Restopass: The only pass you need for all your dining experience

With the economy slowing down, one of the main area people have mentioned will be to cut down on expenses, and eating less expensive food will surely be one of them. But who says you can’t eat well even in this economy downturn? Now you can, with Restopass, your passport to the best dining experiences in Singapore!

Traditionally, we look to credit cards for offering the best promotions for restaurants and eateries alike. But how much discount can the credit cards actually give you? Not much, since its always in the range of 10% to at most 20%. Furthermore, the more attractive promotions will usually be applicable only during weekdays. However, with Restopass, you are entitled to 30% off a la carte food bill capped at $50, and can be used once at each of the 30 participating restaurants. And you can use the discount on everyday for most of the restaurants, except for some, the discounts are not applicable on fridays and saturdays.

And bear in mind, the participating restaurants are no small-timers, they included big names and are some of Singapore’s best restaurants. I’m already planning which restaurants to go! The ones i’ll definitely go will be Au Petite salute, bistro petite, brown sugar, graze, le bistrot, novus, one rochester and pinchos. If my wallet still allow me after i tried all these places, i’ll certainly explore the others as well!

The 30 restaurants are as follows:

  • Al Qasr
  • Au Petite Salute
  • Bistro Petite Salute
  • Brown Sugar Cafe Bistro
  • Coriander Leaf
  • Cugini
  • En grill & bar
  • Fabbrica
  • Friends @ Chomp chomp
  • Friends @ Jelita
  • Graze
  • Kha
  • Le Baroque
  • Le Bistrot
  • Min Jiang @ One-North
  • North Border grill
  • Novus
  • One Rochester
  • Pinchos
  • Quayside seafood
  • Raku
  • Sage, the restaurant
  • Satowa
  • Senso
  • Shayray Punjab
  • Table 108
  • Tapas wine bistro
  • Tatsu sushi
  • Tatsu Teppanyaki
  • The Pump room

You can get your Restopass today by going to their website, and the special introductory offer price for this wonderful discount pass is only $40!! If you love good food, and often dine out at the restaurants, Restopass is definitely a good offer and helps on the savings. Share the pass with a friend, and spread the message around!



hungrycow: yeah until feb 09, then they coming out with another full year edition i think.

evan: i been to sage already, its very good, but with so many other places, don’t think i will be going back so soon. haha. but yeah au petit salute and graze definitely

too bad i dont have friends who likes to go food hunting/ frequent restaurants =\

they prefer quick eat quick go & prices are always on their mind ):

jesss last blog post..

jess: actually most of us face the same problem. my own friends also doesn’t like spending on good food, or they dont want to travel far just to explore new places. thats why my food outings are good! haha, cos we meet like-minded people who don’t mind spending, and also willing to travel in search of good food. do join us next time and meet new friends yes? cheers

I love to eat too! Most of the time if i free i will travel to Old Airport Road Food Centre. I don’t understand my friends, they just settle down with anything.. whenever i ask them tonight eat what, they said “anything lor”. When i suggest this, they said “too expensive”… zzz

james: thats a very common problem, most of my friends also like that too. thats what ladyironchef outings are for, to meet with like minded people to eat! haha

ratatouille: seriously i dont mind dude. since i already been to sage, i want to try the other restaurants first. but the pass is a booklet eh, how to pass to you? cannot tear out one page. lol

Actually, I got the new RestoPass that is valid until the end of the year (Dec 09). The list has been updated it seems with names like Il Lido (really really good), still has Sage though and some others though!


I am a huge fan of RestoPass!! Just bought the new version to try some of the new restaurants. I loved Mimolette and Prive, especially for their decor.. but need also some friends for SupperClub, Il Lido or Blue Ginger ;) ))
I would highly recommend Ming Jiang and its duck!! Yummy!!

Goodfoodyummy: wow you got the new pass already! so fast! haha looks like you will be a frequent visitor to all the nice places : )

Meng Chee: wow you too! all so fast. haha. Mimolette, prive and supperclub are included? sounds cool. I haven been to Min Jiang yet man! lol

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