Choupinette: Brunch, desserts and outing

There used to be four, but with the latest addition of the Canon to the Arsenal, the power balance was tipped back. The current score stands at Canon 2, Olympus 2, Nikon 1. With the figure at a perfect five, there’s a harder fight especially so when somebody countdown five seconds for the shots.

While just like how the different brands have their own strengths; with Canon producing the crisp sharp shots, Nikon edging out with the vibrant colours display, Olympus providing the balance in between, there isn’t a perfect combination. And of course, there are pros and cons of Choupinette. The small capacity of the restaurant made it a great place for a lazy pig-out, but it also meant that the place was packed to the crowd on a busy weekend.

I like how my Nikon produced the perfect blend of colour, to bring out the best in the settings of the restaurant. And surely, the Canon and Olympus camp would protest against that.

Walking by the array of bread, the three of us were attracted by the Pain au chocolat ($2.90). From the memories, warm melting chocolate filled within the crispy bread. But it was not to be, the bread was cold even though the staff helped us warm it up. Chocolate fillings, or rather, the lack of it was the main downfall.

The same problem goes for the Almond Danish ($2.90), the bread wasn’t warm, while we couldn’t expect freshly baked bread to be coming out just for us, it would be a lot better if only the bread was warm.

The chouchou’s set ($22+) from the lunch menu had choices of either one of grilled hot sandwich, lasagna or smoked salmon sandwich, together with a drink and dessert. This was La Moussaka. The fanciful name brought home the impact, otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing this dish here. But, it was a very ordinary one, nothing to shoot about.

The generous slices of smoked salmon from the Le Noé’s sandwich ($22+ from chouchou’s set) was definitely worth the price. Coming in two huge slabs of bread, it could easily filled up two person.

Choupinette’s interpretation of the Madame and Monsieur was an egg, with the latter coming without. Grilled sandwich with a choice of ham, chicken or eggplants with emmenthal cheese & béchamel sauce. Le Croque-Monsieur ($15). Apparently, our Madame was so engrossed with the sandwich that she couldn’t give her comment.

I always wondered what exactly is a quiche ($6 per slice), well i got my answer today, in not one, but two quiche! The lorraine quiche (top picture) is perhaps the most common quiche there is. While I didn’t exactly fancy the spinach quiche, I still prefer my spinach eaten like a vegetable.

Eggs on toast with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce served all day long. This is for all the lazy bums out there! The Egg Royal’s ($21+) ought to be presented with the most-expensive-eggs-you-ever-eaten honour. I kind of wanted to kick myself for not ordering this, the poached eggs were done perfectly, and the looks alone would give much pleasure.

Another dish which you can’t left out of any brunch menu, Eggs Benedict’s ($20+). Eggs on toast with ham and hollandaise sauce. Well if your stomach isn’t feeling right having smoked salmon for breakfast, eggs with ham are always a safer choice.

It’s kind of heavy eating a burger for breakfast, but hey we are having brunch! For all the carnivores, Le Burger ($18) is just, well a hamburger. The beef patty was slightly overcooked, but it was served with a generous servings of salad, and the fries even came on a separate bowl. But for $18, i thought it was rather on the high side, you can have a gourmet burger at Relish, or maybe a cheaper burger from Hotshots or Smoking frog kitchen might do the job.

On first impression, the Tarte au citron ($5.60) or lemon meringue tart would definitely made a statement with the beautiful burnt and thick layer of meringue. While others took one bite of the tart and refused to touch it any more, i was slowly sampling it since this was my first time trying meringue. The layer of meringue on top was supposed to form a stiff peak but the one here was too thick, and there was also hint of coarse sugar within which was probably due to the improper dissolve of the sugar.

We were contemplating between chocolate or coffee éclair since there was too much desserts with chocolate. But we decided against it since coffee is an acquired taste, and had the Éclair au chocolat ($5). There was a salty after-taste in the éclair which came across as rather weird.

I was eagerly anticipating the Palais Royal ($6.90), for the dark chocolate and crunchy praline. But there wasn’t any crunchy praline to be found. Nonetheless, i still enjoyed the dessert even though some didn’t really like it as they were disappointed by the lack of the crunchy praline.

A very simple custard & raspberry, the Millefeuille framboise ($7). The several layers of puff pastry brought back fond childhood memories of the cake which i had before when i was a kid. It was difficult not to make a mess of it as the cake crumbled easily.

The Tarte aux Pommes ($5.90 a slice, $7.90 for an additional scoop of ice cream) was quintessentially an apple tart with a scoop of normal ice cream. The additional of 2 bucks for the scoop of ice cream was totally not worth the money, but the apple tart was decent. The thin slice of dessert was fulsome with the apple taste.

Vendôme ($6.90) also caught our attention with the three layers of dark, milk and white chocolate. The dessert was more like eating three layers of chocolate mousse, some didn’t like it, but i did.

The macarons ($1.80 each) were a disaster. We had eight of them, four from each chouchou’s set. Choupinette has about 13 flavours of macarons available, we chose chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, peach, passion fruit, orange, pear and hazelnut.

Almost all the macarons had chocolate gauche for fillings, i wouldn’t mind small macarons if they were good, but the one here had an artificial taste to it.

Something was definitely missing but we couldn’t quite make out what. The very artifical colouring of the macarons didn’t appeal to us too. The shells of the macaron crumbled easily and didn’t have the chewy texture a good macaron should have.

Total bill was $193 for 9 of us. Some paid more for their expensive egg brunch, while some paid less for just bread and desserts. But generally, if you are looking to try their brunch or lunch menu, you will probably looking at 20+ per person, and that’s probably excluding desserts. Choupinette has a great base of Caucasians customers, and it isn’t difficult to see why for the cosy and homely decorations of the place. The name of the restaurant, and the French names of the food screams chic. It will probably be better to go on a weekday where there’s less customers if you want to try this place out.

Well, just like how there will never be a perfect DSLR for either Canon, Olympus or Nikon users. Some of you might like Nikon for the design, Canon for its brand, Olympus for its nimbleness, all of us have different preferences. Similarly for Choupinette, while we were disappointed by the desserts, but the eggs on the brunch were exceptional, and you might just like the food there. No matter what, all of us love our DSLR, and the common passion for food. Another dessert enthusiast outing, until the next one!

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Choupinette (beside coronation plaza)
607 Bukit Timah road #01-01
Tel: 6466 0613

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vendome looks like my kind of thing! YUM YUM… and maybe i should get a nikon, then it’d be like 2, 2, 2. haha kidding!

you’re the odd one out, mr. lau! dump yr nikon and buy a canon *evil laughter* THEN u can join us. haha!

calling all canon DSLR users, join the gang!! LOL

btw why your pictures all so cool looking, has a blue tinge. did u adjust the white balance?

layla: yeah man! join the dark side. hahahahaha. faster go buy la. totally worth it!

jiaying: haha very tai-tai meh? lol! buy dslr first then buy mac! happy new year to u too!

evan: lol! I refused. i’ll find more nikon dslr to join us. hahahahahhaa. ya got a blue tinge, i adjust white balance lor. kind of too blue-ish eh

bleh, i think i’ll find canon users more easily than u :p :p kidding la. wait your post stir up alot of politics u die! haha.

thats the reason why i didn’t wanna adjust the white balance, it just doesnt seem accurate. why did u adjust, the place has got very nice natural lighting what, somemore its day time.

Each camera has its pros and cons, ultimately it depends on the user, some prefer the buttons to be here while others prefer live view and tilt screen…

Nice coverage on the outing as you mentioned other stuff apart from just food… At least, something different from others….

Seems like a nice place to chill out on a weekday afternoon. The poached eggs really caught my attention. I thought I read some nice reviews about Choupinette’s macarons, but I guess only the dessert enthusiasts can tell the good and bad apart. :P

hahs. looks like ur nikon d40 is taking the back seat. =P i’m gna get a dslr soon n wna join ur food outings! =)
Happy 09!

evan: hahaha there’s quite a lot nikon users out there too okay! lol!

nic: yeah of course d90 better la, cost so much more. haha

fen: haha thanks, it gets boring always writing the same stuff.

foodie queen: haha no la, i’m not very skilful yet! your photos are getting better too! :)

didally: haha cos all of them are such good bakers and desserts lovers. so naturally the expectations are higher.

hazel: yeah sure, do join us for my next LIC outing in jan okay? watch out for the notice.

vicki: haha short but accurate sum up.

elaine: it’s not call a macro lens for nothing. haha. you just need to practice more : )

jacelyn: you dont need a dslr to join my outing la! haha. so long like to eat can already, most people also never take photos, just the few of us! haha

zaylene: yeah man come to the dark side. haha. sure do join us for my lic outing in Jan. happy new year!

hahaha honestly, i prefer canon too! x= oops! hahaha! oh well! but i do agree it’s the user that matters more in the end. i’ll let you know when i finally convince my dad of a dslr! heh heh heh.

and vendome’s still driving my saliva nuts!

food looks yummy! boy, i love your photos!!

anyway, would like to ask if this place suitable to hold a private gathering of abt 35-40pax? or do you have better recommendations? thanks

hello dora: I don’t think it will be good to do a gathering of 35-40 people here, because i think their capacity is about 30+? haha. why don’t you give me a email to [email protected], let me know what sort of place you are looking for, and what budget you have. I can help to recommend places :)

My wife is a lurker here and she left your page open on the computer. Your pictures are cruel and unusual punishment as I sit here with a bowl of honey nut Cheerios. I’d gladly pay $21 for those eggs.

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