cousins, while i’m not a fan of neither, i agreed that the caltrops were full of crunch, and i enjoyed the hairy mushroom, or better known as monkey-head mushroom.

The element of fire, fiery red. All of us mistook it for red chili where it’s actually red bell pepper. The spicy pan-fried vegetarian fish was actually bean curd in disguise. The meticulous wrapping of the seaweed around to make the dish bearing a closer resemblance impressed.

The most creative award for the night goes to the fresh mushroom with asparagus. Serving in the form of a ice cream cone, several different types of mushrooms were stuffed inside, and voila!

The fruity almond rolls were my personal favourite of the 9 course vegetarian meal. The aroma of the jack fruit and banana held within the almond rolls escaped to our nose. Fried crispy outside, juicy and fruitful inside. Also there’s the Otak-pretender which came along too.

The apparent crowd favourite, stewed chestnuts with golden fungus. The bite of the golden fungus, was chewy and there’s also the hairy mushroom here.

Capturing the essence without using any real meat, that’s what all vegetarian dishes strived to do. I thought the veg meat managed to do just that. The light sauce for the meat, with the cucumbers and tomatoes, dipped in the famous chicken rice chilli.

Welcome to Malacca! The signature chicken rice balls, that originated from the Malaysian state. Except this was rice ball without using any chicken oil in the cooking process.

The legendary Tian Shan Xue Lian right before our eyes. For centuries, pugilists had been vying for the magical healing medicine. Well of course, this wasn’t the real Tian Shan Xue lian, with osmanthus in the pudding.

The 9 course set dinner served 10 people at $358++, from Lotus Vegetarian restaurant. This is a food tasting session organised by, so i’ll like to thank Jaki for inviting me, to have the chance with meeting the nice people from their various organisations, and of course, the food bloggers whom I’ve read their blogs for a long time, but this being the first time i saw them in person. Support! Say no to Shark Fin!

Read about dinner from

Lotus Vegetarian restaurant
Quality hotel level 2
201 Balestier road


yea actually i felt a little uncomfortable eating sharks fin that day, guilty even lol! why can’t they just kill the damn shark instead of doing cruel things like cutting the fin then throwing it back into the water to let it die a slowww death? think foie gras is the same thing. the force feeding of geese is just so cruel!

Sharks fin and foie gras are cruel!! I totally agree :D Supply doesn’t exist without demand, so we should start boycotting it now~~

evan: haha Yan Ting’s sharks fin. ya lor the other parts of shark doesn’t seem to be valuable compared with its fin. i haven try foie gras before

Eeling: i think fatpig going to order sharks fin this friday eh. Should we both psycho him not to? lol

I went to the same place to try their vegetarian buffet last year. But I thought that the food didn’t really make the mark. lols. Great review though, with the anti-shark movement!

Camemberu: yeah! you blog so fast. haha

Zaylene: haha yeah the food isn’t really good, or rather, i’m not suitable for vegetarian, i mean i love vegetables, but vegetarian isn’t just about vegetables. so much tofu, bean curd and stuff.

lotsofcravingss: hahs yea bu chi bai bu chi right!

LIC: hahs. yea it’s all the mock thing that ruined the quality i guess. there’re a few vegetarian restaurants that serve good food tho. gotta check it out with my mum cos she’s like a veg. HAAH.

If U are so worried about eating shark’s fin & other meat related items. The better solution would have been going vegetarian. This organization – are dime a dozen in the footsteps of those campaigning for a particular dinner table items. The only real solution is to stop eating, taking, abusing & manipulating animals. Period.

Hey LIC! Guess wad, I feel for the sharks too… Hence I’ve opted out of the sharksfin soup and have them replace with some other abalone variety. Though the prices remained the same, I felt a little more heroic! heehee… So those planning your wedding dinner, I encourage u to opt out too! Save the sharks!

Karas last blog post..Appreciating AH-RT…

I like the food @ Lotus , Quality Hotel. Cause i got 2 aunts whom are vegetarians so will get to eat it once in a while.

I’m getting hungry =) In fact i’m going for a vegetarian lunch later.

Junes last blog post..With My Sweetie Penelopy

Camemberu: haha no wonder cos i got go to your blog but didn’t see the post. good idea to remember when’s the dinner. haha

lotsofcravings: good scenario! usually i wont crave or want to eat shark fin one, even when it comes during wedding dinner, i usually eat half then give the rest to my brother.

zaylene: hahaha i love vegetables, but guess i’m not so much into vegetarian food, with all the tofu and bean curds. lol

housefly: thank you for your comment.

Kara: lol! feel more heroic. nice words hahaha!

june: haha always eat vegetarian eh? :)

loop: yeah but i guess its personal preference la. maybe to the vegetarians they are quite good

If there were only a few thousand cows left in the world I would stop eating steak until the species could recover. I thing people who eat shark fins will wait until the entire list of sharks is extinct and then they will start eating tiger paw soup! I hope they are all eaten by sharks!!!!

Lady iron chef. I refute your comment on the sharkskin soup. This is a traditional delicacy served during Chinese wedding dinners. You bone head. There is no blood spilling anywhere or on anyone. Your drama does not impress neither does it impress my girlfriend who is a superior chef. I suggest you get a better haircut as well.

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