Long Ji Wanton Mee: Another in Whampoa

If you remember, I wrote on the Joo Chiat wanton mee saga in Whampoa market before, with the two stalls claiming that they are the original from Joo Chiat. This time round, I saw this Long Ji stall which is on the outside row of the market. Since i’ve both the Joo Chiat stalls (middle row of market), I decided to give this a try.

The wanton mee was disappointing. The pictures looked nice yes, this was my first time testing out my new macro lens back then, so I had this way back in November! The two key factors in a good wanton, the springy noodle, and the good char siew were sorely missing. To be frank, the wanton mee was so mediocre that I couldn’t really remember how it tasted like.

There’s another wanton mee stall in the market if i’m not mistaken, will try that the next time! I think you’ll be better off trying either one of the Joo Chiat stalls than Long Ji’s. Well, i may be wrong, since it’s my personal preference, if you’ve try this one before let me hear from you!

Long Ji Wanton mee
Block 90 Whampoo Drive
#01-11 Whampoo Drive food centre


Hi i happen to live in the area and i will say the wanton noodle at the back of the market taste way better compared to Long Ji. The other store is located at the corner of the market facing the shophouses with the cake shop directly opposite it. Take note it only opens for business in the evening.

I tried the Joo Chiat wanton mee today and it was disapointing to say the least. It looks quite good but once you taste it is way too salty and tasteless. Consistency of the noodle is ok. The wantons taste like rubber.

Just had it the other day. its called Xing Lai Lai. only drawback is it only opens for business in the evening. For rojak, think u can try Man Ting Fang at the back too. The fritters are much fresher =D

virtousity: okay! i remember the name, will try it next time. Man ting fang, hmm, everybody goes for hover, that i didn’t know there’s actually another rojak stall behind. thanks for the tip!

Being a hawker assistant in Whampoa Makan Place, I really prefer Joo Chiat Lane. Xing Lai Lai noodles is not as springy but their shui jiao is good. Try it. :)

lady iron chef: i tried to ask around to find out which store is the first Joo chiat wanton mee but no one seems to know the answer. although i do know the auntie from joo chiat lane, i didn’t ask her. the daughter of 1.90 joo chiat order food from me before for a couple of times. i didn’t ask her as well. :X

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