Fei Fei Roasted & noodle: Come before noon

Another stall at Yuhua Village food centre which has a significant queue, Fei Fei Roasted & noodle. Now don’t confuse this stall with the famous Fei Fei wanton mee. You know there are some stalls which are opened for the whole day, and yet couldn’t finish selling the food. Just exactly how good are they? According to eyewitness, when they start operations everyday at around 7-8am, the queue never ceased until they are sold out by 12 noon.

I always have a thing for roasted duck, and I must say Fei Fei’s rendition ($15 half a duck) impressed me. The taste wasn’t very extreme, the duck wasn’t that big and meaty. But somehow they managed to get this right balance between the crispiness of the skin, and the bite of the duck. And the fatty meat underneath the skin added in the “oomph” factor as well. We should have tried their wanton mee as well, but we ordered quite a lot of other food already. And by the time we made up our mind to try their noodles, they were closed, at 12 noon sharp.

Fei Fei Roasted & Noodle
Yuhua village food centre
#01-26 Block 254
Jurong East Street 24